DIY: Feathered Shoulder Shirt

Make this super cute t-shirt – No sewing skills required!

DIY FTS 1 DIY: Feathered Shoulder Shirtphotos: Hannah McKenzie Photography and Mackenzie for we heart this

Hey there we heart this readers! I’m the new girl on the block, Mackenzie and I’m so excited to be joining the team. Word is we have a few crafting fans around here, so I’ll be offering a monthly DIY project for all you crafters. (That’s right, with Kirsten already on the team, that’s TWO DIY projects per month ~ Tyna) For my first project, I have a clothing DIY for you to try; no sewing required.

I have been obsessed with feathers lately (lately being about a year) so I was super excited to do this DIY. It’s quick and easy but puts a little spin on your everyday outfit. Best of all, the base of this DIY is that classic wardrobe staple – a cotton T-shirt. You can use a brand new tee or a well worn favorite already in your closet.

DIY FTS 21 283x300 DIY: Feathered Shoulder ShirtSupplies:

T-shirt of any color in your size

Aleene’s Fabric Glue – I used Sobo but Aleene’s is washable!

Two feather pads*


*Feather pads are basically feathers glued to a piece of fabric. I bought mine at JoAnn Fabrics or you could make your own.

DIY FTS 3 DIY: Feathered Shoulder Shirt

1. Lay your t-shirt out flat and cut the sleeves to desired length. I went with a cap length sleeve on my tee.

Tip: You can cut one side and use the waste piece as a pattern for the other to get the same length. Also, try not to cut the arm seam – as later, when you wash it, it may unravel.

DIY FTS 4 DIY: Feathered Shoulder Shirt

2. Cut the neck to desired shape. I wanted a boat neck for this DIY. (You can use the same pattern trick as above by folding half the piece over.)

DIY FTS 5 DIY: Feathered Shoulder Shirt

3. Flatten sleeve – so there is no other fabric underneath it.

DIY FTS 6 DIY: Feathered Shoulder Shirt

4. Put Sobo glue on the back of the feather pad.

Tip: If you use a lot of glue, the fabric will get really stiff, which is why I used a few thin lines and dots as opposed to covering the whole thing.

DIY FTS 7 DIY: Feathered Shoulder Shirt

5. Line up center of the feather pad with the shoulder seam and press down.

DIY FTS 8 DIY: Feathered Shoulder Shirt

6. Let dry flat. It sets fairly quickly but I let it sit for about an hour before I threw it on.

DIY FTS 9  DIY: Feathered Shoulder Shirt

7. Throw it on and enjoy your new shirt! I wore my shirt with jeans and short boots on a cool summer day.

Washing: Hand wash gently in warm water. Try to avoid the shoulder area where the feathers are but if you do get the feathers wet just lay them back into place. Let dry flat.

Readers – what you wear with this? Meet me in the comments to discuss the Feathered Shoulder Shirt DIY or ask any question.

Mackenzie is currently a textiles student at Rhode Island School of Design dreaming of one day owning a farm and possibly a small boutique. She loves DIYs, sewing, playing her guitar, drinking lots of tea and taking silly pictures of herself on PhotoBooth.

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Written by Mackenzie Gelina


  1. Profile photo of Peggy B.
    Peggy B.

    I love this! I think when I try it I’m going to recycle some old shoulder pads and apply the feathers to it. I also think it would be a good idea to use velcro on the pad and the shoulder of the shirt, so you can remove the feathers to launder the shirt. Thanks for sharing the idea!!

  2. Lauren

    Thank you for this, it’s awesome and I’ve begun making own version. I’l probably attach chains to my pads so I can wear them with different items, but this is still such a cute idea. Thank you!

    And yes, you’re a total cutie! xx

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  4. Profile photo of

    I love this idea! My daughter is obsessed with feathers, and I know she would love something like this. I could also add a screen printing touch to it with a bird or own or something. Thanks for the great idea!

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