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We are unabashed Anglophiles here at wht, and skincare therapist Sarah Chapman is next in line for our throne of adoration! I would hop the next flight across the pond this instant if I could get an appointment with this much sought-after facialist at her London spa. Her client list includes many respected journalists and celebrities, including Jemma Kidd, Naomi Watts, and the Queen of Jordan. People lucky enough to be treated to one of her personalized facials rave about Sarah’s magical fingers! And of course, her amazing line of products.

Sarah is well known throughout England from her numerous TV appearances as a resident beauty expert for various channels. Her 18 years of experience in the field are apparent when you watch her video clips, but it’s not just her obvious expertise in her area, it’s her easy-going style and her own true beauty that make me want to watch and learn more from her. To see what I mean, check out this clip of Sarah comparing faces made up with makeup ranging from just a few dollars to hundreds of dollars.

In it, Sarah shares with us that it’s not so much the high price tag that makes an effective product, but the inclusion of crucial ingredients like antioxidants, vitamin A, peptides, and first and foremost, sunscreen. If your product has those ingredients, it’s going to do the job whether it’s low or high cost – brilliant advice! That being said, if you want to have the utmost confidence in your products, and you can’t catch the next flight to England to have one of Sarah’s signature facials, then you may want to try the next best thing!

Sarah has developed her own line of beauty products packed full of those powerhouse ingredients, with the aim of combining science and technology with luxury. Her products are high strength with hand blended essential oils and are free of parabens. The line is called Skinesis, derived from the Greek word kinesis, meaning “movement with stimulation”, most notably referring to her unique fast tapping, pinching, and knuckling Skinesis facial.

We tested two of Sarah’s most coveted products. First the Skinesis Overnight Facial ($89) which has quite a cult following. I did not personally try this, but our reviewers will be along in the comments to share their findings. It is said to be a potent cocktail of powerhouse antioxidants, vitamins and peptides to recreate the benefits of Sarah’s facials overnight. It is fragranced with a soothing essential oil blend of jasmine, frangipani, rose, and tuberose.

I tried the Eye Recovery ($84), which is one spectacular product! It all starts with the perfect pump. There is no cap to remove (which is a real bonus to me), just a perfectly proportioned pump, which delivers just the right amount of product (Sarah says this airless pump also protects light and air sensitive ingredients such as vitamins and antioxidants). The cream itself is everything you want in a good eye cream – it’s silky soft, lightweight yet rich, absorbs instantly, and leaves no heavy or oily residue.

The results are some of the best I’ve seen on my almost 35 year-old eyes! Smoother crow’s feet, less puffiness, and just generally brighter eyes are some of my initial findings. I’ll share more detail in the comments section, and I’ll also share my 58 year-old mom’s report, who tested this with me.

Testers and we heartsters that have had the luxury of trying Sarah Chapman’s Skinesis products, are you joining us in our Anglophilic ways?

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    Mel is a Mom, an avid makeup junkie and a junior high science teacher. Beauty and brains; just what we want in a we heart this author!


  1. The Sarah Chapman line sounds awesome!! Who doesn’t love the Brits. They are a clever bunch. The Eye Recovery sounds superb. Now that I am back in school full time I feel like I am looking older and more tired. Maybe this stuff could help me out a bit? Great review @melinda!

  2. I love an eye cream that helps me with portion control! I am guilty of often using to much or just getting too much out of the container.

  3. wht’s love of the Brits has rubbed off on me big time! I find myself craving a nice cuppa and using rhyming slang often (learned form Stef’s hubby!)

    Therefore, I was excited to try this line. Especially a product called Eye Recovery. Boy do my eyes need some recovery!

    Love the pump packaging. No messy fingers in a jar, and a product lasts longer if it’s not exposed to air. To further that point, it even comes with a little plug that you can put in the spout of the pump. I think it’s so that it won’t accidently dispense during travel. But I’m keeping it in at all times so you don’t get that thing that always happens with pumps – where you get a crusty bit of cream that clogs it. It’s bloody brilliant!

    The cream itself is nice, it feels a bit on the heavy side to me but seems to sink in quickly, and makes my dodgy mince pies (wrinkly old eyes in rhyming slang!) looks very hydrated.

    My problem with it though is that it seems to migrate into my eyes every time I use it. Then I get that kind of filmy eye feeling. I’m not sure how it’s happening, I’m not an eye rubber. Anyone else have this problem? So, that’s going to knock off a couple of points for me to 3 stars. But the package gets a 5!

  4. What is it about the Brits? There are so many wonderful British skincare lines, and Skinesis sounds like one of the best. Eye Recovery is exactly the kind of product I need! I perked up when I read “smoother crow’s feet, less puffiness, and just generally brighter eyes.” Great post, @melinda!

