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Current holy grail beauty products and other goods that are making me happy

Have you ever loved something so much, you felt like you had to shout it from a mountaintop? Possibly whilst twirling like Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music? (I do that A LOT.) So imagine me twirling right now, because here are five things that I’m loving so hard at the moment, I just had to share them with all of you:

1. Josie Maran Argan Infinity Lip and Cheek Creamy Oil

    1. I love multi-purpose products and I especially love it when they contain good-for-you ingredients. These lip and cheek tints impart flawless and natural color that’s good for your skin. If you only get one, make it Boundless Berry.

Dana Rebecca Designs Sylvie Rose Earrings

2. Dana Rebecca Designs Sylvie Rose Earrings
This summer, I’ve been having a love affair with Dana Rebecca Designs. This Chicago-based designer creates dainty and modern classics that are perfect for wearing with jeans and a t-shirt or paired with an evening dress. I’ve collected a few pieces from this designer, but the Sylvie Rose earrings are my new go-to. If you have double holes like myself, I can’t say enough about pairing these with the Lauren Joy earrings.

3. Outlander
This book series has recently been made into a series for Starz and all I can say is: Men. In. Kilts. Set in Scotland, the series follows Claire, a nurse from 1945, who is transported back in time to 1743. There, she finds adventure, intrigue, and passion. Read again: Men. In. Kilts.

Outlander series

If I’ve piqued your interest, check out the first episode on the Starz’s site, where you can also print all kinds of fun stuff, from a mini-Jamie (see man in kilt above) to kilts you can put on EVERYTHING. (A shout out to my Angry Orchard Hard Cider shown in the top pic – it looks ravishing in a kilt!)

4. Dr. Brandt Do Not Age Time Reversing Cream
I always swore I’d never spend over $100 on any kind of skin care. I took pride in following that limit well into my thirties, until I hit my MID-30’s. If you’ve been there, then you know where I’m coming from. If you’ve lived in a world with budding wrinkles and breakouts, this might just be your new best friend, even with the $130 price tag. After just one week, my skin cleared up, my pores seemed to vanish, and everything seems more toned. I haven’t had porcelain skin in a decade, y’all. Simply put, I can never be without this dream cream.

Sephora Kiss Me Balms swatchesSephora Kiss Me Balm in Strawberry Fizz, Candy Apple, Soda Pop; Josie Maran lip & cheek oil in Endless Guava, Always Cherry, Boundless Berry

5. Sephora Kiss Me Balms
They’re egg-shaped tinted lip balms in an array of flattering colors. I cannot express to you the level of fun these are or just how sassy these look on. Even better, they leave lips feeling soft and moisturized. Best of all? They’re only $8 each.

So there you have it, my top 5 favorite things right now. Did any of your favorites make the cut?

we heartsters – What are your top 5 favorite things right now?

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Krista resides in the middle of nowhere with her bff/hubby and a puppy that makes feral capuchins seem mellow. She has an irrational fear of ax murder, owns more than one machete for home defense/the zombie apocalypse, and goes to sleep serenaded by the sounds of the Chupagobbler, a mythical turkey beast that roams the woods around her house. Krista has been in the Bermuda Triangle twice and still hasn’t vanished. She is super proud of that.
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    Lives in the middle of nowhere with her amazing hubby and two codependent dogs that love to hate each other. She enjoys dance parties of one and last minute road trips, prays for Angela Lansbury's immortality and can never own enough blush. She averages one "Silence of the Lambs" quote a week and feels no shame over this. Perhaps she should. skin tone: NW15 skin type: sensitive/oily favorite beauty product: Blush, lots and lots of blush


  1. My top 5 favorite things right now… really random/eclectic mix!

    #1: Tattoos. I have five and am getting my sixth outlined today.
    #2: Archer. I LOVE this show. It’s hilarious.
    #3: Pumpkin beer. Some of y’all are gettin’ all worked up about your Starbucks PSL but I’m stoked about pumpkin beers.
    #4: Running in cooler weather. YESSSSS.
    #5: Concealer–particularly Laura Mercier High Coverage Concealer. Due to long workdays, I haven’t been sleeping much. Concealer is a life-saver. Maybe an exaggeration, but it saves you from getting told you “look tired.”

    1. @lipglossandspandex — I fricking love Archer! Pam is my spirit animal :D
      As for pumpkin beer, I’m not a huge beer fan of beer, but UFO Pumpkin is just a delight!

    2. “You look tired.” aka “You look like shit.” I’m always surprised people don’t see the true meaning of this as they’re saying it!

  2. And…. I’m off to get the Dr. Brandt Do Not Age Reversal Cream. It sounds amazing and so worth the money. Sephora does makes nice products, seeing as I adore lip glosses and balms, I’m going to give them a try.

    1. Tip for the DNA cream: Apply a teensy amount—think a pea to 1/2 a pea size dab–apply it immediately after washing your face, while skin is still damp. You should get your whole face/neck/part of chest off of a tiny dab. Anything more and it’s almost too rich for my oily skin. Seriously, though–best cream I’ve ever used and worth every penny :)

    2. Great list! The Dr. Brandt Do Not Age Reversal Cream went right on my must-have list, too. Thanks for the tips for using it. Sounds like I won’t need to use much, which makes it even more appealing!

    3. @turboterp – You only need a teensy dab, so a little goes a long way. Also worth noting: I have very sensitive skin and my skin was a little flaky for the first 2-3 days after starting this. This is temporary–it’s almost like the cream is like, “Let’s start over and get rid of this non-radiant skin.” By the end of the first week, my skin was clearing up, my pores seemed refined, and all redness was gone. It’s a miracle.

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