100% Pure – the bath & body Green Monday review

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Products so tastily scented you’ll want to eat them all up!

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I’ve never counted how many cosmetic and skincare products I use in a single week, most likely because I’m sure even I’d be shocked at the number. But would I feel safe eating the concoctions I use on my face and body?

You’re probably saying, “Of course not, silly!” But I just learned that skin absorbs as much as 60% of topical skincare products, just as if we were eating them. So wouldn’t it be comforting to know these products were as safe as “food for your skin”?

Say hello again to Green Monday favorite 100% Pure and their irresistible yet healthy bath and body line. Every single ingredient that goes into 100% Pure’s products is natural, organic and vegan, resulting in a line that the company describes as “health food for your skin.”

Eliminating chemical preservatives and cheap fillers doesn’t mean these products have a short shelf life, either. The clever use of natural preservatives guarantees that you’ll get your money’s worth. 100% Pure relies on anti-bacterial herbs (Japanese honeysuckle, thyme, oregano, goldenseal, rosemary and lavender) and a high concentration of vitamins and antioxidants to preserve all products.

Animal lovers can rest easy, too. There is no need for 100% Pure to test on animals because their products contain food-grade ingredients (only chemicals, including synthetic perfumes and fragrances, require such testing measures). So my skin can absorb all the product it wants – I can even eat it – without worries.

The wht team received three products in a variety of scrumptious scents from the 100% Pure bath and body collection to test – let’s get started:

First up, the Hydrating Body Wash ($15), which like all 100% Pure bath products are available in 18 tempting scents like Strawberry Lemonade, Vanilla Bean and Key Lime. Some testers tried out the Blood Orange Body Wash, while I tested the Mangosteen scent.

The formula is thinner than most body washes because it does not contain artificial fillers or thickeners. What it does contain are vitamins, antioxidants and skin brightening fruits. And don’t worry, the thin formula belies this wash’s serious foaming power.

While I wouldn’t use this wash for second hand shaving duties, it does a great job cleaning and washes quickly and cleanly away. With the vivid scents, this wash makes a great, go-to morning shower product.

After a nice shower, it’s time for a Nourishing Body Cream. Once again available in a range of scents, the team checked out Honey Almond, Coconut and Green Apple, while I applied the Cabernet Grape scent.

This tube of thick, concentrated cream ($15) is full of the ingredients you’d expect, like anti-aging antioxidants, vitamins, skin softening fruit oils and moisturizing cocoa and avocado butters. Hmm, sounds good enough to eat…and despite its thickness, the cream soaked right in, leaving my skin soft.

The only thing I wasn’t crazy about was this particular scent, which disconcertingly reminded me of grape gumballs. But this is just a personal preference, and a grape lover won’t find a more realistic, natural version. I loved everything else about the cream, and can’t wait to try it in one of the other, many scents.

Finally, the team had a chance to shower with 100% Pure’s skin brightening Body Scrubs ($25). This time I tried out the Cocoa Kona Coffee, while fellow testers received the organic Eucalyptus scrub.

This is the scent for me, a cocktail of chocolate and coffee that smells like heaven and left my skin smooth, glowing and lightly scented. This scrub is a heavy hitter, packed with actual organic Kona coffee grounds, an extremely effective exfoliator, as well as organic rosehip and apricot oils to moisturize with no residual oiliness.

Each product comes in a large range of unique scents, all created from real fruits and pure essential oils.
Reasonably priced for generously sized, effective, and green formulas.
Suitable for even the most sensitive skin and safe for children too.

The entire line is truly 100% Pure (no synthetic chemicals, preservatives, artificial fragrances, colors, etc.)
All formulas are 100% biodegradable and 100% natural.
All packaging is made with recycled materials.
All printing uses non toxic soy and vegetable inks.
The entire line is vegetarian or vegan (the only animal ingredient used is cruelty free honey).

Unless you’re in California, this fabulous line is only available online.

The bottom line is that I loved all the products I tested; it’s just a matter of figuring out which scent(s) from 100% Pure’s huge selection will appeal to you. I plan to expand my bath and body arsenal with other Cocoa Kona Coffee scented products, although some of the other options sound mighty tempting to me, too. In a nutshell, there is never anything synthetic or cruel about 100% Pure, and I feel 100% confident knowing this.

we heartsters and testers – are you 100% in love with 100% Pure?

Disclosure: This review includes products that were provided by the manufacturer/PR firm for our consideration. For more info, or any questions, please see our disclosure policy.


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  1. Great post, as always @Turboterp!
    This sounds sounds divine and I love that you could eat it, it’s so pure. I would slather it on with zero guilt- especially the Kona Coffee Scrub – yum…
    I guess this line is yet another reason to move to sunny California!

    1. For a coffee fiend like me, the Kona Coffee Scrub is a dream product. You’d love it!

      5 stars for the entire line. I really can’t wait to try more of their scents!

  2. Oooo, Kona Coffee Scrub…that sounds lovely. And I’ve heard about caffiene helping with circulation and varicose veins, so this needs to be a part of my shower routine!

