A look at the MAC Guo Pei exhibit at South Coast Plaza

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It’s nice to have friends in high places. Specifically, at one of the world’s most fabulous shopping destinations. Dear friend and we heart this team member Pamela has been with South Coast Plaza for many years. And this lovely location was even lovelier this past weekend when the MAC Guo Pei exhibit (in conjunction with the makeup collaboration) made its ONLY US showing. She was able to capture some images for all of us to wonder over. Oh, and wonder we will…


From MAC:
On September 30, MAC Cosmetics hosted an exclusive sneak peek of the Guo Pei exhibit at South Coast Plaza with MAC Director of Makeup Artistry Gregory Arlt. The one-of-a-kind exhibit features four exclusively designed bespoke haute couture gowns, created by the designer herself (each dress took more than 10,000 hours to create!) This is the only U.S. exhibition and will be the first time these gowns have been seen by the public.

The limited-edition collection available online and on sale in-store beginning today at MAC Pro South Coast Plaza. Inspired by Guo Pei’s “garden of the soul,” the collection brings her legendary elegance to an inspired collection of hues, merging vibrant jewel tones with lush neutrals, punctuated by deep graphite.





And, can we just talk about the shoes for a moment?




Only available at two locations in store (South Coast Plaza being one of them) and online at maccosmetics.com, get a piece of this extremely limited edition collection while you can. It’s going to go down in MAC history!


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  1. That is breathtakingly ugly.

    1. Lol! Though I very much disagree, to each their own!

  2. @stef – Thanks for taking such beautiful photos of this collection. I am sure by now this is sold out!

  3. This is some serious eye candy! That lipstick is calling my name, but alas, I can’t justify the $30 for a MAC lipstick, even if it’s in a crazy gorgeous package :(

    1. I am about to swatch that lipstick right now and I can hardly wait. Imma pet it for a while first though.

  4. Sold out of most everything over the weekend. I almost got my mitts on Morning light..still waiting to see if I can get it!

  5. Each dress took more than 10,000 hours to create?! Wow. Incredible. They’re just absolutely stunning.

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