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And an up close and personal look at a haul – Stef’s shopping bag

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Last week you got a peak at Tyna’s picks from our magical trip to the beauty mecca that is Ricky’s. Now, I invite you to take a peek at the RickyCare and Mattese Elite items that I just had to make mine.

Oh yeah, and if you find anything that you have to make yours, the lovely folks at Ricky’s have offered we heart this readers a 20% online discount for anything from now until the end of the year (excluding sale items). Just use code: weheartthis20

Now, let’s do some shopping, shall we?

Something that I have always looked at and wondered about is Lighted Tweezers ($12.99). Were they genius? A kind of “how did I live without these” sort of item, a-la the Ped Egg. Or would they be banished to the land of unused gadgets at the back of my cabinet? O.M.G. I don’t know how I lived without these! I tend to tweeze at night in my near dark bedroom. And rather then move into a room with light, I normally just fumble around until I give up having not plucked one hair. Not anymore! A precise beam of light illuminates super sharp tips and whiskers are a thing of the past.

And how great are these? Mattese Elite Lashes Extensions in 4765 ($5) are a continuous row of single lashes that you can cut off as needed, as long or as short as you’d like.

Now, take a look at an area were I went a bit crazy, the hair styling tools section. It’s really no wonder I had hair on the brain, considering we were in NY for a John Freida makeover. But really, did I need three new brushes? (Answer: undoubtedly yes!)

I used to covet Tyna’s Mason Pearson brush. But no more! Now I have a RickyCare Classic brush ($19.99, junior size). A wooden handle brush made of a combo of boar and nylon bristles that produces amazing fluffy results.

Tyna raved about the merits of the No Frizz line; styling products produced with baked in olive oil, argan oil or keratin to produce super smooth results – and I concur! I picked up the No Frizz Styler ($14.99), an old school shaped brush that deposits micro-sized particles to fill in the damaged hair and create a sleek surface. Not only do these eliminates frizz and are anti-static, but it also “recognizes where excess natural oil deposits are and redistributes them to a proper balance”. What has your brush done for you lately?

Finally, I was absolutely intrigued by the Heat Brush ($22.99, small), a round brush that absorbs your dryer’s heat to help keep whatever shape your blowing your hair in to.

So, you’d think that my hair would have been satisfied with all these new tools, right? But oh no. My hair’s greedy and needed more! Keeping on the thermal tip, I grabbed the Fusion Self Grip Thermal Rollers ($5.99 for five 1.25″ rollers). Lightweight, anti-static and to be used wet or dry, these velcro roller stick to hair and create tight to medium curls.

We are new found, by giant fans of the No Crease Bow Clips ($5.99), a fabulous invention that creaselessly keeps hair put.

But perhaps my favorite new acquisition is the Insta-Updo ($12.99), sadly, not available online. Three sizes of color-matched velcro bumps that you hide in your hair to create easy height. It’s what gave me the volume seen here. LOVE these.

And my last two treasures: a Honeycomb PVC Bag ($17.99) that measures 12 x 2 x 9 inches. High enough to hold a full size shampoo, skinny enough to keep it snuggly secure, and see through for easy identification. The perfect travel bag!

And Mattese Elite Fairy Dust Glitter in Farfallina ($6.99). You can’t go to New York and not buy something glittery. Seriously, don’t try – they’ll check your bag as you leave. I loved how this pink glitter with a green and gold sheen looked over lipsticks.

So, we heartsters – what are YOU going to pick up?

20% online discount code: weheartthis20. Good until the end of the year, excluding sale items.

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  1. I love that you and Tyna got matching bow clips! How cute. I have to check these clips out. i like your haul too Stef, including the classy bump its ;) That glitter is out of control! Great job you guys.

  2. Lighted Tweezers? Shut up! I want them so bad since I am going blind each passing day! They are genius, indeed! What a great place this Ricky’s NYC is! Great shopping job @stef! I’m also loving the Fusion Self Grip Thermal Rollers! more geniuses’!

  3. Seriously, the tweezers, the brushes, the hair clips, I think I want your whole shopping haul! I will have to make use of that 20% off for sure!

  4. YAY for discount codes! I had already planned to get the no crease bows, and now I’m going to get a couple more things as well. Well… I will once I get paid again, all my free money went to make up on hautelook this week.

  5. Ok, I totally need the insta-updo and the tweezers!

  6. LIGHTED TWEEZERS? Oh my! Who could not use a pair of those? This is the ultimate stocking stuffer. (I did not even know there was such a thing!)

  7. As if I needed an excuse to shop from Ricky’s NYC!!! Thanks for scoring your readers an awesome discount coupon. :) Those no-crease bow clips have been calling (okay, maybe screaming) my name.

  8. I am loving your haul too! I decided I need the No Frizz Styler Brush with baked in oil for my mom (how genius!), and everything else for myself!
    The bump-its work wonders (love the Halloween pic!) and I am really digging the lashes..let’s not even discuss the lit tweezers…who knew!? Wow- so jealous. Thanks for the 20% off coupon!

  9. You are a bad, BAD influence, @stef ! I want every single item in your haul, starting with the lighted tweezers. And the bump-its look amazing… so much more useful than the hard plastic ones I’ve never been able to master. Thanks for the code!

  10. Okay, I need a lesson ladies- how the heck do you get lighted tweezers to work?! I’ve tried but I always end up not getting the light where I want it, strange half shadows, etc. Am I just not holding them correctly? Is it hit or miss depending on the brand? Help me out!

  11. A few years back when I turned 30, the hubby took me to NYC and I took him to Ricky’s. I think I was inside for over an hour playing. My husband’s a good man :P

    If I used lighted tweezers, I’d probably end up blinding myself and stabbing myself in the eye. I can’t be trusted with tools.

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