100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Cosmetics review and swatches

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A Green Monday look at 100% Pure’s Mascara, Lip Glaze and Pot Rouge blush

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Cosmetics collectionphotos: we heart this

Did you celebrate Earth Day this year? While I love any occasion that gets the word out on the Green Movement, we all know it takes much more than a day commitment to really make a difference. So I’m thrilled to talk about a fantastic company, 100% Pure that believe EVERYDAY should be Earth Day!

To that end, this line of bath, body, hair care and make up follows eco-friendly and cruelty-free guidelines that will make any Green Monday fan 100% happy. We all know you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, but you can trust that 100% Pure products are just that – pure. Every product is free of synthetic chemicals, chemical preservatives, artificial fragrances, artificial colors, harsh detergents or any other unhealthy toxins.

I’m already a fan of the 100% Pure body scrubs and washes. Today the wht team is getting a look at their amazing fruit pigmented cosmetics. That’s right, this line of soft, pretty make up is the first and only cosmetics that are tinted with fruit and vegetable pigments. And that means great things for your skin as “all the antioxidants and vitamins are in the pigments, so you will be applying all the healthy nutrients directly on your skin”.

We got our hands on three naturally colored items from their complete make up collection, including a Lip Glaze, a Fruit Pigmented Mascara and the Pot Rouge blush.

Lip Glaze in velveteen

Lip Glaze

My favorite piece by far was the Lip Glaze ($15) in velveteen. It’s my ideal lip product, a cross between a lip balm and lipstick that gives creamy, semi-sheer coverage. The hue, described as as “mauvish plum” is a tad darker than a shade I would typically wear. But the deep pink color is very flattering and glides on semi sheer, depositing just enough color for polished lips.

The super smooth, non-drying formula is thanks to a moisturizing base of avocado and cocoa butters that keeps lips moist – no cakey color here. Plus the vitamins and antioxidants in the fruit pigments nourish lips on every application! I never “feel” this color on my lips, yet they stay tinted for hours without a touch-up.

Packaged in a beautiful silver slim tube with subtle floral graphics, it’s a lip product you’ll be proud to pull out on any occasion. Available in 21 colors, I can’t wait to get my hands on my shades – Coquette (a plum brandy) you’re next on my list!

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Cosmetics swatchesFruit Pigmented Mascara in blackberry, Lip Glaze in velveteen, Pot Rouge blush in ballerina

Pot Rouge

If you want to add a bit of glow to your cheeks, you can’t go wrong with one of the Fruit Pigmented Pot Rouge blushes.

These all natural, vegetarian and gluten free blushes were designed to “give you that healthy flush of color”. We received Ballerina, ($15) a pink nude with a slight golden shimmer. These potted blushes have a creamy consistency that almost dries to powder and they can be worn on bare skin or on top of foundation. The light hue works as a soft daytime blush or an evening highlighter.

Although it can easily be blended with fingertips, I found the glass pot a bit too small for my liking. Once I get into the depths of the blush it could be hard to get out of the pot. And as always, I’m wary of using fingers unless they are squeaky clean.

On the plus side, while I worried the formula would be too dry, it work well with my combo skin, offering long lasting color that didn’t slide off my face in an hour. And I fell in love with the petal soft shade that gives my naturally rosy cheeks the perfect amount of color and helps highlight my cheekbones (they’re in there somewhere!)

Fruit Pigmented Mascara

Fruit Pigmented Mascara

Finally, here’s one for mascara lovers with sensitive eyes – the 100% natural, Fruit Pigmented Mascara ($18). Yep, 100% Pure even has mascaras tinted with fruits and vegetables! Available in four shades Black Tea (blackest black), Blackberry (shimmery black plum), Blueberry (shimmery blue black) and Dark Chocolate (shimmery black brown) this mascara is designed to do it all – lengthening, separating, thickening and glossifying lashes, all via it’s hourglass shaped brush.

This formula (tinted with fruit pigments and Black tea pigments) is super gentle – and works with those that wear contacts or have sensitive eyes. Plus ingredients like ProVitamin B5, Vitamin E, Oat and Wheat protein help to condition and keep lashes healthy. While not waterproof, it is water and smudge resistant.

We tested this unique fruity formula (it even has a soft berry scent) in Blackberry – a soft, rich violet that (while hard to see on lashes) really makes my blue eyes pop. I found the formula to be on the dry side, but with a sweep of a lash brush, all was well.

I am a sensitive eyed, contact lens wearing, eye rubbing gal and I had no issues at all with this mascara – no redness, itchiness or tearing. And, no smearing! Beyond a bit of fall out during application, this mascara stayed put on my lashes all day long.

