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7 Best Coconut-Free Shampoos

a woman facing backward while massaging her scalp and cleaning her hair strands with coconut free shampoo under a metal shower

It’s no surprise that many of us want to see the word “coconut” on the label when looking for hair and skincare products.  Coconut oil and other coconut-based ingredients have been proven to deliver great benefits for the hair and skin — and they’re natural! Shampoos and conditioners with coconut oil or coconut derivatives are …

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9 Best Shampoos For A Smelly Scalp

a woman wearing white dress is facing backward flipping her hair with both hands on a flower field

Why do you need a shampoo for smelly scalp? Truthfully, a smelly scalp is something we all experience from time to time.  There are many possible causes for a smelly scalp, but ultimately, it has to do with accumulated residue. As your scalp becomes congested, the combination of excess oils, dead skin cells, sweat, dirt, …

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9 Best Shampoos With Low pH In 2023

a young woman cleaning her hair and massaging her scalp wih the best shampoos with low ph while looking sideways

The hair is famously called our crowning glory, which should hint at how much we should take care of it. Everyone should pay attention to the condition of their hair as much as they do to their skin. You’ve probably heard about the importance of balanced pH from skincare commercials. But did you know it’s …

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