Accessorizing with PONO necklaces

Accessorizing with PONO necklaces

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A look at the Jasmine Necklace and Metallic Stonewashed Choker ~ plus styling tips!

photos: stef and dana for we heart this

If you’ve been to my blog you’ll know I’m an accessories junkie. If you haven’t been to my blog, allow me to introduce myself. I’m DWJ, and I’m an accessories junkie.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, I can talk about one of my favorite jewelry brands, PONO. We heart this has reviewed this fun and fresh line and we were thrilled when they generously donated their Royal Choker Necklaces to our Raffle for the Rescues Gift Bags.

Plus I had the pleasure of taking the Chain Link Necklace in Matte Turquoise for a test drive. So I was over the moon when wht told me I’d be receiving the Metallic Stonewashed Choker in taupe (above) to review AND they wanted me to build an outfit (or two!) around it.

The we heart this team also received the Jasmine Necklace ($162, above) in mint, a long strand necklace that you can double up or wear as one long necklace. Both necklaces are stylish and and really versatile pieces that you can dress up or dress down.

And each has the attention to detail and the quality look and feel we’ve become to expect from PONO – just look at those colors and charms in the Jasmine Necklace.

All right, I’m super excited to show you how I styled up the Metallic Stonewashed Choker ($175). This gorgeous necklace is bold, but not overwhelming and while a large, statement piece – surprisingly light.

As for styling, I think when most people see a statement making necklace like this one and it’s metallic they think they can only wear it in the evening or when they’re dressed up. I believe in wearing pieces I love, whenever I want, whatever time of day.

I thought I’d show you how I’d wear this necklace both to work and how I’d wear it during the day over a weekend when I’m doing something casual – two looks that I don’t think you’d expect to pair with this piece.

The metallic taupe shade of this necklace makes it a really versatile color to work with. Honestly, I can pair it with almost everything in my closet. For work I decided that my neutral olive green skirt would pair nicely with a bright coral boatneck. Since I wasn’t wearing any print, why not add a bit of metallic boldness with the choker? The rest of the outfit is so simple, it really let’s the necklace shine.

For a casual weekend day, I decided I wanted to mix the necklace with a pattern, and decided to go with stripes in the same neutral palette. Tone on tone makes it easier to mix pattern with such a bold piece of jewelry. This dolman sleeve striped top is a light top and I thought it would be fun to pair it with shorts for a casual night out with friends. Since I didn’t want to be too over the top I paired it with colorful wedges to get a pop of color in a very neutral but chic color palette.

A final word of advice: if you’re a little intimated by a statement piece, pick a neutral color like this one so you can find ways to sneak it into your wardrobe more often.

When I get dressed it’s all about having fun and to me, the PONO link style choker is fun because of the metallic sheen and the exaggerated shape. I’d honestly throw this one with a white tank top or t-shirt and a pair of skinny jeans and feel cute while running errands. And I highly recommend you check out the PONO Annex so you can look and feel casually chic as well!

we heartsters – do you go big and bold with everyday jewelry? PONO has unique, colorful and fun pieces to fit every style and budget!

DWJ is an accessories and beauty blogger for The Art of Accessories and is also sharing her love of cooking on Crumbs & Creativity.

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11 thoughts on “Accessorizing with PONO necklaces”

  1. I’m already a huge PONO fan after receiving one of their beautiful Royal Choker Necklaces in my Raffle for the Rescues gift bag last year, so I know the quality of their pieces. And you’ve got skills, @djw1 – you made this necklace really work in two entirely different ways! I’d be a lot more likely to invest in a statement piece like this one if it could be this versatile. Great post!

  2. Love both ideas for your outfits Dana @dwj1 – and you are right – I would never think to wear such a strong piece during the day – unless it was a wedding or something. But I love how you let the one piece of jewelry do the ‘talking’ and it balances out with the casualness of the outfit.

    I’m off to figure out which PONO pieces I can wear with my summer tanks!

  3. I was the super happy tester of the Jasmine Necklace in mint. I have coveted a long, double strand necklace for years and this one is sooo pretty. I adore the colors – the light blues and greens and creams can look so summery and beachy – against white for instance. But also looks great with my normal black – and can be worn all winter long as well.

    And I love the unique charms and various ‘rocks’ on on this necklace – every time I wear it I notice something new and lovely on it.

    The necklace easily loops twice around my neck with a nice, long, droopy flow. And the large clasp on the necklace (for once!) is easy to open and close while keeping the necklace secure at all times.

    Finally, I can not wear this necklace without someone asking me wear I got it and squeeing over the details – always a good sign!

  4. That metal link choker is gorgeous! Great pictures and you’ve convinced me to add that necklace to my wishlist! The turquoise one is also beautiful.

  5. I have but one Pono necklace in my collection (the amazing Royal Choker so generously donated at raffle time!) but whenever I wear it out I always get so many comments and compliments. Their work is so beautiful and makes such a statement!
    I don’t think I could pull off the Metallic Stonewashed Choker, it’s just too bulky for me, but the Jasmine necklace will be mine! So beautiful, and from @Tyna ‘s comment it sounds like the *perfect* length. Damn, and I just paid off my credit cards…

  6. One day I will own a piece a piece of PONO jewelry!!
    @dwj1 love the way you worked that piece into those two completely different outfits! You wear that necklace very well!

  7. @dwj1 you look hot as usual! Great outfits. And I love both of these Pono necklaces. Especially the chunky metallic one. Gorgeous!

    Pono makes some serious high quality jewelery. I am lucky enough to own one of their chokers. I love it!

    If you are ever unsure of putting money down on one of their pieces without seeing it in person first, just go for it. Because they are truly as great in person as they are on-line. Worth the money-for sure!! :)

  8. I agree that statement jewelry in neutral colors is a good way to sneak in into your closet (if one is hesitant to try out statement pieces)…then from there, maybe try bolder, brighter colors :) PONO = love!

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