Alayna’s Beauty Talk Wrap Up

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we heart this hits the airwaves to share our top beauty tips, tricks and products

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Did you catch we heart this on Alayna’s Beauty Talk ‘N More on LA Talk Live? We joined our beauty blogging buddy Jen of My Beauty Bunny and dished about our favorite tips, tricks and products.

If you missed, no worries! You can watch the show and listen to our secrets by hitting play above – and you can catch up on old shows (Tyna visited the studio on May 29th as well) by visiting the Alayna’s Beauty Talk page at the LA Talk Live site.

If you are wondering about some of the products we mention as we divulge our beauty tips, we’ve got a quick wrap up of the items and brands that make our beauty blogging hearts all aflutter!

I first shared my secret to smudge-proof eye makeup and one of the keys is a great gel undereye moisturizer. My favorites include Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Eye Gel for a morning pick-me-up, Ole Henriksen’s Ultimate Lift Eye Gel a steal of a deal at just $38, and Algenist Firming & Lifting Eye Gel a newish brand that has been impressing me at every turn.

Of course, an eye primer is also essential to keep makeup in place, and our latest favorite is Senna’s Totally Transforming Eyeshadow Primer. It offers a bit more coverage than the liquid formulas on the market and comes in three shades!

Three women taking a selfie A quick selfie before we go on the air

Next, Stef shared her revolutionary face washing schedule which incorporates her Holy Grail toner Kiehl’s Calendula Herbal Extract Toner – her cabinet is never without it! Make sure to listen for her pillow case tip as well.

My next beauty tip is a godsend for those suffering from cystic acne or a large pimple (you’ll have to listen to hear it!) While discussing my cystic acne trials, I also shared the ONLY topical product that ever worked on my cystic pimples, Renee Rouleau’s Anti Cyst Treatment. Check out my review to get all the details on this miraculous product.

Stef followed up with her simple trick for getting her skin super soft and hydrated, as well as a portion of her collection of body lotions including drugstore fave Eucerin’s Original Healing Soothing Repair Cream for fragrance-free moisturizing. When she want some fragrance in her lotions she turns to LUSH’s Crème Anglaise (based on the French dessert of the same name, vanilla and saffron) and Charity Pot (with cocoa butter and Ylang Ylang), the wide range of yummy scents from 100% Pure like Green Apple, Coconut and Blood Orange and indie fave Dixie Bits Rave in Body Lotion which we have been raving about for years!

Two women taking a selfieStef and Jen getting ready to talk beauty

For my next beauty tip I shared the secret to easy, effortless false eyelash application. Listen up – all you need is a small hand mirror to pull off false lashes. I also shared my newest false eyelash obsessions, straight from England (but found in drugstores and beauty supply shops) Eylure offers super soft lashes in a large range of styles. Go (almost) natural with their daytime Naturalites to full on diva with selections from their Katy Perry line.

Speaking of enhancing your eyes, Stef also offered the most genius eyebrow tip ever (you’ll need to click play to hear it – but it’s worth it!) incorporating a spoolie and MUFE’s Aqua Brow. This tip also works with products from brow queen Anastasia Beverly Hills including her Brow Wiz Pen and Perfect Brow Pencil. If you have sparse eyebrows, you don’t want to miss it.

Two women taking a selfieStef and Jen celebrate at the end of the show

Finally, we had to talk a little lipstick! Stef offered an easy trick for determining if you are warm or cool toned, so that you can pick the best shade of red for your lips. And she had to mention Hourglass Icon, a gorgeous and bold neutral red that comes in a variety products, all with their beyond gorgeous packaging.

Whew! So what did you think weheartsters? Did you learn any new tips from our visit to Alayna’s Beauty Talk? Share your thoughts in the comments.

photos: My Beauty Bunny and we heart this

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  1. Congrats you guys! There are so many good products talked about I’m going to have to start adding to my list :)

    1. Thanks @mandabear! And make sure to get out that list and add to it – the products we mentin are truly some of our very favorites. And we’ve seen it all!

  2. What a wonderful honor! Who does not love hearing more tips and tricks? Great pics of all of you. I am a big fan of all Dixie Bits products.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    @tyna — I love your Pono necklace.

    1. Thanks and great eye @hao9703 – that is my Pono necklace (in black – also have it in blue). And Dixie Bits has some great products, you all! If you are a bath and body product junkie you need to check them out.

  3. You guys did soooo well on the RADIO! Loved seeing you all comfy in your headgear and full of beauty knowledge!
    Tips from the QUEENS of Makeup!

    1. Awww – thanks Pamela @irene – it is a little nerve wracking sitting there with the mikes and headphones, but luckily once we start talking it gets a little easier. And we’re never at a loss for words when it comes to beauty!

  4. You ladies rocked–so much great info here. My favorites include the eyelash and eyebrow tricks!

  5. That was fun! I really enjoyed listening to all your tips. Thanks for sharing your expertise with us! I’m sending the link to all my beauty-loving friends.

    @amity , your recaps got a much-deserved shout-out, too!

    1. Thanks for spreading the word @turboterp – hope you’re friends find a tip or two they can use.

      @Amity – hope you caught your recap shout-out. We love them so much, we want everyone to start reading your fab write ups!

  6. I got to listen to some of it, when you were talking about the eye gels, great job ladies!

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