Stila Convertible Color Review + Swatches (Sweet Pea)

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Stila Concertible Color Sweet Pea 

Looking for the 411 on the Stila Convertible Color in Sweet Pea? We’ve got you covered with swatches and our honest review.

I have a weakness for cream blush and when I love a formulation, I make a point of collecting every shade I can get my hands on.

Imagine my delight when I discovered that a new shade of Stila Convertible Color iconfor lips and cheeks was about to be introduced to the collection. I may or may not have pumped my fist and yelled “YES!” when I saw it online at Sephora. Twas a good day…

Ladies, I present to you… Stila Convertible Color in Sweet Pea!

Stila Convertible Color Swatches (Sweet Pea)Stila Concertible Color Sweet Pea swatchesStila Convertible Color, Sweet Pea, solid and blended

The latest Stila Convertible Color hue is a gorgeous medium pink shade. It’s brighter than Lillium, not as pale as Petunia, not as red as Rose, and not as purple-based as Fuchsia. Sweet Pea is a soft and lovely pink shade that packs a little oomph.

Stila Concertible Color swatchesA peek at my pink Stila Convertible Colors: Lillium, Petunia, Fuchsia, Rose, Sweet Pea

As with all Convertible Colors ($25), the texture is creamy and blends down to a sexy, yet natural flush. And while I love, love, love them as a blush, they also can be used as a lipstick.

Stila Convertible Color Review

Some of you ladies might recall a previous cream blush from Stila, also named Sweet Pea, a Rouge Pot that had a whipped mousse texture. This is not even remotely the same shade as that previous blush.

Stila Concertible Color Sweet Pea new packagingNew Sweet Pea (Convertible Color) and old Sweet Pea (Rouge Pot)

Stila Concertible Color Sweet Pea old packaging

The whipped mousse version of Sweet Pea was a scarlet red shade, while the Convertible Color is version is a less intense, but no less gorgeous pink.

Stila Sweet Pea swatchesSweet Pea; Convertible Color left, Rouge Pot right

If you are like me and have collected the Stila Convertible Colors, there’s a new shade you’ll want to dance with tonight. If you are just searching for a perfect pop of color, Sweet Pea is for you. Heck, if you have cheeks, Sweet Pea is for you.

we heartsters – Am I the only person who collects Stila Convertible Colors? Or the only person that hears this Tommy Roe classic when I hear the words “Sweet Pea?”

photos: Krista for we heart this


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  1. Now I’m not going to be get the song out of my head! I love Stila Convertible Colors so much. “Sweet Pea” could not be more beckoning or flattering. If you want to collect long-wearing, face enhancing Convertible Colors for a pittance, but the small eye shadow and lip/cheek palettes at Sephora for $10.00. These sleek, slick compacts are probably one of the best bargains I have ever found–and I CONTINUALLY find myself reaching for them because they apply flawlessly and keep me looking great!

    1. I do my best proofreading after I hit the “Submit” button! That was supposed to read “BUY the small eye shadow and lip/cheek palettes . . .” Sorry!

    2. @gigi – I love those mini palettes! I give them as stocking stuffers around the holidays :)
      Seriously, though, you’d love Sweet Pea.
      I picked it up back in the spring and I’ve gravitated towards it ever since. I love, love, love it :)

    3. Ha! –That’s in reply to your reply!! I, too, always do my best proofreading after hitting the submit button and I, too, always feel the need to correct myself. I can’t have people thinking that my mistake might not be just a little typo..

  2. Oh, I had Sweet Pea in the Rouge Pot and loved it. LOVED it. Unfortunately, though the convertible colors always slay me, they can’t sway me. The oil these always causes my already oily skin to break out and they tend to fade quickly on me to boot. So unfortunate because every couple of years I still venture to pick one up because they do come in the most gorgeous colors! I think this is for people with more normal skin than mine.

    1. @sherrishera, thanks for relieving me of my embarrassment; you’re cute!

    2. @sherrishera – I have oily skin that breaks out easily, too, but for some reason these are fine on me. I do get them to stay longer by lightly dusting a little translucent powder on top to set it. I’m bummed that you shall never know the joy that is Sweet Pea :(

      I, too, miss the Rouge Pots. They were fabulous!

  3. SO pretty. Stila’s Convertible Colors are such cult classics. Your collection is enviable !

  4. @krista, you’re right. I took several more glances at the color. It is so deliciously delectable that I MUST HAVE IT! Could a color be more perfect?

    1. @gigi – It is a pretty perfect shade. I have darker hair and pale skin (that’s actually my pale arm in the swatches), so the rosiness of it really pops on me. Love!

  5. How many weeks until I quit singing “Sweet Pea?”

    1. @gigi – NEVER! My treachery is eternal! Bwahahahahahaha!

  6. I’m such a creature of habit – I usually get stuck on the same blush until it is gone! It happens to be about that time that I need a new one. Cream eyeshadow is my FAVORITE – so I can only imagine that cream blush would knock my socks off too! Can’t wait to try it! Sephora – here I come!

  7. So I need another blush like I need a hole in the head, but too bad, because..the color? The Sweet Pea name? The irresistible pinkness of the blush AND the compact? Yes, please. Tantalizing review!

  8. Sweet Pea and Petunia are both singing to me! @krista – are these similar in texture to the tarte cheek stains?

    1. Stila CC’s are like a standard cream blush. There’s no powdery finish like some cream blushes have, but it’s not gel-like or tacky like I find some Tarte Cheek Stains to be. It’s similar to BB Pot Rouges, but not as thick. They have a really good slip to them and are highly blendable, but you get excellent color payoff.
      Short answer: No. These are similar to applying a slightly sheer lipstick to your cheeks.

  9. These pinks are darling and calling my name. I was curious about the texture too, I do have a hard time with cream blushes and staying power…

  10. I already have a couple of Stila’s convertible colors, but this shade of pink just looks too perfect to pass by!

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