I Went to the Emmys and Here’s What Happened…

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Products that helped me get ready for my night at the Emmys Affiliate Link

Dove sends us to the shower, and the 2014 Emmys

You may be wondering just how did I get to go to the 2014 Emmys? It was all thanks to a very special body wash. Actually, a whole line to be exact – the newly formulated Dove body washes which provide softer, smoother skin in just one shower.

What better way to take the #oneshowerchallenge than while preparing for the red carpet? There’s nowhere else where healthy, glowing skin is more essential! Read on for my results, and inside details on TV’s biggest night.

my welcome night when I checked into the Ritz CarltonDove jammies waiting for me in my room

Aerial view of the staples center from-the-Ritzthe view from my room at the Ritz, note the red carpet!

The day began with a breakfast meeting with fellow beauty editors in the Penthouse suite of the Ritz Carlton (and dove-shaped omelets – I wish I would have snapped a pic!)

Beauty bloggers event at the emmys

Dove showed us how burlap changed after being cleaned with their body wash (fitting, as burlap is much like what my body usually feels like without lotion) and talked about the science behind the new formula. It’s formulated with 25% more Glycinate (an ultra-mild cleanser primarily found in premium face products) and contains 10x more skin natural nourishment than other leading body washes.

They then introduced us to Micaela Erlanger, top Hollywood stylist (most notable for styling Lupita Nyong’o), who would be helping us pick out the perfect piece of jewelry to accentuate our soon to be glowing skin.

Erickson-Beamon-earrings gold and rhinestone accessories

I went with an art deco inspired pair of Erickson Beamon earrings that I was sad to have to return the next day. The small pop of colored jewels and classic shape really stood out to me. The paired beautifully with my 50s diamond cocktail ring and the Dress Me Up Bracelet by Cara Accessories that was included with the gown I rented from Rent The Runway. Apparently, they often include jewelry in with your rental, free of charge. What a nice touch!


Speaking of the rental, I went with a red Couture Ruffle Gown by Carmen Marc Valvo which fit well, was really comfortable and honestly, made me feel like I had a stylist pick it out for me. I mean, did you see all the red gowns this year? I felt so in the know!

I can’t say enough good things about Rent the Runway. It was my second experience renting with them and I will definitely be doing it again. I ordered a back-up dress too, which is always half price. And if you’re unsatisfied for any reason when your dress arrives, you can order another within the same price range and they will overnight it to you for only $9.99.


Here’s the final result. This selfie was not only the best picture of me from the night, but it may be the best picture I’ve ever taken! I want to make it my Christmas card this year (and I’m only half kidding).

That stellar hair style was thanks to Patricia Lynn Laas who was kind enough to come to my room and give me the cascading waves of my dreams through sheer talent and some killer products (Aloxxi Voluminous Special Spray and Root Lift, and Kenra 25 Hairspray). If you’re in the Los Angeles area, I can’t recommend her enough (and I hear she’s a genius with color.)

makeup artist chooses MAC products for red carpet beauty look

For my Dita Von Teese inspired makeup, I visited MAC at 7th and Figueroa. The makeup artist, Junior, understood exactly what I was going for within seconds. He pulled out a nude palette of shadows including Moleskin (2nd from right) which I use every day, and Pure Flash Electric Cool shadow from the recent A Novel Romance collection for a pop of shimmer.

I also went in convinced I would be wearing Russian Red lipstick, but left with Ruby Woo on my lips. Junior said the Retro Matte formula would last longer (thanks to the clay in the formula). And it did. MAC knows best.

dirty gold manicure with glitter accent nail

For my nails, I resisted the urge to do red and went with a platinum and gold look; MS Milani with China Glaze I’m Not Lion for an accent. I loved how the combo turned out.

Emmy photo collage

Shown here; one last selfie before I hit the carpet, my “Mr. Andrews” chocolates, a glimpse of some of the other products that helped get me ready, and our Dove branded showers.


What a lovely setting for the #oneshowerchallenge – wasn’t it? I’m happy to report that it’s not just a marketing campaign; Dove’s new body wash formula really does give you softer skin in one shower. I did not use one drop of body lotion after my morning shower with Dove Deep Moisture Nourishing Body Wash. Normally I wouldn’t even leave the house without applying lotion afterwards, yet alone go to the Emmys! But my skin felt (and looked, I’ll say it) incredible.

Emmy-Tickets laying on a leopard skin background


Sadly but understandably, there are two red carpets at the Emmys; one for stars and one for everyone else. Our red carpet ran perpendicular to the star-studded one and it was fun to catch glimpses of the action as we entered the telecast. That’s my vintage silk heels on our carpet, which was just as red as Julia Roberts’ carpet, thank you very much.


Once we found our seats I had my first star sighting, Christian Leblanc from The Young and The Restless, a show I’ve watched faithfully for 30 years. It’s my only star photo of the night. Partly because we weren’t allowed to bring cameras and my phone died while the night was still young, partly because the bigger the sighting, the less nerve I had.

