Looking for Aloe Vera Beauty Products? Look to the Hilltop

Looking for Aloe Vera Beauty Products? Look to the Hilltop

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Did you know that the first commercial aloe farm in this country is in South Texas? Located along the Rio Grande River in Lyford, Texas, Hilltop Gardens began planting aloe in 1939. Known as the “historical home of aloe” they grow over 200 species (I’m embarrassed to admit I thought there was only one!), giving them bragging rights of the largest collection of aloe in the US.

They opened to the public in 2012 and it’s now possible to get guided tours of their beautiful property and all its many gardens. But to fully experience the magic you can also rent out the breathtaking Mexican/Mediterranean Colonial Farm House; a virtual sea of tranquility surrounded by the 720 acre farm.

Of course, with all that aloe it only makes sense that Hilltop Gardens came out with their very own line of Aloe Vera Beauty Products, all made with their certified organic soothing, moisturizing and healing aloe vera.

The line includes:
Shampoo & Conditioner ($14)
Body Wash ($14), Body Lotion ($13) and Eucalyptus Gel ($13)
Anti-Aging Cream ($18), Moisturizer ($16) and Ointment ($17)

I have been enjoying a blissful month of pampering with all of these products and can honestly tell you they are all wonderful. Not only is the whole line super affordable, but the scents are so soothing. I particularly love the Aloe Vera Shampoo and Aloe Vera Conditioner. I felt like my scalp was much less dry after using them for a few weeks, thanks to the baby aloe vera and oat kernel extracts. The conditioner also has macadamia nut oil extracts to treat and repair damage which was great for my hair that takes a beating from my straight iron!

The Aloe Vera Body Lotion was another product I used almost daily. Again, with a mild and subtle scent, it was a good lightweight, versatile everyday lotion that helped after long days in the summer sun.

While all of the products I tried from Hilltop were wonderful, the Aloe Vera Ointment was a standout for me. This past week, when after attempting to help my dear husband, by mowing our lawn, I was accosted by a bunch of ground bees and stung 3 times; twice in my knee and once in my rear. Yes, my REAR! The last time I was stung by a bee as a young child, I remember my family breaking open an aloe leaf and putting it on my sting. So, how perfect was it that I had Hilltop Gardens whole line to help me?

TMI: I ran straight for the ointment, pants down. With my husband’s mouth hanging open like “what in the world is going on?” After applying the Aloe Vera Ointment to all three stings, the pain felt almost instantly more minimal, and diminished all together very quickly. Its listed uses are for troubled skin and bug bites, and I can attest it to that!

Finally, I need to mention the fabulous packaging. The modern, bright yet minimal design of both the boxes and containers makes it look like the line costs a LOT more than it does (not a single piece sells for more than $18.)

I’m dreaming of a trip south to check out Hilltop Gardens. Not only to experience the beauty of the aloe gardens, but to stock up on more products!

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4 thoughts on “Looking for Aloe Vera Beauty Products? Look to the Hilltop”

  1. How cool! I didn’t know there were all those different species either! I keep an aloe plant at home to to use as needed, but it smells…not so good. The Hilltop Gardens line looks like a great way to get the aloe benefits instead. (And ouch about your stings ?)

  2. Ditto, had no idea there were that many species of aloe! I know of only a few, but not hundreds, who knew there were quite that many! It’s amazing to learn! And I even grow aloe in my yard and use it for many applications! Sounds like a great product. I’m love anything, “Eucalyptus” so the Gel has my interest! Thanks for the great post

  3. Love the smells of all of their products! I’m telling you, these have been my saving grace after bee stings and then the latest, a rash from something in my backyard (I need to stop mowing the lawn!). The Aloe Vera gel with the Eucalyptus was particularly soothing on the rash I got from some plant out there, and again I was glad to have these products on hand!

  4. Don’t be embarrassed, I also thought there was only one! Sorry about your stings, but how great that you had the right antidote on hand. These products sound fantastic, and I really love the packaging!

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