    And I’m so glad you mentioned the lathering, @turboterp! That’s a big key for me and shower gels or soap, I needs mah bubbles! :-) Thanks for the great review, I think the Kona Coffee Scrub and Blood Orange Body Wash need to be on my “Want” list!

    1. I’m with you, @lyssachelle — gotta have bubbles! And 100% Pure lathers like a champ. Blood Orange Body Wash is the next scent on my wish list, too!

  3. I didn’t get the opportunity to test these but the coffee scrub sounds amazing. I’m a sucker for coffee & scrubs. I did get to try their cosmetics line and was very impressed.

    Wonderful review @Turboterp !

  4. MMMM I want to try them all! Especially the blood orange body wash–I love products with serious amount of lather.

    I tested out the Coconut body cream. I love that these products are high quality, reasonably priced, and use natural ingredients. (Maybe I’m a science nerd, but I think it’s really cool that they use those natural preservatives and antibacterial ingredients!!!) The coconut body cream is thick and luxurious feeling, and smells fantastic. Even my boyfriend commented about how delicious it smells. The packaging is very practical, although I feel like the label design is a little plain (in addition to being a science nerd, I’m also a design nerd!) Overall, this is a fantastic product, and I’d give it five stars, absolutely.

  5. I’m ooohing over the 100% Pure’s organic Eucalyptus scrub! Incase you did not know, I’m looney for anything eucalyptus! Can’t wait to hear what you thought about it! Also, am coocooo for Coconut- I love this line so I’m eager to get my mitts on these!

  6. I am here to declare: the Coconut Body Cream may just be my favorite lotion of all time. And this is not a claim I make lightly! It is phenomenal. If you’re a coconut lover, you absolutely need this. It’s got a really unique coconut scent, not as sweet as you normally smell. It’s like pure coconut milk, versus candied coconut. Almost earthy too. Oh, it’s so, so good! I can not stop sniffing myself when I use it. And it lasts and lasts. I apply it at night and the scent is still on my skin into the next afternoon. It’s also rich, but doesn’t leave you oily. And the flip top tube is perfect (much better than a tub).

    A close second on my love list is the Kona Coffee body scrub. As you can see in the picture, it’s a thick, dark brown base with actual coffee granules in it. The scent is so delicious. Again, it’s pure coffee. I really like that their items smell like what they’re made of. Not synthetically sweet. It’s not as exfoliating as what I normally think of with a scrub, the scrubby to base ratio is a bit lean. But it exfoliates well despite that.

    And OMG, using the scrub then layering the coconut body cream on afterwards – I smell like some sort of delicious Starbucks concoction! The Stefocha. Or the Stefuccino. I’m telling you – absolutely fabulous combo. It has me excited to layer other combos.

    5 huge stars for 100% Pure’s bath and body products. I am a big fan.

    1. I never even thought of combining the Kona Coffee scrub with Coconut Body Cream, but now that you’ve mentioned it, I can’t stop pondering the possibilities!

      Adding the body cream to my shopping list…

  7. What a great concept! My skin has become more and more sensitive as the years pile on. Frequently I get hives! That never used to happen but it has made me more careful about what I use on my skin. The simpler the ingredients, the easier it is to pinpoint allergic culprits.
    These do sound as though they smell fantastic and using natural herbs as presevatives is genius! My one concern is goldenseal. My experience with this is that it has enough foul odor to overpower most anything else. It sounds like that’s not the case here, but that stuff can be brutal!

  8. Wow, if their body products are anything like their makeup collection it’s sure to be a hit!
    While I’m a total sucker for coffee scrubs, the eucalyptus scrub sounds AMAZING! Perfect for those “almost but not quite getting a head cold” fall days.

  9. Love my 100% Pure bath products! I tried out the Blood Orange Body Wash and it has become me daily shower wash. As mentioned, this cleanser is a bit on the thin side, so I wouldn’t use it in a pinch as a shave cream, but it does manage to have a respectable lather.

    On the big plus sides the scent is perfect – fresh, natural and invigorating. The product cleans well, but gently and rinses off in a snap. Meaning it’s the perfect morning shower wash for me. 5 stars.

    I also tested the Eucalyptus Scrub and really enjoy it. The scent is strong enough to clear your sinuses but nor overpowering or medicine-y. As for the scrub it has a great mix of oils and scrubs and scoops right out of the jar (some of my faves are packed so hard it’s a struggle to scoop them out) and stays on the body when working into the skin. My only complaint are the grains are a bit large for my liking – I would prefer a slightly finer scrub. But this scrub left my skin soft, smooth and glowing with a warmth I could feel for hours. Can’t wait to try this in the dead of winter! 4 stars

  10. I am very happy to see 100% pure products on more blogs! I have been using their cleansers and recently got the brightening scrub and coffee bean eye cream. Very good quality. Would love to try out their body line soon.

  11. Great review – I’m in dire need of the Kona body scrub and coconut lotion now! Steffacino has me cracking up! Thanks for introducing us to this one.

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