3 Simple Steps to Get Rid of Acne

3 Simple Steps to Get Rid of Acne

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I was luckily pretty pimple-free in my teens and 20s. Oh, what a cruel trick the acne gods were playing on me. Because once I hit my 30s, I started breaking out regularly.

But these 3 simple tricks (seriously) passed on to me through estheticians and dermatologists have cut down the number of break outs I have. Best of all? They don’t involve buying any new beauty products.

Different designs and colors of pillowcases

1. Change Your Pillowcases Every Night

People seem to have a lot of problems with this one (myself included). But getting a system in place to make it happen, then following it, really helps. Think about it, if you don’t wash your hair every night, your hair is covered with styling products and all sorts of environmental polluters. Then, said hair is laid on an absorbent piece of fabric that you rub your face across all night long. And this piece of fabric gets more dirty every night, maybe even with added sweat or drool. Euwww, right?

Go get yourself some 100% cotton pillowcases. I’d suggest at least five, but the more you get, the less you have to do laundry. Put them in a place where they are easily accessible and you can’t ignore/forget them. A linen closet didn’t work for me. I had to put the stack right next to my PJ hook in my closet. And put on a clean, fresh pillowcase EVERY day. No exceptions. Wash them, and repeat for the rest of your life.

Bonus tip: Use a detergent that’s made for sensitive skin (one that’s free of scents and dyes). And skip the fabric softener, if you can. All of this can irritate your skin.

washing brushes and sponges

2. Wash Your Brushes and Sponges

Look, you should be doing this anyway. A fluffy clean brush, free of product, is a thing of beauty. But take that theory a bit further, you’re rubbing these tools across your skin, maybe even across your bacteria-laden acne. Now, doesn’t washing them regularly seem like a given?


3. Use only Toner in the AM

Stay with me on this one. You just washed your face 8 hours ago when you went to bed. You typically aren’t doing anything during that time that warrants you having to wash your face again when you get up. (Unless, you are, if you know what I mean. Then, by all means, wash your face!) So a simple swipe of toner on a piece of cotton is enough to clean your face and keep your oil in check. Washing again may actually strip your face of TOO much oil, drying your face out and actually making you break out. Cruel cycle, I know.

I’d bet money that you probably already have a toner in your arsenal, maybe that you don’t even use. Break it out, it’s going to help you win the acne battle. And if you don’t, then get yourself Kiehl’s Calendula Toner. It’s what’s shown above, and packed with Marigold petals that fight acne, razor burn, cuts and scrapes, and basically whatever ails your skin. It’s #1 Holy Grail beauty product.

So there you have it! Follow these 3 simple steps to get rid of acne. They’ll help, I promise. we heartsters, do you have an acne tip? Share it in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “3 Simple Steps to Get Rid of Acne”

  1. I wash my bedding weekly. I’ve heard about clean pillow cases every night, but I would spend so much time rewashing pillow cases because I require matching bedding/pillowcases. And my tastes aren’t cheap, so hubby would put his foot down if I’m like, “We need AT least a dozen pillow cases.” :P

    Another tip–don’t use fabric softener on your towels! After a shower, your pores are open and you’re drying them off with towels that have pore-clogging ingredients on them. My skin does better when I skip fabric softener on my bath towels and wash cloths.

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