Buxom Divine Goddess Luminizer Review

Get your glow on with Buxom’s latest (and greatest) luminizer!

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So we’re in the midst of the winter season, and if you’re like me, your face could use a little pick-me-up. While I’m not quite ready for a full on glow, or high shimmer shadows and glosses, I have been in desperate need of something to take away the drab, dull look my face inevitably gets in the winter. With that said, I’ve never been a huge fan of luminizers.

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While the idea of a luminizer has always intrigued me – and yes I would like to glow like a goddess – with my combination/oily skin, any effort to “luminize” typically results in a hot mess. With the few I’ve tried, the result is always the same – I look ultra-oily or shimmer like a disco ball. I wasn’t expecting much different with Buxom’s Divine Goddess Luminizer%name Buxom Divine Goddess Luminizer Review, but after using it for a couple of weeks, I am happy to report I found a luminizer I like… a lot!

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Buxom’s answer to my winter doldrums, the Divine Goddess Luminizer ($28) is a 2 oz. tube of miracle cream in the shade of Venus, a beautiful nude shimmer, and indeed worthy of the Greek Goddess’ name. It’s a multi-tasker and can be used on both the face and body, applied either under or over foundation, or alone.

I use this luminizer under foundation – and dab just a bit more on top, on my cheekbones and around my temples, in the typical “highlighter” spots. (You can dab some on your decollete’ too.) It gives me a fresh, subtle glow and a slight dewy complexion. It’s the first highlighter I’ve tried that looks like true, natural radiance. I promise ladies, if you want to look fresh and have that well-rested appearance, this is the highlighter for you.

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The Divine Goddess Luminizer%name Buxom Divine Goddess Luminizer Review is not overpowering and you will really like the soft, creamy formula. ‘Venus’ is extremely lightweight and absorbs right into the skin. There’s no residue and no shimmery mess. Made without, parabens, sulfates and pththalates, it’s also a great choice for sensitive skin. I saw no breakouts when using this highlighter.

The large tube is well worth the price, as one small dab gives you a lot of coverage. I also think the lightweight formula will be great in the summer months, combined with some bronzer for a more full on glow.

Buxom0212E Buxom Divine Goddess Luminizer ReviewA ‘swatch’ of the Divine Goddess Luminzer

Buxom0212F Buxom Divine Goddess Luminizer ReviewDivine Goddess Luminzer dabbed into skin, subtle right?

Great size for the price
Lightweight, subtle formula
Paraben, sulfate and pththalate free

Not packed with shimmer (if you’re looking for something more intense)

Overall impressions, Buxom hits it out of the park with this luminizer. If your complexion needs a quick pick-me-up, give Buxom’s Divine Goddess Luminizer a try… you’ll be glowing in no time.

Readers – how do you add some glow to a dull winter complexion?

Erin is a secondary science teacher who adores makeup and fashion. She spends her free time pursuing her other passions which include cooking, antiquing, and decorating.

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  1. Profile photo of gigi

    I would have ignored this on my own, expecting a liquid luminizer to leave me looking laughable, especially during the day. I’ve been using Senna’s “Rose Glisten” powder and Smashbox’s “Soft Lights” to add a delicate glow to my face for ages. But this is workable! I especially like the idea that you use it under foundation for a natural, flattering flush, adding a tad more where you want to call attention. Great review!

  2. Profile photo of Amanda

    Wow, I love how subtle and natural it looks! So often luminizer seems to be code for “tiny bits of glitter in lotion” and it just makes me look a Studio 54 dancer or something. So a formula that moisturizes and brightens without the use of a disco ball? Count me in!

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