All in all, I was very happy with the pretty and polished offerings from 100% Pure. And like all of their products, these three little gems are bursting with eco-friendliness…

• All formulas are 100% biodegradable and 100% natural.
• All packaging is made with recycled materials.
• All printing uses non toxic soy and vegetable inks.
• Products, ingredients and formulas are ever tested on animals and all makeup brushes are made from synthetic fibers.
• The entire line is vegetarian or vegan (the only animal ingredient used is cruelty free honey).

we heartsters and testers – are you 100% in love with 100% Pure? Meet me in the comments and tell me all about it!

Disclosure: This review includes products that were provided by the manufacturer/PR firm for our consideration. For more info, or any questions, please see our disclosure policy.


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  1. I got to try the Fruit Pigmented Mascara in lackberry and Pot Rouge blush in Ballerina.

    @tyna is spot on in her review; the blush is lovely, very soft and does a great job of catching the light and highlighting. While I like the actually container in and of itself and will reuse it when the blush is gone, it’s adorable teeny tiny size is going to be annoying once it gets below 1/4 empty. (I’ve already gotten it under my fingernails while trying to apply and that’s one of my pet peeves!) But the color is so pretty; on my darker skin the pink really comes out but it’s a soft pretty pink that makes me look barely flushed. Love it.
    Plus the texture is DIVINE, very velvety smooth.

    The Fruit Pigmented Mascara in Blackberry is another winner. I like GIANT lashes and this very nearly gave me them. It doesn’t have a lot of curling and lifting power, but the formula is doesn’t flake or clump which is a HUGE plus in natural makeup. The color is gorgeous, but you really don’t notice that it is anything but black once it’s on your lashes.
    My only quibble is that the mascara has a rather cloying, sweet scent to it. It’s a bit jarring because I’m not used to my mascara smelling like much of anything! It doesn’t affect the end product and I don’t smell it when on my lashes, (That was a really weird sentence to type….) but those who are sensitive to smells might want to avoid it.

    I give both products 4 stars! They are lovely, but they need a couple adjustments (flat compact for the blush and no scent for the mascara) for me to be in love.

  2. @tyna I agree about the Pot Rogue blush in Ballerina…i LOVE it. The consistency is so nice. I actually lost it for a few days and was pretty upset, because I had only used it a few times but really liked it. Then I was cleaning out my drawers and it turned out it fell into one of them! (phew.)….It doubles great as an eyeshadow, too, by the way. I have a hard time finding highlighters – or highlighter-like blushes – that don’t act like another layer of powdered. The consistency of this is perfect, it’s not even like “real” blush….and, ah, I can go on for it for a while.

    I also tried the Lip Glaze in Velveteen. It actually worked well with my slightly olive complexion. It’s not sticky, too! Always a plus.

    And of course, I love that this line is vegetarian/vegan. 5 stars from me.

  3. I got to test Lip Glaze in velveteen and I fell in love with the packaging right away. Such a cute, slim yet substantial tube that fits in my pocket and feels good in my hand.

    I’m not really a tinted lip balm kinda girl; I prefer gloss and/or full-on lipstick, so wasn’t expected too much from Lip Glaze despite the adorable packaging. But I LOVE velveteen! It’s smooth, moisturizing, matte but not drying in any way, and the color is so pretty. Just as you said, @tyna , velveteen is a little darker than I might have chosen for myself, but it works nonetheless.

    I’ve been studying the other 20 colors, trying to decide what I have to own next. I’m torn between Vixen (coral) and Sultry (the prettiest honey nude), and it will probably be both. 5 stars.

  4. I celebrated Earth Day by gardening and hitting my local Starbucks for a free cup of Joe with my refillable coffee cup! I digress, It’s hard not to like 100% Pure. This company has been around for awhile in my recollection and I’ve used many of their bath products and even gave them as lovely gifts on occasion. I love that it’s an eco-friendly and cruelty-free operation. They really mean 100% Pure- it’s amazing stuff. I got to test their Fruit Pigmented Pot Rouge in Ballerina. @tyna hit it right on the head by saying this adds a glow to your cheeks. Just a dab gives a very nice healthy glow-. I liked that it wasn’t too heavy and blended well with my face makeup and lasted thru the duration of the day. Where does this color actually come from? Well let me tell you.. It comes from pigments of plum, pomegranate, raspberry, rose petal, strawberry, cherry, red wine goji berry, and acai berry- That’s the first I ever heard about an actual makeup line using so much fruit pigment to make a rouge.. Impressive. It is however a super small pot at 3.5 grams. It’s hard to get my finger in there, but I managed – I’m just not looking forward to having to get to the bottom of this when it starts to empty. I also liked the smell of this product.. ah, fruity! Of course! Four Stars from me. ****

  5. I have to say that I love the packaging for this line, so pretty with silver and swirls. I had to explain what “packing inspiration” was to my wife when I showed her my mascara.

    I love the mascara, I got Blackberry and the concept of fruit mascara scared me a little at first. But once I tried it I loved it. I really like the scent of it, nice and sweet. It has great wearing time, no smudges or flakes and no clumps! Clumps are my worst enemy. I would purchase this again in an instant since the company has great ethics.

