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A Green Monday Review…

As a runner, I can be pretty hard on my feet. To top that off, I live in Northern New England where running means cold, wet feet about seven months out of the year (and just plain wet feet for the other five). Ick! Running, especially up here, requires dedication and a lot of hard work, and it takes it’s toll on my tootsies.

Nothing is worse than pulling on a nice, thick pair of socks and realizing that the ragged skin on my heels is pulling in the most cringe worthy fashion. Since I have a very strict aversion to anything that files or grates, those famous cheese grater eggs (shudders) are out for me. Thus I have becomes obsessed with proactive foot care. Enter Upper Canada Soap and their All About Feet Collection.

This is the solution for soothing, yet serious foot care. Made without any harsh chemicals, parabens, synthetic dyes, mineral oils, SLS, and Phthalates, none of the products or ingredients are ever tested on animals, so they are a seriously Green Monday worthy find!

The company is inspired by the natural beauty of the Canadian landscape and working as a modern day apothecary they use their local resources, “clear Canadian waters, endless fields of botanical herbs and natural minerals” when creating all of their bath and beauty products.

The we heart this review team received three products from the All About Feet collection, the Exfoliating Foot Scrub, the Warming Foot Scrub and the Cracked Heel Treatment to pamper their hard working feet. Produced to be super luxurious and very soothing, I was sure I was in for a great treat.

All About Feet Warming Foot Scrub After one particularly soggy morning run I happily jumped into the shower with the Warming Foot Scrub. Boasting a “heat activated extract that gently warms up when in contact with water,” I was hoping this product would help warm my frigid feet and exfoliate at the same time. Rubbing it on I felt an instant flash of heat. We’re talking real heat here, not like some of those other “warming” scrubs that really only tingle. Sadly, this heat was not to last; with a flash it was gone. However, the peppermint smell, attributed to the real peppermint oil, was great, not like other synthetic peppermints. The smell pepped me right up!

I’ll be interested to hear what my fellow review team members think of the All About Feet Exfoliating Foot Scrub. This bath or shower scrub uses walnut shell and apricot seeds to naturally scrub away dry and calloused skin, plus adds in shea butter and that awesome peppermint oil to moisturize, soothe, and cool tired, over worked feet.

All About Feet Cracked Heel TreatmentAfter showering I grabbed the All About Feet Cracked Heel Treatment. Made with real peppermint oil and 10% shea butter. This heel treatment instantly began to sink into my skin. It left very little greasy residue on my fingers and made my feet feel like new.

Using this combination for about two weeks, my feet began to show significant signs of improvement! Other foot creams would wear off by the end of the day leaving me with ragged, ashy heels. Not so with All About Feet. I could easily switch from my sensible work shoes to slinky heels without needing to moisturize my feet, perfect for the impending summertime footwear. That’s not even mentioning the fantastic long lasting scent of the pure, peppermint oil – invigorating and delightful.

The greatest testament to these products would likely be from my husband. One day after his shower he asked me “What’s that stuff in the pink and white tube? It gets hot!” I asked him where he used it (his feet, thank goodness!) and if he liked it (yes). I then offered him use of the Cracked Heel Treatment and he’s now a convert to foot care! He swears that the combination makes his feet feel a million times better and that gives him more energy. An endorsement from my picky husband? That’s enough for me.

Overall I highly recommend Upper Canada Soap’s All About Feet line of products. The quality of the products are great, the smell is amazing, and the price is right. What is there to lose but some unsightly toes?

Note: For those, like me, with allergies (I have a latex allergy that causes a severe skin rash and some respiratory symptoms) you may know that shea butter sometimes contains a natural latex component. I contacted Cathy at Upper Canada Soap who advised that there are levels of natural latex in this product, but no adverse reactions have been noted. It is still recommended by the company that those with severe latex allergies avoid the product and those with lesser allergies should do a spot test first. I was able to use the Cracked Heel Treatment with no issues or allergic symptoms.

Review team – tell us all about your experience with All About Feet!

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  1. My feet are disgusting! They are so rough. This stuff sounds wonderful. I need to check it out. It may be just what the doctor ordered.

  2. Thank goodness your husband used it on his feet. lol. I don’t run but my feet take a beating for all the walking I do, and since I’ve given up pedicures because of the recession, I’m always on the look out for a product that will treat my feet right.

  3. Ooo! I neglect my feet, mostly because I’m not sure what to do! And wellm, honestly, I find feet gross. Even clean ones. Even my own. :-) But these products sound great! I don’t think they’d make me learn to love my feet, but at least my feet would be pretty…

  4. These all sound like fabulous TLC for your feet! I definitely want to give them a try!

  5. Carole Cornell says:

    I haven’t tried the foot products from Upper Canada yet. But I HAVE used their coarse salt scrub in avocado and LOVED it. I really can’t believe how good my skin felt afterwards. And this just reminded me – I’m out of it. How did this happen? Got to go shopping!

  6. I ignored my poor feet all winter long, and now it’s suddenly sandal weather! Amanda, I appreciate your detailed review of a line I’ve never tried but desperately need right now!

