5 New Urban Decay Products You Need Now

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Is it just us, or is Urban Decay really knocking it out of the park lately? They seem to have a new product every couple of weeks, each more fabulous than the last. Plus, their new products often have a nod to an existing product or are extensions to collections. So fans get bonus surprises out of the blue!

I mean, think about that. Your favorite lipstick color comes out…in palette form! MIND BLOWN.

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So without further ado, Here are 5 new Urban Decay products you need now…

Backtalk Eye & Face Palette

What: This is the above said palette; an ode to the best selling lipstick of the same name. Ok, I don’t know about you, but I’m mentally going through every Urban Decay lipstick I own and dreaming of palettes for each. Please let this be a trend that continues!

But back to Backtalk. One side has eight mauve-hued eye shadows ranging from a blush of pink to a deep brownish-red, in finishes from matte to metallic. On the other side is four coordinating shades of blush and highlighter.

But perhaps the coolest thing about this palette, at least to a packing nerd like myself, is the pop out double sided mirror. It keeps the products separated (how perfect is that for palettes that have powders AND creams?) But it also means you don’t have to lug the whole palette up to your face if you need to get a closer look at your application. Genius.

Backtalk’s rosy, delightful tones create a monochromatic that’s as bold as you want it to be.

FULL REVIEW and complete swatches coming soon…

Where to Buy: Sephora ($46)

I mean, think about that. Your favorite lipstick color comes out…in palette form! MIND BLOWN.

Hi-Fi Shine Ultra Cushion Lip Gloss

What: Gloss lovers, this one’s for you. TWENTY new lip glosses. Super cool packaging that’s shiny, see through and won’t roll off any surface. A flocked, paddle applicator that allows you to put on tons of product first try. Oh yeah, and the actual product? Lip gloss heaven. Packed with vitamin E and peppermint oil, with a vanilla mint scent. 20 shades that range from neutral to bright, in four finishes; metallic, holographic, cream and sheer cream.

And this gloss lovers favorite part? A TOTALLY plush feel. “Cushion” is so apt! I love a gloss that feels like I could dive into it; a thick, yet soft gorgeous layer of color on my lips makes me happy.

Yes, I just said I want to swim in this lip gloss. Deal with it.

FULL REVIEW and complete swatches coming soon…

Where to Buy: Sephora ($20)

Disco Queen Holographic Highlighter Powder and Highlighter Stick

What: we heart this team member Shelby had this to say about this sparkling duo: Honestly, the trend of holographic highlighters was WAY too much for me in the beginning. I don’t have any events that I attend where a purple tint is appropriate. But as they made the unicorn-esque glow a lot more mainstream, I was totally on board with a little rainbow bright in my everyday routine.

This gorgeous powder and highlighter stick give you a subtly ethereal shimmer, or can be layered more if you really want to POP.

Where to Buy:
Disco Queen Holographic Highlighter Powder – Sephora (now on sale for $14.50!)
Disco Queen Highlighter Stick Sephora(now on sale for $13!)

Naked Petite Heat

What: True confession time. It took 6 months for me to actually use the original, 12 shade Naked Heat palette. Not because I didn’t like it, because I liked it TOO much! The palette is like a work of art, an extremely HOT work of art. The gorgeous packaging, the warm, fiery row of shades…I just couldn’t mess up the pretty.

But when this little miniature version, Naked Petite Heat, showed up on my door step, I knew it was time to bust into it. While this doesn’t have the impact of the original (honestly, how could it?) it is a nice little sidekick. It’s five matte and one demi-matte (code for sorta shimmery/sorta matte) neutral shades pair beautifully with the hotness that it’s based on.

Where to Buy: Sephora ($29)

Naked Heat Capsule Collection Vice Lipstick

What: You know and love the Vice lipstick collection. I mean, super pigmented/super creamy. What’s not to love, right? In an ode to Naked Heat, Urban Decay has re-released three limited edition shades that pair perfectly with the palettes. And, with special copper hued packaging to bring these up to total fire level.

Scorched – metallized copper
Fuel – warm peachy nude cream
Heat – metallized burnt red-gold

Where to Buy: Sephora ($18)

we heartsters, which of these new Urban Decay products will you be picking up (or already own?) Tell us in the comments!

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  1. I’ve been eye banging those Naked Heat lipsticks…I want them all, but especially Scorched. But then I talk myself down…then I read this and I want them again! I hate having to be a responsible adult :P lol

  2. I’m with you on the want – I’d actually use those!

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