And there were some HUGE sightings throughout the night. My favorite was telling Christina Hendricks she was robbed (by not winning the Emmy) and her smiling sweetly, in that gorgeous red dress, and saying genuinely “Thank you for saying that.” It made my night.


See that upside-down triangle? It’s what winners saw slowly draining as their 45 second speech time ticked away.

Emmys 2014 governors ball Debbie-Allen-Dance-Troupe

Breaking bad star Aaron Paul at the Emmys after party

After the live telecast, we were whisked into the Governors Ball. It had to be one of the most gorgeous parties I’ve ever seen; lasers pierced the air, centerpieces that probably each cost more than my monthly mortgage payment, the Debbie Allen Dance Troupe putting on a living display of light and movement around the entire room.

There was also an attentive wait staff who kept the wine flowing and a meal that I’ll remember for ages. That’s the filet of beef, artisan grapes, Idaho 90 potato “bone”, zephyr squash, caramelized cippolini and crisp Lacinato kale. The tempura green beans shown were from Wolfgang Puck’s Nest the night before. I’ll remember them for a long time too!

That’s Aaron Paul in the above bottom right photo. He won the Emmy for his role in Breaking Bad.

The whole experience felt like a dream. But at least when I woke up I still had amazingly soft skin. Thanks Dove!

(Want to take the #oneshowerchallenge too? Get a free sample of their new body wash HERE.)


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  1. This is the post I’ve been looking forward to ever since I heard you were going to the Emmys! I loved reading about your beauty preparations as much as I loved details of the event itself. What a magical experience it all must have been—and girl, you looked amazing!

    I love Dove products, and immediately clicked on the link for a sample. I might not be walking the red carpet, but maybe the #oneshowerchallenge will give me skin fit for a star?

    1. I was reading this post like such an excited moron I totally skipped over the sample part–thanks for pointing it out!

  2. A) STEF YOU LOOKED SO PRETTY–sorry but I just had to cap lock that for emphasis.

    B)I am inordinately excited that you said that to Joanie–amazing!

    C) Is that Aaron Paul in the very last pic?

    D) Super impressed that you could shower and go w/out lotion after using the Dove wash–that says it all right there.

  3. violetpeach says:

    Thank you for giving this vicarious insight to that fun night! What a blast! You’re as glamorous as any star there! Red and Black were the colors so amazing how you put it all together to shine. They should have put you in the 360 and the nail cam on live from the red carpet. When the Mr. told us, I babbled on and on how cool you are. That was sweet, you gave him the chocolates. I ordered a free sample of Dove, it sounds like something that will help me(one less thing to struggle with).

  4. Congratulations Stef,

    I certainly enjoyed reading about your trip to the Emmy’s.
    What a wonderful opportunity. I agree with Amity, you were beautiful.


  5. @stef – Look at how sassy you are here!!!!! YOWSAH! You looked stunning!

    Is Christina Hendricks as gorgeous in person as she appears to be on tv? Like, I’m pretty sure she’s supernatural because no mortal should look that good. To paraphrase Zoolander, she’s really, really, ridiculously good looking :D

    I’m eagerly awaiting my Dove sample–I live in New England and the harsh winters kill my skin. I would love to not have to deal with lotion every day.

  6. OMG!!!You delivered with this post @stef!!! Thank you Dove for sending one of our fearless leaders into the fashion trenches!! I’ll bet this was just the most amazing experience. And I must say that in that outfit you actually remind me of Christina Hendricks. You look like such a starlet!!!! So exciting!!!!!!!

  7. @stef – It was great to experience the Emmy’s vicariously through you!! That is something so few people get to experience.

    I am excited to check out Dove again. I am intrigued by the ingredients.

  8. YES, thank you DOVE for sending the coolest lady on the planet to this event! We ALL adore her!
    Hey, in our house, this really was something to see and a big deal! Because you, @stef went, I was able to have my husband actually watch some of it! And just so the readers understand, normally it would never even be turned on otherwise! We looked hard for you in that red dress! You looked smashing and radiant! Even more so than you already do with all the gorgeous makeup and your hair looking all Purdy! Dove is one of our favorite products for so many years now… I love the way it smells – always sooo fresh and clean!

  9. What an amazing recap! Loved hearing about little details like the shower and pjs and the ball too! You looked FABULOUS @stef, and I am sold on Dove’s body wash, I am getting a sample for sure!!

  10. Whitney S. says:

    This was just wonderful. Simply smashing.

  11. How fun! You looked like a million bucks. Dove knows how to treat a gal right! I remember going to the Emmys for the tech folks (what do they call that?) and being surprised that there WAS a red carpet. I remember sitting behind(ish) the Queer Eye For THe Straight Guys and standing in the limo line near Betty White. It is an experience we all should have.

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