Easy DIY Projects: Watercolor Pillowcases

DIY Watercolor Pillows 08 Easy DIY Projects: Watercolor Pillowcases

Ever feel like your bedroom needs a makeover? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Instead of taking on a complete renovation, try switching up the small things. You would be surprised at how much of an impact these simple changes can have. For starters, try making these Watercolor Pillowcases for a colorful, artsy touch. They’re totally customizable and require little to no DIY skills…we promise!

DIY Watercolor Pillows 01 Easy DIY Projects: Watercolor Pillowcases


  • Tarp or large garbage bag
  • Powdered fabric dye (2-3 colors)
  • Foam brush
  • White pillowcases
  • Plastic cups
  • Water
  • Large bucket or garbage can (optional)
  • Access to washing machine

Before You Start: Protect your workspace with the tarp or large garbage bag. We recommend working outside, if possible!

DIY Watercolor Pillows 02 Easy DIY Projects: Watercolor Pillowcases

1. Prepare your first dye by mixing it with water. There is no right or wrong way to do this. Our first color was turquoise.

For a dark, saturated color, create a 1:1 mixture of powdered dye and water. For a lighter, subtle color, create a mixture of 1/2:1 powdered dye to water mixture. Of course, you can adjust these measurements to suit your preference. Just have fun with it and experiment.

DIY Watercolor Pillows 03 Easy DIY Projects: Watercolor Pillowcases

2. Lay out a pillowcase on your covered work surface. Using the foam brush, randomly apply brush strokes to the pillowcase.

DIY Watercolor Pillows 04 Easy DIY Projects: Watercolor Pillowcases

3. Prep the second dye and add this color to the pillowcase. Don’t be afraid to let colors overlap. Our second color was maroon.

DIY Watercolor Pillows 05 Easy DIY Projects: Watercolor Pillowcases

4. To make colors bleed together, press the wet brush in between brush strokes.

DIY Watercolor Pillows 05a Easy DIY Projects: Watercolor Pillowcases

5. Continue until a majority of the pillowcase is covered. Make sure to leave some white space so the colors have room to move around.

DIY Watercolor Pillows 06 Easy DIY Projects: Watercolor Pillowcases

6. Rinse the pillowcase(s) until the water runs clear. You can do this in a large bucket or a garbage can, or directly in the washing machine. When clear, wash in a washing machine for one cycle; check the directions on the dye’s packaging for any special requirements. Hang to dry.

DIY Watercolor Pillows 07 Easy DIY Projects: Watercolor Pillowcases

7. Once the pillowcases are dry, feel free to add even more brush strokes if you feel like something is missing. We decided to bring in a third dye – a dark navy blue – to add more “oomph”. If you decide to do this, simply repeat Step 6 to rinse and wash.

This is the beauty of DIY; you can make a change whenever you want!

DIY Watercolor Pillows 09 Easy DIY Projects: Watercolor Pillowcases

Once dry, your new pillowcases are ready. They’re the perfect cross between functional and fashionable.

What colors would you choose for your DIY Watercolor Pillowcases? Let us know in the comments below!

Kirsten is an author, crafty lady, nutritionist and women’s lifestyle writer Since 2010, she has been sharing DIY projects at Studs-and-Pearls.com. In May 2014, Kirsten published her first book, Studs & Pearls: 30 Creative Projects for Customized Fashion – you can find it at Barnes & Noble, Amazon & select independent bookstores. She spends most of her time writing, crafting, traveling, and dreaming up new recipe ideas. Kirsten currently lives in New York.

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      Kirsten Nunez

      I promise there’s nothing to fear, @stef! Since the print is supposed to look random and muddled, there’s no right or wrong way :) And fabric dye doesn’t stain things like bathtubs or washing machines – it typically wipes right off since the surface doesn’t allow for dye to adhere to it. Painted walls and doors, it will probably stick. But definitely not washing machines!

      And it won’t bleed on to you, promise! That’s why there’s Step 6, throwing it in the washing machine after rinsing it. It gets all of the excess dye out and “sets” the dye in the fabric!

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