An Intro to Acure Skin Care

An Intro to Acure Skin Care

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Unique, effective products are only part of the reason I love Acure Organics so much; they’re also a company with a big heart. Founded to honor the owner’s grandmother who battled breast cancer for over 10 years, Acure donates to a wide variety of charities that do wonderful things, like providing free mammograms to at risk women, planting trees and providing safe water and sanitation to needy communities worldwide.

Then there are the products: powerful, pure and inexpensive to boot! Acure’s Mission Statement says it best: “It’s not enough to be natural…it also has to work.”


And work it does… Acure’s skincare line contains Chlorella Growth Factor (proven to protect skin from damaging enzymes) and Active Stem Cells (which isolate and amplify the protective benefits of specific plants). Acure is Paraben free, Vegan, Gluten free, Synthetic fragrance free, Silicone free, Phthalate free, uses only Fair Trade Certified ingredients, and does not test on animals.

“Powerful, pure and inexpensive to boot!”

Acure-skincare-day-cream-review-6Acure Day Cream Ingredients

I tried three Acure Skin Care products…

Day Cream ($16.99 1.75 oz.):
“Easily Absorbed Moisture + Cell Renewal = Great Day!” I’ll say! This light cream sinks right in to protect normal-to-dry skin. How can a cream be so moisturizing without being greasy at all? It makes a great primer, too. My makeup goes on so smoothly when I’m using the Day Cream, which contains Gotu Kola Stem Cells, shown to firm skin and fight environmental damage/free radicals, and 1% Chlorella Growth Factor. The scent is extremely light and citrus-y. I’m careful to layer the Day Cream with sunscreen-containing products, as it does not contain SPF.

Acure-skincare-night-cream-review-7Acure Night Cream Ingredients

Night Cream ($17.99 1.75 oz.):
This lightly lavender-scented, heavy-duty cream contains 2% Chlorella Growth Factor as well as Argan Stem Cells to firm and moisturize, and organic green algae. “Hydrating Moroccan Argan Oil seals the deal,” says Acure. Despite the richness of the cream, it sinks in quickly, and I awaken in the morning with soft, smooth skin.


Line Eraser: Argan Oil + Starflower ($16.99 .5 oz.)
This handy little jar of certified organic balm is my new favorite product! Acure says it works wonders on deep wrinkles and scars thanks to powerful borage and argan oils. It can be used on any kind of skin malady (burns, wounds, eczema, psoriasis, or blemishes). I decided to really put this balm to the test by applying it to my most worrisome wrinkle– a frown line between my eyes. I’ve been putting on a tiny dab before bedtime every night, and after two weeks, the line looks softer. Unlike other similar products, Acure’s line eraser did not break me out. I’ve started using it on a new scar on my knee (don’t run in boots… lesson learned!), and the results are promising.

Acure-skincare-line-eraser-review-8Line Eraser Ingredients

Acure-skincare-swatches-5Day Cream, Night Cream and Line Eraser Swatches

In case you need another reason to love this company, every product they sell comes in 100% biodegradable packaging made from recycled materials.

Acure’s products are good for your skin, good for the planet in many ways, and even good for your bank account. I loved these three, and I can’t wait to try more!

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