2015 Gift Guide: For The Baker

2015 Gift Guide: For The Baker

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Have you started your holiday shopping yet? Yeah…we haven’t either. But never fear. Our 2015 Gift Guide series will help you nail every single gift on your list.

If you have a baker on your list to shop for, here is my recipe for putting together a gift basket that is sure to please.


THE batter bowl:
Every great baking adventure begins with a really great bowl! This Cherry Red Le Creuset Batter Bowl is sure to please the baker on your list–I recommend using this as a gift basket and placing a few odds and ends inside of it, like kitchen towels or cookie mix, or whatever tickles your fancy. ($49.95)


A festive apron:
Every great baker needs a great apron and this Sexy Pinup Men Christmas Apron I found on Etsy is just ridiculous. It’s Magic Mike meets Christmas and puts the “fun” in functional! ($35)


A great pan to bake in:
Nordic Ware pans are one of my seasonal favorites because they bake everything evenly, release things cleanly, and they have the best patterns. This pan is a gingerbread house! You can decorate it and actually eat this version, unlike the stale boxed cookie gingerbread house kits. ($23.99)


A tasty mix:
This gingerbread spice mix is moist and spicy and delicious and will bake perfectly in the above-mentioned Nordic Ware pan. I also highly recommend any mix from Maine-based Stonewall Kitchen–their mixes and spreads are heavenly. Mixes are great as small gifts and you can make a really affordable and complete gift by packaging a mix with some cute holiday towels and a festive spatula. ($12.95)


To decorate baked goods:
As a baker, I love getting gadgets, especially anything that makes a task easier. Detail work is such a pain in the patootie and this Nordic Ware Detailed Decorating Pen makes decorating your gingerbread house and Christmas cookies a breeze. ($12.99)


Bonus gift idea to pull it all together:
Use these adorable ceramic snowflake measuring spoons as a hang tag on the gift for your baker. I always say that half of the gift is in the presentation and these measuring spoons are sure to elevate anything they adorn. Aren’t you picturing that Le Creuset batter bowl, filled with an apron, gingerbread mix and decorating pen, wrapped up in cellophane with a big, red bow and these affixed at the top? Or that Nordic Ware gingerbread pan in a sassy gift bag with some gingerbread mix, decorating pen and these tied around the bag’s handles? You are now :)

Happy Holidays, weheartsters! I hope my list gave you some great ideas for the beloved baker on your shopping list. And keep in mind, you’ll probably get some baked goods out of the deal too…

Bakers – what’s your most beloved tool?

5 thoughts on “2015 Gift Guide: For The Baker”

  1. Everything on this list would totally thrill a baker, but OMG that apron! I am cracking up over here–what a fun and funny gift.

  2. I an totally loving that Batter Bowl!!! And the apron – too funny! My most trusted kitchen utensil is my big silver mixing spoon. I swear it’s more like a mini shovel but I can do anything with it. Also love my wooden spoons & my mini pig wisk. (Every kitchen needs a mini pig)!

    1. I just received the gingerbread house pan and it is MAGICAL!!!! I highly recommend it! Just make any gingerbread quickbread mix or cake mix (or go homemade if that’s how you roll) and sprinkle it with lots of powdered sugar snow and you have an adorable gingerbread house! I got mine at Amazon because apparently Target doesn’t like to ship to NH. Eff you, Target!


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