DIY: Braided Charm Bracelet

Charm friends and family with some customized craftiness!

DIY kn July 09 DIY: Braided Charm Braceletphotos: kirsten for we heart this

Welcome to my July DIY of the month at we heart this! Inspired by the latest trend of friendship bracelets, this one lets you pick your three favorite colors to make a one-of-a-kind, custom Braided Charm Bracelet.

You’ll want to make several – some for yourself to stack on one arm – and some to give away to your friends. They’re so easy to make, you’ll probably find yourself making quite a few this summer season.

DIY kn July 01 DIY: Braided Charm Bracelet

Three skeins of embroidery thread
Sewing needle and thread
Jewelry clasp
Jewelry pliers
Jump rings
Clear nailpolish, optional (not shown)

Green Tip: take charms from broken or old jewelry and repurpose them with this fun bracelet.

DIY kn July 02 DIY: Braided Charm Bracelet


1) Measure your wrist, and multiply that by two. Cut nine strands of embroidery thread using this measurement, and tie them together.

DIY kn July 03 DIY: Braided Charm Bracelet

2) Trim the ends if needed, and separate into three groups of three. Braid until you reach the length of your wrist plus a little extra.

DIY kn July 04 DIY: Braided Charm Bracelet

3) Repeat with the two other colors. Group them together and tie together. Tie another knot where the braids end. Trim down if needed.

DIY kn July 05 DIY: Braided Charm Bracelet

4) Using the jewelry pliers, attach jump rings to the strands of the bracelet. Then, attach charms. You can do this at random or set intervals – it’s up to you.

DIY kn July 06 DIY: Braided Charm Bracelet

5) If you’d like the charms to stay in place, insert a jump ring straight through a braid.

DIY kn July 07 DIY: Braided Charm Bracelet

6) When you’re done adding the charms, take some needle and thread and attach the jump ring to one end of the bracelet. Repeat with the other half of the clasp.

DIY kn July 08 DIY: Braided Charm Bracelet

7) If you’d like, dab some clear nail polish on the knots for extra security.

DIY kn July 10 DIY: Braided Charm Bracelet

And you’re done. I hope you enjoy customizing your own charm bracelets for wearing or gifting!

Readers – do you have an old piece or two of jewelery that’s perfect for this project? Meet me in the comments to talk crafts, charms and to ask any questions.

Kirsten of is currently in graduate school, working towards her Masters of Science in Nutrition. She loves vintage shoes, photography, and baking at obscure hours of the night. Her art and DIY supplies are currently taking over her apartment, and she wouldn’t want it any other way.

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  1. Nick

    Affordable, creative, unique gift for my girlfriend? I think yes. I always prefer making her things if I can only because it’s much more personal (don’t have an issue spending money on her as she deserves it). I’ll be trying this tomorrow after I awkwardly walk through ac Moore finding supplies.

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