  7. I received, All About Feet Exfoliating Foot Scrub and the Warming Foot Scrub to review. I gave the warming one to my husband to test first , and I used the other. We liked them each the same and even used them on our legs. We switched the products and had the same results. I strongly recommend that after you have initially wet down your legs/feet that you turn the water off. This will really make a difference and you’ll can get the most out of this scrub (you’ll save some water too). You don’t want to wash away this product! The only difference between the two products was the warming aspect. To that, I was impressed with the warming sensation it gave. David too. Just be sure to add a little bit of water. The heat is short lived but it’s kind of neat all the same. I also enjoy the amazing aroma of the peppermint oil that I smell from this product too. I’ve always liked all kinds of scrubs but find I’m drawn more to ones with walnut shell and apricot seeds in it to help to naturally scrub away dead/dry and calloused skin. I do use pumice when I use this product. I think it really gets the product to really show its worth. You’re left with some nice soft and clean tootsies!
    I have also taken this to my pedicure (salon) and loved the reaction from the ladies there as well. This product has a lot of shea butter to help soften your feet. My feet loved this and I have some tired barking dogs that are over worked from carrying me around.. I give both of these products four stars

  8. Fantastic review, Amanda! I have been wanting to try Upper Canada products for literally years now, and this review sent me over the edge. I need good foot products as we gear up for sandal season and that Warming Foot Scrub has my name written all over it!

  9. I definitely need that cracked heel treatment. I’ve tried other treatments that smelled horrible and made my feet into slip n’ slides for hours. Great review!

  10. I love my Warming Foot Scrub. Sloughs off the nasties and smells minty fresh. The warming part makes it feel like a real spa experience….if only I could convince someone to apply the scrub for me….
    I don’t have a cracked heel issue but my guy, Greg, has the WORST heel issue to which I have been close personal witness. I recently got him some Bliss Spa’s version on a cracked heel salve. That one’s nice, but I’d like to get Upper Canada’s next.

  11. I tested the Cracked Heel treatment from All About Feet. First, I’m embarrassed to admit it, but my feet are a mess! They get so dry they crack and nothing has cured them. So I wasn’t expecting a miracle from this product, but I was very impressed with the results. Most intensive foot treatments make an immediate difference on my super dry feet when I use them at night (often with white cotton socks for extra help) but when I get up in the morning, the lotion has disappeared and my feet may be a teeny bit less dry. At first, I thought maybe it was my imagination, but after a few tests I’m convinced that this Cracked Heel Treatment has definite long lasting, healing effects!

    Of course I loved the peppermint scent and oil – there’s a reason so many foot products use that wonderful mint – it smells fantastic and uplifting and it breathes new life into tired feet. The consistency was nice and creamy and a little oily – just right for a luxurious foot treatment.

    And lo and behold, I noticed a difference in my feet the mornings after I use this! My feet are noticeably soft, the cracks are less visible and my skin is less flakey. With repeated use, my feet are looking pretty great. Of course, if I skip a few nights from laziness, the dryness creeps back. But, with such nice results, I find I am more likely to not be lazy and use some of this foot lotion a night. I’ll never be a foot model, but the All About Feet cracked heel treatment has me looking forward to summer time and open footwear! If you have persistent, dry, cracked feet I highly recommend it – 5 stars from me.
    .-= Tyna Werner´s last blog ..Virtual shopping at =-.

  12. Oh I need these products desperately. So glad to hear I’m not the only one with horrible feet. Definitely going to check out this line.

  13. I’m glad to see that the other testers enjoyed the Upper Canada products as much as I did! My feet take a real beating and the Upper Canada Warming foot scrub and Cracked Heel treatment were really up to the task.

    @Lucylemonade – Next time I give you a foot rub I’ll try to bring along the cracked heel treatment :) I bet you’ll love it!

  14. I received both the Warming and the Exfoliating foot scrub. Well, i have to say i was less then impressed with both of them for my feet. On its own, i think its fine, but i found it worked better on my hands then doing anything for my feet. My feet aren’t even that bad. they’re more on the dry side just because of the total lack of humidity in los angeles. But i did find a way to use the product with a more effective use for me and that was to use it in conjunction with a pumice stone or scrubber kind of thing made for your feet. On its own its fine but just not effective enough for me. I liked the scent and the packaging was easy to use in the shower.

  15. I went through a bunch of different emotions testing the Cracked Heel Balm…

    -I was disappointed when I opened it and it just looked like any other lotion. I expected something that looked (and felt) a bit more heavy duty (like a butter or salve).

    -I was skeptical when I smelled that it was peppermint scented. (I have about 4 mint scented feet products already. Did I really need another?)

    -And finally surprise and joy! Despite being rather thin for something that calls itself a treatment, it really moisturizes well. I was sure it wouldn’t do much for my super dry heels, but it really got into them. And as @Tyna said, the results lasted way longer than I expected. Also, since it is on the thin side, it’s not really greasy and doesn’t leave a stain on my sheets.

    I still wish it was another scent instead of mint. I know why companies choose mint, along with other benefits, it counteracts odor. But my feet smell fine! And I’d rather them smell like something other than toothpaste.

    But lately I find myself reaching for this way more than anything else in my bedtime moisturizing drawer (lip balms, serums, foot cream, hand cream…) so the scent must not bother me too much.

    And I’d LOVE to try the Avocado Sea Salt scrub that Carole mentioned above! Though I would worry I may want to dunk chips in it…
    .-= Stef´s last blog ..Cargo Pro Picks Collection – a beautiful steal! =-.

  16. I got to test the All About Feet Peppermint Exfoliating Foot Scrub and I’m with Stef–I’m kind of tired of the peppermint scented foot products. I don’t have stinky feet and the peppermint smells sort of medicinal to me instead of a spa-like experience. I think I’d enjoy maybe an orange scent or maybe a wild cherry–anything but the standard mint. That being said, this scrub is like a lotion with some walnut shell bits mixed in. On it’s own, it’s not very effective, you NEED to use a pumice with it for it to make your feet feel smoother, but I hate to say, I get similar results from just running a pumice over my feet and occasionally rubbing some cream on them and sleeping in socks. The scrub is a wee bit messy and it doesn’t really scrub and only moisturizes superficially for me. I think I’d get similar results from pumicing a lotion onto my feet. I’ve used other foot scrubs before that worked well on their own and were deeply moisturizing, so this one really doesn’t measure up for me.

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