5 Fashion Must Haves for Back to School

It’s that time of year again, SCHOOL SHOPPING! I used to love going back to school only for the mere fact that I would be getting a few new pieces for my wardrobe. Growing up my family didn’t have a lot of money, so I quickly learned what was important to have and how to make it work in many (many) ways.

I sit here now, way past my school days, but still very involved in fashion, and I give you my best advice, involving some new trends and a few spins on classic pieces, for the 5 Must Haves on your Back to School Shopping List.

1. Military Inspired Jacket

Ahh, the look of a man in uniform…mmmm…but back to reality – and to women’s wear. Military inspired clothing has been around forever; trends come and go but the military look is here to stay. You can always blend a tough piece like this into your wardrobe. Play up the rough look with some black leather or chain accessories or (my personal favorite) soften that edge with a floral dress or printed pant.

2. Peplum Everything!

Top, dress, jacket; it doesn’t matter, peplums are cute and still riding the trend wave. I have a few items with a peplum waistline and they are an adorable way to freshen up an outfit. The added interest can even get me by without wearing a belt – which is the item I most often forget when running out the door.

3. Tights, Tights, Tights

In all different colors and types of prints! Face it, you WILL have dresses that you want to wear and it WILL be way too cold at times. Summer has come to an end – cover up your exposed skin with some cute tights. Thick or thin, it doesn’t matter, they are a stylish layer from the cold that you’ll appreciate.

4. Flat Heeled Boots

To me, boots to are the most versatile footwear for the fall, and this season everyone will be sporting a flat heeled look. Tall, short, slouchy or zip up – they’ll dress up an outfit and get you out of your ballet flats and Ugg rut. Plus, the short heels ensures you’ll be able to haul ass to class or work when you’re late.

5. Jean Vest

Denim is always in style…period. This jean vest is a spin on the classic jean jacket and thankfully today, colored denim is in style so you can pair a bright colored jean pant with this cool laid back denim vest and not look like you’re wearing a Long Island tuxedo. Vests are also an easy layer to throw on as the temperature starts to drop. Trust me, you’ll wear this piece more than you think.

we heartsters – what’s on your back to school shopping list?

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Almost Stylish is a Business of Fashion School graduate who insists that her outfits never perfectly match as a tribute to growing up a rough-and-tumble youth turned glamour girl. She also believes that retail therapy has true healing powers.

10 thoughts on “5 Fashion Must Haves for Back to School”

  1. lipglossandspandex

    Tights and boots are definitely my must haves for fall/winter/spring in the Pacific Northwest! We get a lot of rain (almost every day) during those seasons, so pant hems get wet and icky. Not fun. Fortunately, tights and boots work pretty well for my office environment!

    1. hao9703

      You are right @lipglossandspandex — wearing a wet hem all day is the worst. That is why boots and tights are a major staple of my wardrobe. I have an entire drawer full of tights they are a fall/winter staple for me.

      I do believe I have a military inspired trench coat somewhere in my closet. It sounds like now is a time to find it.

  2. tyna

    Love these must haves! Boots and tights are ALWAYS on my fall agenda – love, love, love them.

    And this year I have a military jacket that I rediscovered in the back of my closet to wear all fall long. I picked it up years ago on Santee Alley in LA and it’s so cute. Sort of fitted and structured with a embroidered floral design on one sleeve. I bought it a size too small (the only size left) thinking “someday I’ll be able to wear this” – and happily now I can – whee!

    Finally, while I resisted at first, peplum has won me over – thinking about getting a shrit with some peplum to help cover my muffin top when wearing skinny jeans! hee.

  3. sherrishera

    I just got a coral-meets-hot-pink peplum dress that I’ve worn now in summer with gold sandals or bare legs and nude pumps…but I can’t wait to try this in the fall with tights and booties! Throw on a little cardi and I’ll be able to work this right into the new year here in L.A. I love the “belly mask” that is peplum…long may in reign!

  4. stef

    I am very past my school days; but I packed my military jacket on my trip and just bought a dress with a peplum, a new pair of tights AND flat heeled boots while I was here!

    This is a leeming inspiring round up if I’ve ever seen one @almoststylish!

    1. almoststylish

      I’m so sorry for the delayed response, I’ve been under the weather lately :( I’m blaming it on the weather change.. I’m so glad you like the post and I promise I have not been following you! That’s so funny that you’ve recently bought almost everything from above! Now all you need to do is break out the jean jacket and you’re set!

  5. mandabear

    The military jacket is such a must! Good thing I have mine that I carry throughout the years. I also love contrast sleeves which were big last year but bigger (and more available in many price points) this year. I don’t know for sure if I can pull off peplum styles but I’ll try it.

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  7. mandaleem

    Awww, I miss my good old military inspired jacket. It was pretty beat up though, and not in a good way…
    I’m glad that flat heeled boots are in this year, I can’t be tottering around in heels (not even a stacked heel) at this point, I swear my center of balance is changing every day!

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