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29 by Lydia Mondavi Review

As a beauty blogger, I love it all. From an exquisitely packaged luxurious formula found at the department store counters to the guilt-free “grab some fun basics while I’m picking up toiletries”; there’s nothing better than a little beauty shopping. And now, with offerings like 29 by Lydia Mondavi, Target has combined the best of both worlds.

If you’ve visited a Target lately, you may have noticed a newer (and even better!) beauty section. This weekend I noticed my local Target has updated the beauty department with bright high-quality lighting and sleek, attractive displays.


Plus, Target introduced new lines of premium skincare to their shelves. Alongside 29 by Lydia Mondavi, you will find Borghese, Laneige and MD Complete (all exclusively at Target) as well as Vichy, La Roche-Posay and Own Skin Health. The kicker? Everything is priced under $55. It’s the best of both beauty worlds!


Feast your eyes upon the gorgeous packaging of the 29 by Lydia Mondavi line. The hefty shiny white boxes are paired with simple, elegant script, the brand crest and sides covered in raised embossed print of silver grapes and leaves.


Founded by Lydia Mondavi, of the famous Napa Valley wine family, this skin care line “combines the organic beauty of the Napa Valley and the exclusive Grape Seed Age Protecting formula…with potent anti-oxidant power.” Taking one of the byproducts of winemaking, grape seeds, the line is packed with grape seed extract, a highly potent anti-oxidant that fights free radicals, protects collagen and combats the signs of aging.


The we heart this team got to sample a number of products and I had to get my hands on the Finest Blend Foaming Cleanser ($29). This lightly foaming cleanser packs a nice punch, deep cleaning skin and whisking away oil without drying the skin. The almost creamy foam cleanser has a nice pump dispenser and a light, crisp scent with a touch of sweetness. It rinses easily and leaves my face feeling clean and refreshed.


If skin is looking dull or flaky, check out the Exfoliating Crush Facial Scrub ($16). This unique formula uses “hand harvested and finely milled grape skins and seeds from Napa Valley” to gently whisk away dead skin cells and smooth skin. It will awaken your senses with eucalyptus mint, while soothing and hydrating skin with organic aloe vera, and avocado, jojoba and sweet almond oils.

29-lydia-mondavi-6Finest Blend Foaming Cleanser, Exfoliating Crush Facial Scrub

Both of these products, like all from 29 by Lydia Mondavi, are natural, and free of parabens, harsh sulfates, synthetic colors and fragrances.


I’ve been following up my nightly face wash with a few swipes of the Replenishing Toner & Pore Purifying Treatment Pads ($16). As a teen, I loved toning my skin with a cotton ball and those blue hued astringents; but as I aged they became too harsh for my skin. These pads are what I like to call an adult astringent.



The circular treatment pads have a nice heft. They help to smooth the complexion and sweep away dirt and grime. With continued use, my skin has been looking brighter and clearer, and the pores on my nose are less noticeable.


If your eyes have been showing your lack of sleep or the creeping years, look to the Reserve Blend Eye Cream ($20). Another plant based product, this eye cream contains a botanical-derived complex of amino acids and peptides to firm delicate skin and fight fine lines.


Housed in a sanitary pump, this natural cream uses more grape seed extract, as well as Vitamins A, B, C and E to de-puff the eye area and soften dark circles. This one bottle of eye cream promises to do it all, fighting all the major eye area concerns.


Finally, let’s take a gander at what may have been my favorite 29 by Lydia Mondavi discovery, the First Crush Lip Scrub ($10). Dubbed a “a mini facial for your lips” this scrub does away with the usual teeny pots and offers up a lip scrub in the shape of a classic lipstick.


Open the shiny silver tube and you are met with the soft sweet scent of coconut and vanilla. Swipe it a few times over the lips and then let the teeny grains of apricot seed powder do their work. Rub lips together, or use your pinky, to gently exfoliate lips.


Wipe away with a kleenex and the grape seed extract and coconut oil leave behind a balm-like moisturizing sheen. The handy lipstick-style tube and more solid consistency make this the quickest, easiest lip exfoliant ever.

I’ve become a little obsessed with this tube, exfoliating my lips daily, and I have to say my mouth has never been smoother and I’ve been using my lip balms less frequently.

All in all, I was very impressed with the packaging, formulas, quality and results from 29 by Lydia Mondavi. So if you are looking for some department store beauty highs, but your bank balance is low, make sure to check out the latest skin care in your Target aisles.

we heartsters – Have you discovered the updated Target beauty department? And did you snapped up some 29 by Lydia Mondavi products?

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  1. I NEED that lip scrub! I was just thinking the other day that a stick would be so much easier than the little pot that the Fresh lip scrub comes in.

    1. You TOTALLY need this lip scrub Nicci! Now that I have a scrub in a lipstick shape, it seems SO obvious. It’s the scrub I never knew I had to have. And it’s hard to be the 10 buck price tag. Love it!

  2. I NEED to get my buttocks over to Target… it’s only around the dang corner! This line looks wonderful @tyna! I love the packaging because it screams class. The Reserve Blend Eye Cream for only $20 has caught my eye! I am always forgetting to check out Target’s makeup isle! Don’t ask how that’s possible but it is true.

  3. Grapeseed oil is actually supposed to really help with broken capillary walls and can help reverse certain types of dark circles because of it.

    1. Interesting Erin – thanks! Since I have had under eye circles since the day I was born, I’ll have to try the 29 Eye Cream next. See if the grapeseed oil can do the job!

  4. You need to get to a Target @irene – I think most (but not all) of the Southern California Targets are now updated. Lots of fun – like a mini (and less expensive) Sephora inside a your regular old Target. Not that I need anything – but how can I resist browsing a bit when I’m picking up paper towels and advil?

  5. That line looks wonderful! I know they have cosmetics as well and hope my local Target gets this line stocked soon. If you’re looking for an alternative to the lip scrub, check out ELFs $3 lip exfoliator (in the black tube). It’s also in lipstick form, smells amazing, feels luxurious, and actually works extremely well!

  6. I received the Exfoliating Facial Scrub to try and boy am I in heaven. Even the most combo of skintones need exfoliation of some sort and this gives my skin a nice clean feeling. This line is so beautiful, great quality AND it’s sold at Target. I love it!

  7. I’ll have to check this line out the next time I’m at Target. I love a good lip scrub!

    I love how you mentioned the new lighting in Target’s beauty section–to me it’s SO BRIGHT, it hurts my eyes. I hate it! Maybe I’m part vampire? I almost wish they had a compartmented cubby that you can light up a product instead of the aisles that are like walking on the sun :P lol

  8. I’d have a glass of wine and use that lip scrub for a symbiotic experience!

    A friend was recently RAVING (I mean, truly raving) about Laneige too. So it looks like I best get my booty to Target soon.

  9. It’s been awhile since I hit Target, so I had no idea the beauty department had a makeover. I HAVE to get that lip scrub. I’ve never seen a lip scrub in stick form before– and it sounds perfect!

  10. This is so interesting because Neiman carried the line. I wonder though how people feel about spending $55 on a skincare product at Target.

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