  5. Great post @melinda! I was beyond eager to test Sarah Chapman’s “Over Night Facial” as soon as I saw it staring back at me in my parcel from WHT. Don’t fall of your chair at what I’m going to say next. I’ve never had a facial in my life. I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s the truth. Nonetheless, I was drawn to this product immediately. Mostly, because the serum is oil based and loaded with antioxidants, and vitamins. I’m already accustomed to using oils and find they work surprisingly well for me. My skin looks pretty darn good for a 47 year old! I used this on clean skin before bed and took Sarah’s cue on how to apply this by massaging it thoroughly into my face and neck. In the morning, my face definitely looked refreshed like I had already had my morning Joe! A bit brighter, and clearer. It also seemed to add a smoothness that was not there before and even had a nice radiance to it. I loved the packaging, its classic looking and I really appreciate the ease of use from the handy dispenser and its pump. As I went over the ingredients I became even more impressed. It has a great selection of oils you really do want on your skin. Oh, indeed, I’m a fan of our English friends too! Skinesis glow is- well bloody five brilliant stars!

  6. I really am so impressed with this line – and the lady herself!

    @irene – I’m so glad you got your “first facial!” I wish I could’ve tried that too – it sounds excellent and it is so highly acclaimed in so many articles.

    @veronica – good call on the plug! I totally missed that one…must’ve thrown it out before realizing it’s purpose, darnit! Also, as far as the eye cream migrating into the eyes, feeling oily, and burning a little – strangely enough, both my mom and I did have that problem…but it only lasted a few days! I don’t know if our eyes got used to the formula or what. I did start to use much less, but my mom pretty much slops it on and we both didn’t notice the problem after the initial days.

    Mom and I have fairly good genes for the eye wrinkles (either that or it’s just years of use of good products!). We do both have crow’s feet, but not extremely deep set (hers are obviously set a bit more being 23 years older than me), but this product helped smooth out both our lines. Our eyes both look tighter and brighter and for that it’s well worth it.

    Mom has dark circles under her eyes. This product has not lightened them yet, but it claims it will over time. I’ll report back if/when it does – but she’s also got some heavy Italian genetics working against that one!

    Would I buy this again? Absolutely! It’s costly, but it’s given me the best results I’ve seen with an eye cream yet. When I asked my mom if she would buy it again, she said only if her HG eye cream (another brand) stopped being produced, because she’s gotten good results with that for many years. But, I do have to say she’s been using every day since she first tried it and has not gone back to her original cream…so I’m not sure if that’s an accurate answer from her!

    Overall, I give the eye cream 4 stars…I got incredible results, but it is pricey and since it didn’t lighten mom’s dark circles any yet, I feel I have to knock off a star if I’m being completely honest.

  7. Great post Mel! I haven’t heard of this line, but it sounds wonderful. That eye cream is calling my name.

  8. Great post, @melinda! I feel like I just got a crash course on a great line that, before this review, I had never heard of (the shame!). I love the sleek packaging and of course I love any type of “overnight” product that does its magic while you sleep!

  9. After trying the Skinesis Overnight Facial, it’s easy to see why it has a cult following. The scent, strongly floral, reminds me of my grandmother and that makes it instantly relaxing. It feels light and really quite elegant on the skin, and it’s a great way to remind myself to take the few extra minutes all to myself and really massage it in.
    The packaging is really quite pretty, but what sold me was the tiny plug. Genius! I always end up with a bunch of ziplock baggies in my makeup trunk when traveling because I’m so terrified of spills (one bottle of conditioner wiped out half my collection during one fateful trip) but this simple little tool will protect from accidents without looking obtrusive or bulky.
    The results, for me, were nothing short of amazing. For the first time in my life I got freckles on my shoulders (probably from my killer burn earlier in the summer). I made sure to use the Overnight Facial on my upper chest and shoulders as well as my face and neck, and I swear that those pesky freckles have disappeared!
    With results like that, no price tag is too high. (Okay, yes, there’s a price tag somewhere, but under $100 is A-Okay for me.) 5 Stars, no question about it!

  10. I got the Overnight Facial, and I can see why people love this product. The first thing I noticed was the scent. I love jasmine so it really worked for me. I’ve never used an oil based serum before so it took me a couple of days to get used to applying it just right, and how much my skin would need. After 2 weeks I really feel like my skin looks better, more uniformity of color, and any and all texture problems I had are gone. I also feel like I my skin is more radiant, and looks all around healthier. A noticeable difference in just a week is pretty awesome to me. I’m not completely sure if I could justify $90 for it though. It will have to depend on how long the bottle lasts me I think.

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