Nick Chavez: Plump ‘n Thick Hairspray review

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Can haircare from a pro can help the helpless? Find out…

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Hello, my name is Stephanie and I am hair challenged. After years of having hair treatments (cut, colored, curled and conditioned) and hundreds of dollars spent (tools, brushes and way too many products), I am still unable to blow dry my own hair and make it look full and smooth. I try and try to no avail. I am hopeless!

My fairy beauty godmothers here at wht heard my prayers and granted me a bottle of Plump ‘n Thick hairspray from hair icon Nick Chavez to review. This firm hold hairspray contains collagen protein that adds volume to hair while increasing shine. I had hopes that it would enable me to style my hair like the pros!

Nick Chavez was a new brand to me and I needed to learn more about my potential savior. From humble beginnings (Nick discovered his talent as a ranch hand on his Yuma, Arizona, family’s ranch by grooming the family’s horses, and moved on to family and friends), Chavez made the brave move to Los Angeles. He jumped right into a job in a prominent Beverly Hills salon, while also modeling and dabbling in acting (appearing on Stef’s fave soap “The Young and the Restless”).

Although Nick was successful, he knew that being a hairdresser was his true passion and returned to his craft. Nick built up a star-studded client book and continued his plan of world domination by starting his own line of styling products to reach his goal of making each woman “Everyday Gorgeous” through healthy, shiny and beautiful hair.

I was more than ready to get my share of gorgeous hair and Nick’s Thick ‘n Plump Thickening Hairspray with collagen ($23) which has garnered adoration from celebrities and VIP’s around the world, was a great place to start. The bottle is huge, sleek, silver, sturdy and quite imposing! It caused me to kick my husband’s one and only grooming item out of the closet so I could make room.

I decided to try the hairspray for my husband’s recent 40th birthday where we had planned a fancy night out. I did a pretty good job with the styling and decided to use the Plump ‘n Thick hairspray to finish the look.

I sprayed some in the air to see what I was in for. The fine mist was nice and the smell, while strong was pleasant and lasted throughout the night and next morning. I usually use a light, ‘brush through’ type of spray. So to first test test this out, I pulled a section of my hair up to spray underneath to add some volume. I pulled at the roots, made a fast pass and to my surprise, my hair stayed upright like the scene in something about Mary. Wowza!

This is some serious spray! The hold was unbelievable and the formula fast drying. I then went in a little more cautiously and gave my bangs a quick pssst. I gave my hair a good workout that evening, but I think I could have been in a wind tunnel and my hair would be fine. The next morning, my hair still looked great!

Another big plus is that Plump ‘n Thick also delivers on it’s first promise – adding volume to fine hair. Those with baby fine hair are known to be addicted to this product.

Bold, sleek packaging.
Fine mist that is easy to control and dries fast.
Super (alternativer) hold.
Thickens fine hair.
Doesn’t darken blond or light shades.

I found too much can lead to a bit of stickiness.
Cost ($23) could be a drawback.
A clarifying shampoo may be needed to wash it out if you use it daily.

Overall I was impressed with the hold, thickening properties and packaging of this hairspray. With Nick Chavez’s Thick ‘n Plump I feel like I can conquer my inabilities in hair styling. And if ever needed, I can create a rock solid rat’s nest a la Helena Bonham Carter!

we heartsters and review team – has Nick Chavez and the Thick ‘n Plump hairspray turned your hair from helpless to gorgeous? Meet me in the comments to discuss!

Stephanie was born in France and travels there every year to visit her mom and relatives. She now lives Stateside with her fiancee Bubba, and their two-year old kitties; Winston and Clementine. Makeup is her passion (she worked as a makeup artist for Laura Mercier), she also loves to cook, do artsy stuff and garden.

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  • glamazon56

    Stephanie was born in France and travels there every year. Makeup is her passion (she worked as a makeup artist for Laura Mercier). She also loves to cook and do artsy stuff and garden.


  1. I had the pleasure of testing this hairspray out as well and Stephanie is right on about it being a seriously strong hairspray! A little goes a long way to lock hair in place and I did notice that it gave me some volume! I also liked the smell, while it was strong, it smells good. It is definitely a spray that I use more for special occasions, when I really want my hair to stay put and look fuller. Because of its strength, it is sticky, so I agree it may be hard to use daily, as it’s hard to comb your hair after. All in all I really like this spray and will definitely keep using it! Four solid stars from me, only because it’s a little pricey.

  2. I LOVE that Nick Chavez started out grooming horses before moving on to human hair! Who would have thought?

    Great job conveying the power of this spray, @glamazon56 . I’ll keep it in mind for the times when I need serious hold!

  3. Great post @glamazon56. I also loved the background story on Nick Chevez. Who wouldn’t love to care for horses? Sounds like an amazing person. I’d like to give this hairspray a whirl sometime!

    1. Believe you me! This could hold your hair in a wind tunnel! Superior hold.

  4. I need to get some of this for my mom. She’s always had thin hair, but the amount of spray she needs to hold weighs it down. This sounds perfect for her!

    I wonder, did anyone who lives ina high humidity area try it out? I wonder how it would stand up to Texas heat…

  5. I would like to try this because I’m a long & limp haired girl but I do appreciate hairspray once in a while for updo’s and times when I want my hair to be a bit texturized. Thanks for the review @glamazon56!

  6. This stuff is some really great spray. Crazy hold. I also have really oily hair so this stuff keeps oil at bay and my hair full of volume (I can go without washing that second day–insane for me!) The only drawback could be the tackiness upon application–it takes a few minutes to dry so in the interim it’s a little like having fly paper stuck to your head. Great overall. 4 stars.

  7. This stuff has great hold and did help volumize my hair. I usually apply this by spraying into my hand and then working the hairspray directly into the roots–it gives excellent lift. I agree with the stickiness of this product. It’s a little off-putting. I think what bothered me the most was the lingering smell. It smelled like artificial grape to me, which is a smell that kinda sickens me. I didn’t enjoy the fact that the smell lingered until I washed my hair again. Like I spent a whole day walking around able to smell myself, which is fine if I like the scent, but makes me feel self-conscious when I don’t. I also needed to lather, rinse, and repeat to wash this out of my hair and I rarely need to repeat. Overall, it’s a great hairspray I think for “special occasions”, but the price, smell, and need to excessively lather to wash it out takes it down to 4 stars from me.

  8. This hairspray is AWESOME!! I have very curly hair and work hard at straightening it. Once I get it straightened I need volume. I was amazed how well this hairspray works… really, really works!! I don’t wash my hair everyday because its dry and curly. When I woke up the next Monday, my hair still looked great! I washed my hair on Sunday morning and today it’s 7:25pm on New Years Day. My hair still looks great! I put a few curls in my hair each morning and then spray it will the hairspray and I’m good to go for the entire day!! The $23 price tag is well worth it. I’ve spent nearly that much on other hairsprays that no nothing but weigh your hair down and make it feel sticky. I am a life long customer!!!

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