A Doctor I like to visit - my Lenscrafter AccuFit review

A Doctor I like to visit – my Lenscrafter AccuFit review

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I must say, science looks kinda cute on me!

This past Saturday I headed down to the Palm Springs area Lenscrafters to get a pair of glasses utilizing their new AccuFit measuring system. (If you haven’t seen my post detailing my crooked glasses woes, check it out here.) This was one Doctor visit I was happy to make, what other medical appointment do you leave with a parting gift? And a fashionable one at that!

Sunny California Lenscrafters

But before fashion, there are the tests. Standard letter charts, as well as ones to measure everything from depth perception to color blindness. But thankfully, no more pupil dilation (hooray!).

These days Lenscrafters uses a machine called the Optomap which takes a 180 to 200 degree photo of the inside of your retina. I won’t drop too much science on you, but let’s just say that in addition to showing any serious eye issues you may be having, it can detect things like high blood pressure and diabetes. My inner geek was impressed.

there’s still some tried and true old school tools around too!

Tests completed, now came the fun part – shopping for glasses! I was super impressed with the selection Lenscrafters had. So much so that I had a hard time deciding which frames I wanted.

Is it wrong to pick a pair of glasses because they match your nails?

There were three frames that really grabbed me. From the top of the above photo:
Burberry frames that gratiate from grey to clear
Prada tortoise shell beauties
Versace frames in a killer blackened red shade

Here’s where AccuFit comes in. Normally, I’d try the potential frames on, making model faces at myself in the mirror for way longer than was probably comfortable for the Lenscrafter employee, and still not be sure I was making the right decision. But with AccuFit VirtualMirror, I got three realistic, side by side photos of myself so I could truly (and easily) decide which ones I looked best in. My helpful salesperson, Charra, confirmed my pick as her favorite too.

Once the winner was chosen Accufit’s Digital Measurement comes in for the one two punch. Five times more accurate than traditional measuring, it uses a CGI-like system of measurement that calculates things like your pupil distance, the distance between your eyes and the tilt of your glasses on your face. All to more accurately place your prescription in your lenses for clearer vision AND less waste while cutting them. (I thought your prescription filled the lenses, shows what I know!)

I have to say, I am thrilled with my choice. The whole process was easy, and really kind of fun. Try saying that after any other kind of Doctor visit. Come back Friday to see which ones I chose, I’ll make those model faces for you!

LensCrafters offers a clearly different optical experience by helping you find your perfect pair of eyeglasses. AccuFit Digital Measurement System allows for five times more precise digital measurements than traditional, manual methods for crisper, clearer vision.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by LensCrafters via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of LensCrafters.

18 thoughts on “A Doctor I like to visit – my Lenscrafter AccuFit review”

  1. Those Burberry one look so beautiful on you, @stef. They really open up your face (at least, I think so, from the photos.) The Pradas are also pretty on your face, but the Versaces aren’t that flattering; they close off your face!

    I debated between two purple frames at Walmart for what felt like 20 minutes. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. What really sucks is that my mom and the salesperson were on different sides. At the end of the day, though, I trust my mom over a sales person. I chose metal frames this time that are dark amethyst, but are rimless on the bottom so they open up my face. I don’t really wear them much because I’m a contact wearer, but they make me feel happy when I have a migraine (which I had the past 5 days, so sorry for the lack of comments over on this end. Finally broke it!) or when I just wake up. They brighten my day. What’s the point of waking up bleary eyed if I can’t have pretty glasses and drink my caffeine?

  2. Those Prada ones look like the tortoise shell version of the ones I just got in black–wonder if we’re twinsies? I love those Vesaces on you, though…the red is killer!

  3. All three are great. But I think that the Burberry may be the most flattering. The whole process seems so much easier than traditional glasses fitting and shopping. I really should give this a try. I am so intrigued!! I always have such a hard time with my glasses.

  4. I LOVE THIS! Picking out glasses is a KILLER for me; I’m usually alone and since I only ever get one pair, making that final decision is just painful. But a headshot so you can see the comparison?!? That’s brilliant, WHY has no one done this before?

    I’m leaning towards the Prada. Maybe it’s the smile in your picture, but they seem lovely and pretty versatile.

    1. @lyssachelle–Have you ever tried sending photos via your phone to a good friend to help you pick your frames? You can bring that friend with you if you trust them, but a lot of people send photos to help them decide on a frame! I’d think you would look beautiful in a dark blue or navy rectangular (with slightly curved edges near the nose) frame that’s rimless on the bottom. It would make your skin and your eyes sparkle. At least, I think so.

  5. WOW! I’m so intrigued by the AccuFit process, especially because I’m guilty of making endless model faces while trying on frames. Can’t wait to see which pair you chose because they all look great. If I had to choose one, though… Prada.

  6. Any of these would do just fine.. They are killer specs! But the ones I like best on your face are Burberry’s. They look lightweight and seem to almost not even be there… also, they make you look super smartass!

  7. Gotta agree with Pamela @irene – they all look pretty darn fab. And I’m so jealous of this entire post – I love shopping for glasses and the AccuFit looks like so much fun. Whee – pictures!

    As for the glasses. Looking at the frames alone, I lean towards the Burberry for overall looks (the matching nails doesn’t hurt). But on your face it’s my least fave pair! (not that they look “bad” in any way)

    I’m torn between the Prada (a good pick if you are going for an everyday, more basic pair) and the Versace (a total statement pair of glasses if I ever them – but not too much – the dark red keeps it from going too far).

  8. Yes, it’s perfectly Ok to pick glasses that match your nails! This sounds like fun and the science nerd that I am is very impressed with the tests. All the frames look great on, so whatever you chose has to be perfect for you….it’s a very important and personal decision picking the perfect frame! I’m just bummed we have to wait to find out…I kept scrolling down to see the winner and was denied!

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  10. I like the Prada frames best on you. They’ve got a bit more “structure” (without being heavy) and I like the clean lines on you.
    A little bit of an edge- in the best way possible!

  11. I work at Lenscrafters and while the Accufit is 10 times more precise the end product you receive is not. Yes Lenscrafters appears to be technically advanced from the outside but if you ever took a tour of there lab in the back you will see a different side of LC. The equipment is dated back to the early 80′s. The picture accufit takes is 10 times more accurate cause it measures in 1/10 of a mm however the outdated lab equipment can only process your eyewear in 1mm increments so the accufit system is useless. Figured I would throw this out there. This is a marketing gimmick. Looks good but does not benefit the customer whatsoever.

    1. Well, while I don’t work at a Lenscrafters as you say you do, I have no idea about any equipment behind the scenes. But I can say that I was super pleased with not only the whole experience, but the finished product.

  12. This is a paid corporate advertisement from the “Microsoft” of the optical industry, Luxottica(Lenscrafters),if you didn’t notice. Take w/ a grain of salt.

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