2 CAN'T MISS oils from the BPAL 2013 holiday launch

2 CAN’T MISS oils from the BPAL 2013 holiday launch

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BPAL-underpants-dupepress sample

I have a BPAL Underpants dupe for you…

Hello we heartsters. Just a quickie to alert you to two must-haves from the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab holiday launch (Yule 2013.) Actually, I’m sure there are more must-haves in here. How could there not be from a collection with 60+ scents in it? But, these are absolutely, positively, go buy right now, must-haves.

Any BPAL fanatic knows of Underpants. Maybe they even, like me, have a near empty imp somewhere that they paid a stupid amount of money for just to catch a slight whiff of the scent that BPAL dreams are made of. If you are not this kind of fanatic, allow me to explain…

Underpants is an oil from 2006 that was developed as an ode to the moderators of bpal.org. It was from the beloved Monster Bait collection. Its description, Who doesn’t want a monster in their pants? Sexy sugar-smeared saffron sandalwood over lickable vanilla cream with a splash of butter rum. And to say it was heavenly is like saying the Sistine Chapel has a pretty painted ceiling.

Well, Scrappy Damsel from the Naughty or Nice Fairy Tale Inquisition is a NEAR DUPE for Underpants!

This folks, is a BFD.

Now, it’s not entirely identical. But its notes; orange blossom, neroli, white musk, shimmering amber, yellow sandalwood, Himalayan cedar, radiant saffron, and golden honey, evoke the warm, saffron-laced gorgeousness of Underpants. And you need a bottle pronto.

Order it HERE or take part in the Inquisition and plead your niceness to pick it up with a bath oil too.

Another must have is Stardust ($23). And I knew from the first read that I needed this oil:

“When the holidays roll around, not everyone has mistletoe, caroling and cookies on their minds. This scent is a paean to celebrating hard: nights covered in glitter and dusted with cocaine, flutes of Cristal clutched in shaky hands, leather and lace, the Spiders From Mars in the background, and twisting, sweaty limbs entangled in dark corners. Hairspray and cigarette smoke is the incense in this temple to decadence, strobe and mirrors replace the devotional candles, and Bolan sings the hymns. This scent is for everyone that has every drifted off into Quaalude-induced reverie to the beat of a tribal 4-on-the-floor: the sound of Mott the Hoople, Sweet, Slade or the Dolls.

This scent reflects the futurism, self-indulgence and excess of the Glitter 70′s: champagne, white mandarin, tuberose, ylang ylang and flashing white musk with jonquil, tobacco flower, Queen of the Night blossom, white sandalwood and a pale poppy.”

It’s anti-Christmas, hedonistic, and completely sexy. And I think whether you were around during that time, or have just studied it through the music and photographs (like I have), you will be able to close your eyes, sniff and be transported. And, my god, what more do you want from a perfume? (Bonus, it smells really delicious! White floral lovers will be pleased.)

Honestly, stop right now and go get both…

8 thoughts on “2 CAN’T MISS oils from the BPAL 2013 holiday launch”

  1. I don’t smoke, but I think I need to have a cigarette after reading that description of Stardust! You’re right, I need it—and I need Scrappy Damsel even more. Would it be wrong to buy myself a Christmas gift or two when I’m not done shopping for others? Probably not, right?

  2. “Sexy sugar-smeared saffron sandalwood over lickable vanilla cream with a splash of butter rum.” Yum – The description for Underpants is making me salivate at my desk.

    But if I had to make a choice of just one I am all over Stardust – white florals and musks are some of my faves and as a long time Bowie fan I feel like I NEED this one.

    Oh BPAL, you how can you be so tempting right now when all my money should be going towards gifts for others, not myself!

  3. Wow, I haven’t heard about Underpants even though I have been a fan of BPAL for a few years now… I am yet again completely captivated and will be demanding my husband hide these 2 new ones in my stocking this XMAS because I want both of them!

  4. UGGGHHHH…I need this. It’s decided. Underpants was on my wishlist for FOREVER, so I need to get Scrappy Damsel. I’m wavering on Stardust, I WANT it but will I wear it enough to warrant actually buying it? I’m still not sure, though I need to decide since it’s LE…

    Sidenote: Did I miss the launch of the new BPAL site? Because it is badass!!!

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