ICEbOX Skinny makeup organizer – photos and review

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A messy makeup hoarder finds clear salvation

Icebox1 ICEbOX Skinny makeup organizer   photos and review

I’ve got a confession to make. All those pictures I’ve shared before today of my pretty vintage vanity? The ones that show the makeup all neatly lined up and organized? It pretty much only looks like that the minute before I have to take a photo.

Icebox2 ICEbOX Skinny makeup organizer   photos and reviewneatly arranged lies…

Truth be told, this is what my vanity used to look like 95% of the time. Brace yourself.

Icebox3 ICEbOX Skinny makeup organizer   photos and review

Ugh. But oh, it gets worse…

Icebox4 ICEbOX Skinny makeup organizer   photos and review

Yep, that’s depotted shadows covered in dust. Oh, the shame!

Icebox5 ICEbOX Skinny makeup organizer   photos and review

I got some wooden drawers to help, but they don’t close tightly so dust is still an issue. And because they don’t have any kind of dividers, they just look like a heaping mess of products most times.

Or, there are the bags of makeup (shown above, bottom left) that I simply just don’t have any room to store. They get stuffed in the vanity cabinets. Gulp.

But not anymore, my friends. For now I have the Icebox Skinny by Sherrieblossom. And I am not exaggerating when I say it changed my life. There’s not a day that goes by since its arrival that I am not glad to have it.

Icebox7 ICEbOX Skinny makeup organizer   photos and review

That’s it in all its crystal clear glory, a five drawer, six tier thing of beauty (one of five design available.) It measures 12L x 12W x 15H. There are two main reasons I chose this model. First, because it’s tall but takes up less counter real estate that the wide models.

Icebox8 ICEbOX Skinny makeup organizer   photos and review

But the biggest reason I chose it is because of the top tier; a 5″ tall area with a lid that allows for taller products to stand upright (and even taller products if you keep the lid open.)

Icebox9 ICEbOX Skinny makeup organizer   photos and reviewLike so!

Icebox10 ICEbOX Skinny makeup organizer   photos and review

But I knew exactly what was going in my top tier, lipstick. Oh, to see all of my lipsticks clearly, organized by color, names prominently displayed! It comes with a removable X-shaped divider that helps you to section off items. Or, stack both pieces on the same side (like a triangle) to create a higher wall and larger spaces.

Icebox11 ICEbOX Skinny makeup organizer   photos and review

The remain five drawers are each 2″ high and come with two additional types of inserts to help you organize. Slides are adjustable, vertical inserts that separate the drawer into 3 long columns. Grids create a six squarish spaces. Plus, drawers they close tightly so products don’t get dusty! That makes this desert dweller very happy.

Icebox12 ICEbOX Skinny makeup organizer   photos and review

I was honestly a bit overwhelmed when this arrived. It was both a makeup lover and an organizer’s dream! You simply can not even imagine how much makeup it holds. I couldn’t. I still can’t. I spent a 6 weeks organizing it. I couldn’t stop. Different set-ups and configurations, I became a bit obsessed. Here’s what I came up with…

Icebox13 ICEbOX Skinny makeup organizer   photos and review

Is that a thing of beauty or what? It holds:
83 lipsticks
16 lip tars
35 lip liners
32 brushes and tools
57 loose pigments and cream shadows
61 eye liners
13 foundations and powders
And there’s room for more!

My favorite drawers…

Icebox14 ICEbOX Skinny makeup organizer   photos and reviewlipsticks

Icebox15 ICEbOX Skinny makeup organizer   photos and reviewpigments and creams

Icebox16 ICEbOX Skinny makeup organizer   photos and revieweye liners

I do wish they sold better inserts for lipstick. A small grid that held them singularly, upright would be amazing. I had to use small boxes to group the lipsticks so they wouldn’t all topple when one is removed.

Then there’s the price. There’s no getting around that $395 is a GIANT splurge. But I’m also a big believer in saving for big purchases. You’d be surprised what you can squirrel away when you try! And though I can’t speak first hand, you can check out video reviews of cheaper brands on their site and see that you truly do get what you pay for.

Icebox17 ICEbOX Skinny makeup organizer   photos and review

And now thanks to the Icebox Skinny, my vanity looks like this, ALL the time. Oh, the joy!

we heartsters, what’s your biggest makeup storage woe?

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  1. Profile photo of turboterp

    WOW! I can’t stop looking at your “after” pictures. I have BIG makeup storage woes. First, my vanity only looks like your “before” pics on a good day. I am so disorganized, I regularly lose things just to find them later in the clutter. Even worse, I am one of the suckers who bought a shoddy knockoff of the Icebox that looked just like it online. Ha! The drawer pulls fell off, and the drawers warped so that I have to pry them open with a nail file. I could have put that money towards the real deal, so I’m really kicking myself now. Time to start saving!

  2. Profile photo of irene

    Oh, how I need this too! It looks like Icebox has got my answer, as soon as I get some money to spare! I need it more than I’m able to express!
    I love being able to see everything in an orderly fashion and that it will stay clean from dust! Half of my problem is that everything is hard to see.. so it’s out of site out of mind..
    I was thinking of making something but that can cost too, this looks perfect!

  3. Gigi

    I LOVE you, @stef, for your candor about the problems of keeping makeup neatly and cleanly organized! I can make a mess of only a few things. This organizer looks like THE PERFECT way to deal with “my stuff,” as George Carlin would have said, but the price tag is steep. Maybe I’ll send a request to the North Pole once again . . .

  4. Profile photo of Marilyn

    OMG so tidy! But sooo expensive :( I also have an issue with keeping my makeup organized… I’ve been using some inexpensive plastic drawers and buying drawer organizers to sort stuff. Still adds up, but not too bad!

  5. Profile photo of lyssachelle

    Regardless of price, I love these organization posts! It’s so interesting to see organization options; I get SO overwhelmed that I don’t even know where to start… But see what could be is inspirational, and a good place for me to start!

  6. Profile photo of mandabear

    I’m totally crying right now, filled with a case of the “wants”. I have two acrylic muji pieces stacked on top of each other but they don’t hold a light to this monster. I am researching options for makeup organizing because I’m moving in two weeks and will have a more laid out vanity section. I’ll keep my eye on this…who knows, maybe she’ll have a sale one day! *wishful thinking*

  7. Profile photo of amity

    This is amazing–the ways the lipsticks are organized, in particular,is kind of thrilling. I have my makeup in a clear organizer thingie with drawers, which basically means I have to paw through assorted tubes and tins to find what I want!

  8. Profile photo of sherrishera

    And here I was loving my artist’s wooden paint/tool box that I just bought for organizing my makeup! I whittle down my humongous collection pretty often (probably bi-monthly) because it builds up so quick, but wouldn’t it be nice to keep it all? Very cool.

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  10. Rachel Shay

    Oh dear – that is a thing of beauty! I was happy to see, (sorry), that your makeup is a jumble most of the time! Made me somehow feel better about the way mine looks! Ha! Very impressive organisation. With all that makeup, one can believe it took you 6 weeks to get it the way you want it. Your vanity looks wonderful!

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