AmorePacific Introductory Collections

AmorePacific Introductory Collections

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I have a confession – I’m generally pretty awful at taking proper care of my skin. So, it’s really no wonder why I’m always battling sporadic breakouts or dry, flaky skin. My busy graduate student lifestyle has me crashing at 3 a.m. too many nights in a row. And in my haste I’ve definitely been guilty of hitting the hay sans moisturizing, and yes, without even washing (but just every once in awhile, I swear!) But AmorePacific now actually has me getting myself back out of bed to go through their great little routine. Yes, it’s that good!

You may not have heard of AmorePacific yet – I hadn’t. This cult-favorite brand fuses time-tested Asian botanicals with cutting-edge modern technology for a full array of skincare products tailored to suit every skin type. AmorePacific was founded over 60 years ago but has managed to stay true to its commitment to utilizing indigenous Asian botanicals. This fresh company covers everything from anti-aging to sun protection and everything in between, but I think their biggest perk are the Sephora exclusive, late-night-proof Introductory Collections.

I received the Moisture Bound Introductory Collection Vitalizing Essentials, a four-piece set for normal to dry skin that includes AmorePacific’s Moisture Bound Vitalizing Crème, Treatment Toner, Treatment Enzyme Peel, and Treatment Cleansing Oil. The set is a great way to try out the brand (it’s a $118 value for $50), and really takes the guesswork out of high-quality, effective skincare.

The Treatment Cleansing Oil is the first step in the line, and I’ll admit that I was very skeptical about putting anything with the word “oil” on it on my face. I have combination skin, and a deep fear has been instilled in me since I-don’t-know-when. That said, this cleanser really surprised me. It removed all my makeup quickly and easily, and I especially noticed great results with my eye makeup. It was much more lightweight than I expected, and it rinsed off easily. The only drawback that I could find with this one is that I couldn’t shake the feeling of not wanting to leave oil on my face.

But the Treatment Toner quickly allayed my concerns with its light, alcohol-free consistency. The toner uses ginseng extracted instead of water, and I must say that it was much more appealing than any other toner I’ve ever used. It removed the last traces of makeup without any drying effects, and it left my face feeling clean and refreshed.

The Treatment Enzyme Peel, the next step in the process, was my favorite product by far. It’s a little bottle of powder that you mix with a bit of water and then massage onto your skin. It didn’t feel harsh or abrasive in any way, yet managed to leave my skin silky smooth. It is so gentle that I didn’t feel like it was really doing anything until after I rinsed it all off. My skin was literally more radiant than it had been before the peel, without a hint of redness or flaking. Honestly, I think this set would be worth it just for this peel. I can’t recommend this highly enough, especially for those of us with sensitive, easily-reddened skin.

Finally, there’s the Moisture Crème, which is rather heavy and a little more fragranced than the rest of the line. It was very effective on the dry areas around my nose, but I would recommend using it only at night, since it doesn’t soak into skin very quickly.

Stef got to try the Moisture Bound Introductory Collection Refreshing Essentials for combination and oily skin. I’m looking forward to read her comment to see if she was as pleased with her set as I was mine!

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6 thoughts on “AmorePacific Introductory Collections”

  1. Ohhh that Enzyme Peel sounds awesome! I love when you can mix up your own treatment too. Add extra powder or more water depending on how your skin is feeling – things like that always make me feel like a mad beauty scientist -fun!

    I did not test the AmorePacific line, but I studied the packaging at our disbursement. I thought this set was a really nice intro to the line with generously sized products so you can get a clear idea of how this system will work with your skin.
    .-= Tyna Werner´s last blog ..Senna Cosmetics review =-.

  2. I was very excited to try the Moisture Bound Introductory Collection, Refreshing Essentials for combination and oily skin. I’ve heard great things about AmorePacific, but this is the first time I’ve tried them. Here’s the Cliff notes: I was very impressed!

    First of all, this line is high-end, think La Mer, Zelens, Sommerville. Also think: expensive. But I do think when it comes to skincare, you get what you pay for. So 4 items for 50 bucks is a good deal. Yes, they’re on the small side (I think everything was about 1 oz each). But I really wish more companies did this! Seriously, how terrible is it to lay down good money for a cream that you’ve only ever tried a tiny sample of, only to find it’s all wrong for you? Sadly I speak from experience! This intro kits are the way to go.

    2 of the products I’d buy full size in a heart beat. The Treatment Cleansing Foam is fabulous; creamy and sudsy with little scruby balls of Vitamin E that burst as you clean your face. My skin felt super clean and moisturized as well, but without leaving a heavy residue that us oily girls hate more than anything. I also really loved the Moisture Bound Refreshing Hydra-Gel, a gel moisturizer that was PERFECT for my oily skin. I felt hydrated but with zero shine. Heavenly.

    Sadly for me, I wasn’t as excited about the Treatment Enzyme Peel as @shrimpsaladcircus. My skin is used to heavy duty peels, and therefore needs/craves them. This was just too gentle for me. But if you have sensitive skin, or are new to peels, I think you would like this (as Lindsay did). I didn’t notice much a difference. As for the Toner, I am a long time, die-hard fan of my chosen toner, so it would really take something special to get me to change. This smelled nice, and was very gentle. But I didn’t feel or see anything too magical.

    But, the products I liked? I loved! And again, I have to give big thumbs up to companies who believe in their products enough to give people the chance to sample value sets. AmorePacfic is definitely being moved into my high-end roster!
    .-= Stef´s last blog ..Spring/Summer 2010 – Deborah Lippmann =-.

  3. @shrimpsaladcircus, your review has me convinced I need that Enzyme Peel! I too have sensitive skin and am also notoriously bad about my skin care regime, but this product sounds like the motivator I need to be better at taking care of my skin!

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