Allure and Butter London swatches and review

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There are collaborations, and there are Collaborations. Like when Wozniak turned to Jobs and said, “Hey, I like apples and computers. Let’s do something fun.” Or when Ben and Jerry sat up one day and went, “I scream? You scream? Let’s make them all scream for ice cream!” (I’m pretty sure that’s exactly how those partnerships went down.) But Allure and Butter London teaming up to release ten new limited edition shades for the fall? That’s Collaboration with a capital C.


In ten trendsetting and tantalizing shades, the Allure & Butter London Arm Candy Nail Lacquer Collection ($15 each) is made up of sheer and opaque cremes with metallic, shimmer and texturized glitter thrown in there to make you swoon. Chip resistant with a high-shine finish, the Arm Candy collection contains Hydrolyzed Silk, Horsetail Extract, Vitamins B,C and E; all to promote healthy and strong nails. And, as always, Butter London is 3-free, formulated without dibutyl phthalate, toluene or formaldehyde.


It’s Vintage is a rust creme that is perfect for fall, a really great mix of orange and brown. It’s a favorite of mine, even wearing the color makes me want to don a scarf and go stomp some fallen leaves!


Nude Stilettos is a sheer nude that is JUST this side of pink. And when I say sheer, I mean SHEER; it was tricky to work with and needed four coats to get any kind of opacity.


Call I’m On The List a “rose-gold metallic” all you want, but many of us fashionistas recognize this color from our older sister’s Caboodle in ‘87. The color is one of those so retro that it’s hot again, but a formula this frosty comes some brushstroke issues.


Statement Piece lives up to its name, a orange-red crème that will make you want to stare at your hands at stoplights. (Don’t. The people behind you will honk.) This is sexy and so super glossy, you almost don’t need a topcoat.


Disco Nap sort of looks like the asphalt outside a club—a charcoal jelly full of silver glitter. It’s the surpriser in the bunch; I was indifferent to it in the bottle but on the nail I fell in love.


Lust or Must? is a MUST for me. A deep, dark brown creme that doesn’t stray into black, this is the color you give your friends when they say, “I don’t like brown polish.” No, honey, you just haven’t tried this brown polish.

My only real problem with the Arm Candy collection? They are missing the distinct Butter London British names! Ten polishes and not one among them that we’d have to ask Derwood to translate. Slightly disappointed, Butter London.

These shades are available as six full size bottles, but there is also a set of four miniature bottles ($30) Violet’s Revenge, a blue-purple creme; The Sweet Spot, a dusty-pink creme; So Major!, a Loden-green shimmer; and Front Row a wine creme. These are available only until March 2016, so run as fast as your stilettos can take you and grab yours today! Actually, put on some stylish, but sensible shoes and then head out, sweetie. These beauties are great, but safety first.

What about you, we heartsters? Which of these would you want to partner up with?


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  1. Ok. I’m in love with ‘I’m on the List’. That is a color I’d be wearing constantly. Love love love it!!! They have such pretty colors

    1. It’s SO pretty, that rose gold is a favorite of mine…but in certain lights, I would look at it and be reminded of a lipstick that my mom once had! Not in a bad way, just a little surprising! :-)

  2. ::sigh:: I haven’t fallen in love with anything from BL since last year’s steampunk-inspired shades.

    1. I rarely fall in love with BL unless I see them/try them on in person. I don’t know what it is about the brand, but the same colors that make me think “meh” online will give me grabby hands in person…

  3. I love ALL of these! It’s Vintage is a great fall color and Disco Nap would be perfect for holidays. I want Lust or Must too, that rich chocolate is amazing. PERFECT collection and collaboration!

    1. It’s Vintage has been growing on me. I wasn’t in love as much as the others at first, but it’s such a solid color that feels like I have something similar to it, but I definitely don’t. It feels like a very grown up color, sexy and bold without being too bright. (the bright moniker goes to Statement Piece, SO fun.)

  4. This collection is so fun–I am crushing on Lust or Must. I received a mini bottle of Violet’s Revenge in my Allure Beauty Box, and I love it; kind of the perfect purple-blue mix.

    1. I’m REALLY thinking about getting the minis of this collection; I’m trying to curb my spending but Violet’s Revenge looks great, plus I really want So Major! because I can’t turn down that beetle green in anything…

  5. I’ve never really loved brown polish– I always reach for some shade of black instead. But I got to try Lust or Must?, and I LOVE it! You’re so right, this is the brown that could convert anyone! The color is so rich and creamy. It’s the perfect fall polish. MUST for me, too!
    Now I need Disco Nap for the holidays. That’s some crazy sparkle!

    1. DEFINITELY go try Lust or Must on in person if you can; it’s gorgeous. It would look great paired with a gold micro glitter to add some sparkle, or even maybe a bright blue or navy accent nail!

      And I love Disco Nap’s name…makes me think or someone who passed out at a disco and opened their eyes and that’s the first thing they saw…the ground, covered in glitter. (I have no idea if that’s the inspiration, but I’m going with it.)

  6. I’m so envious! Always wanted to try the Butter London polishes and these mani pics make them look even better!

    1. It wasn’t until I got this collection that I remembered how long-wearing these polishes are. If I wasn’t so rough on my hands, I think I’d get almost two weeks out of them with a good base coat and top coat!

  7. I’d wear every one of those colors. Now, THAT’s when you know a collection hits.

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