Benefit World Famous Neutrals kits – review, photos & swatches

Neutral doesn’t equal boring – get glamorous and sexy with Benefit’s latest kits

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If you caught a glimpse of the models shasaying down the runway at NYFW or watched the stars walk the red carpet at the Oscars, you might have noticed that a “naked face” seems to be the look for the spring season.

Of course, achieving that “no makeup” look requires a few cosmetics – and we’re not all blessed with the face to pull off the super pale style – a bit of color is a must for most. Luckily, Benefit Cosmetics has the solution for your eyes all boxed up with their World Famous Neutrals%name Benefit World Famous Neutrals kits   review, photos & swatches kits.

BenefitNeutral2 Benefit World Famous Neutrals kits   review, photos & swatches

Available in three color families, these sweet little boxed sets (cardboard – no plastic here!) each contain 4 longwear powder eyeshadows and 2 creaseless cream shadows for a variety of barely there looks with just enough color payoff to keep from looking like the walking dead.

BenefitNeutral2B Benefit World Famous Neutrals kits   review, photos & swatches

The fun graphics and colors are what will first catch your eye, but these boxes are also tricked out with a nice quality oval mirror, a Tips and Tricks instructional booklet and a nifty magnetic closure for safe travels.

BenefitNeutral3 Benefit World Famous Neutrals kits   review, photos & swatches

I tested the World Famous Neutrals – sexiest nudes ever%name Benefit World Famous Neutrals kits   review, photos & swatches kit ($30). This set of flattering and oh so wearable colors made my eye routine a snap. The shades are all easily blendable and work well with one another to get a polished and pretty (and yes, even sexy) look in just minutes.

The included longwear powder eyeshadow shades are:

milk it – shimmery white with a hint of gold pearl
raincheck? – dusty, lightly shimmered grape
pause for applause – dusty pink shimmer
blingo! – light grey metallic

While pause for applause is the least pigmented hue, it’s very buildable and my favorite of the bunch. I wear it as a base color on the lower lid and the super pretty dusty pink makes my blue eyes really pop. A dab of raincheck? in the crease adds some depth and a quick swipe of milk it over the brow and I’m good to go.

BenefitNeutral4 Benefit World Famous Neutrals kits   review, photos & swatches

For those that haven’t discovered the wonders of Benefit’s creaseless cream shadows%name Benefit World Famous Neutrals kits   review, photos & swatches (newly re-packaged when sold individually), the World Famous Neutrals is a nice introduction. Tucked inside each kit are two removable mini versions of these budge-proof shadows.

Sexiest Nudes Ever contains creaseless cream shadows in:

bikini-tini – champagne shimmer
holy smokes – taupey charcoal shimmer

These smudgeless eyeshadows are a breeze to apply – no brush required! The warmth of your finger helps these creamy shadows glide over skin when applying, and they dry down to a long-lasting powder-like color. Speaking of color, I think these have the best pigment on the market. Strong, buildable color that doesn’t streak or crease.

BenefitNeutral5 Benefit World Famous Neutrals kits   review, photos & swatchesbikini-tini, holy smokes, milk it, raincheck?, pause for applause, blingo!

BenefitNeutral6 Benefit World Famous Neutrals kits   review, photos & swatchesA closer look at bikini-tini and holy smokes

BenefitNeutral7 Benefit World Famous Neutrals kits   review, photos & swatchesAnd milk it, raincheck?, pause for applause and blingo!

While I experimented with the Sexiest Nudes Ever containing pink and purple based goodies, a fellow wht tester had the chance to try the Most Glamorous Nudes Ever%name Benefit World Famous Neutrals kits   review, photos & swatches kit ($30) filled with a few brown and bronze beauties.

BenefitNeutral8 Benefit World Famous Neutrals kits   review, photos & swatches

Most Glamorous Nudes Ever longwear powder eyeshadows:

call my bluff – light nude shimmer
kiss me, I’m tipsy – chocolate brown with brown micro glitter
it’s complicated – pink-peach with gold shimmer (very orgasm-y)
guilty pleasure – warm gold shimmer

BenefitNeutral9 Benefit World Famous Neutrals kits   review, photos & swatches

Most Glamorous Nudes Ever creaseless cream shadows:

birthday suit – medium nude shimmer
my two cents – copper shimmer

BenefitNeutral10 Benefit World Famous Neutrals kits   review, photos & swatchescreaseless cream shadows: birthday suit, my two cents

BenefitNeutral11 Benefit World Famous Neutrals kits   review, photos & swatchesMost Glamorous Nudes Ever: birthday suit, my two cents, call my bluff, kiss me I’m tipsy, it’s complicated, guilty pleasure

Make sure to check the comments for our reviewer’s thoughts on this box of bronzed neutrals. Overall, I was really pleased with these kits – each contains six high-quality, totally wearable hues (without a clunker in the bunch!) for just 5 bucks per shade. Add in the cute little extras (the mirror, tips and portability factor) and Benefit has once again delivered a great value of completely on-trend makeup.

Readers – are you planning on rocking the neutral look this Spring?

Tyna, co-founder and co-editor of wht, worries about becoming a crazy cat lady, reads at least a book a week, checks in at a Flyers fan forum every morning and is forever (some say obsessively) organizing her closets and drawers.

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Written by Tyna Werner


  1. Profile photo of gigi

    Beware of wolves in sheep’s packaging! I passed by these kits without much examination, thinking them too, um, boring. They are anything but! The hues are fascinating and sexy, to be sure. When placed on your arm, it’s clearly evidently how well they work together. Benefit should include at least one applicator to beat back the men who will trail after you when you wear these . . .

    1. Profile photo of Amanda

      You’re SO RIGHT. Seeing these in person I would totally walk right past, thinking “I have a million of those shades in my stash.” The real beauty comes out on application! Just goes to show- always take a second look!

  2. Profile photo of lyssachelle

    Kits and palettes are my weakness. (Well…one among many.) I don’t know why I love them so, but love them I do. Most Glamorous Nudes Ever kit needs to be mine; it’s got pretty much all of the shades that I wear on a regular basis, but shimmery and much prettier. I’ve never tried the creaseless cream shadows, but I’ve heard very good things about them. Plus, Benefit never lets me down with quality. I think it’s time for a trip to Sephora this weekend. Thanks for the post, @tyna, and the timing! It’s payday so I can justify this little splurge! :-)

    1. Profile photo of gigi

      I completely understand. I can stand up and admit that I am addicted to palettes (my counselor says the medical name is “palett-o-holism.” When I pass by them in stores, they call to me!

  3. Profile photo of hao9703

    I love a good little palette or collection. These are right up my alley because the colors are wearable and this would fit nicely in my travel bag. (I love things that does not take up a lot of room.) This is an utter bargain at $5 per a shade.

  4. Profile photo of rachelshay

    I was ridiculously lucky to test the Sexiest Nudes Palette. It was as if it fell from heaven – with a choir of angels singing, right into my lap. HUGE Benefit fan! There are so many things I love about this product. I’ll start with how delightful the colors are – rich, creamy creaseless shadows apply like a dream. Then there is the cheat sheet – perfect for a busy mom, that can barely get 5 minutes alone in the bathroom to primp. The packaging is eco-friendly, which is always a huge plus. I agree with the comment about wishing there was an applicator. Otherwise, this kit is sublime. I give it 4 stars, and definitely see myself purchasing, when it runs out.

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