    I also received Ballerina in the Pot Rouge and love the subtle pink. I tend to have a bit of red in my cheeks so I don’t wear blush often. But this is a nice, soft pink that I can wear easily. The consistency is velvety. But I agree that the packaging for the rouge should be different. I’m not much for pots unless it’s something that’s applied with a brush.

    5 stars for me!

  6. I’m super impressed with this line. I’m guilty of not expecting much from a lot of green lines (@tyna is the green one of this duo). But I knew with one look at the sleek silver packaging, pretty colors and lovely scents that I was going to be pleased. And I was!

    Favorite product for me as well, the Lip Glaze in Velveteen. The berry/plum color is divine. I could see this working on anyone – it’s just plain pretty, not too dark, not too light. The Goldilocks of lip colors! I’ve kept this in my purse since the first moment I got it. And it feels fabulous, super moisturizing, like your favorite balm. Big praise for this!

    Next up, the Fruit pigmented mascara. I never would have guessed it, but I like scented mascara! I think because I am so sensitive to scents on my lips, scents on my eyes are way more subtle! @lysachelle – I actually do think I smell this on my lashes. But I do have a super sniffer too. But scent aside, this is a great everyday mascara. Good length, minimal clumping – it’s your basic grab it, use it and go mascara. I always appreciate a green eye product too, more so that any other type. I do NOT like the brush though, I am not a fan of the hourglass shape.

    Lastly, the Pot Rouge. This was not for me, I could tell from first swap and promptly gave it to another tester. I found it drying, I didn’t like the small size pot, and I didn’t like the size of the glitter in it. I’m glad everyone else seems pleased with it though!

    So, overall I’m going 3 stars – love lip glaze, like mascara, don’t like pot rogue.

  7. I received the Ultra Lengthening 100% Natural Mascara in “Blackberry.” Since I like my lashes long and dramatic, I initially a little skeptical about a 100% natural, fruit pigmented mascara. But I was pleasantly surprised!

    -The faint berry smell! Scented mascara is new to me, but I love the scent of this when I pull out the wand. I can’t smell it on my lashes though, which is good.
    -The color. Just plum enough to be interesting, but black enough to be wearable. It really made my brown eyes pop.
    -The company and the packaging. Ethical *and* cute.
    -No smudging or irritation.
    -Good everyday mascara.

    -Doesn’t lengthen much, though it claims to be “lengthening.”
    -The brush shape is a little awkward and can give you clumpy lashes. Wipe off the excess before application and you won’t have any problems.

    Overall, I’d give this mascara 4 stars. I really liked it, but there’s still room for improvement.

  8. Totally obsessing over these 100% pure makeup. Been eyeing the foundation for quite some time now and after reading this review, I’m SOLD! Antioxidants on my face? YES! Cruelty free? YES! Natural ingredients? YES!

    Love it! :)

  9. I love the packaging and made with fruits and veggies! Yes, please!

  10. I have mixed feelings about the 100% Pure line. I received two products to review, the lip glaze in Velveteen and the fruit pigmented mascara in Black Berry.
    To start with the positives- I’m officially obsessed with Velveteen. This lip glaze is the quintessential “my lips but better” shade. The formula is both perfectly pigmented (not too much, not too little) to be used both on full makeup days and no makeup days. The smell is like fruit punch, not the “Oh Yeah!” kind but REAL fruit punch. Yum!
    Not so positives- Black Berry just isn’t doing it for me. I have pretty thick/long lashes, but this mascara makes my lashes kinda clumpy. Once clumped I can’t comb out my lashes without the product flaking all over the place. It’s not very lengthening, either. I DO love that it’s a gentle formula and it doesn’t make my eyes itch even when allergies make me rub.
    Overall I would give Velveteen an easy 5 stars, while BlackBerry gets 3. We’ll average that to 4 stars!

  11. That lip glaze does look fantastic! I am going to check it out for sure. Great review @tyna!

  12. These look FUN! I’m drawn to the mascara because of the novelty of it, but the lip glaze looks just gorgeous! What a perfect color.

  13. I’ve LOVED 100% Pure for awhile now and since joining with alex+von and getting the chance to learn more about their products I’ve tried out things I might not have otherwise, and I have not been disappointed! I’ve turned friends and family alike on to a variety of their products! I keep up with any specials we’re hosting on my fb fan page too if you’re interested!!

  14. (I’m sorry for the late review)

    I received the Lengthening Mascara in Blackberry. While @tyna did state that it brought out light eyes, it didn’t do much for my brown eyes but that’s OK :) I really enjoyed this mascara. I am a contact lens wearer as well and sometimes my eyes tear really easily due to products. This one was not a problem. Also the packaging is so pretty. Mirrored casing and pretty swirly vines all over it? How lovely! I believe in this brand and I would love to try more products by them, especially the lip stuffs :) Four stars from me!

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