An Updated Classic – Ginger Icebox Cake Recipe

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Create this seasonal treat – no baking required!

Ginger Icebox Cakephotos: heather for we heart this

Icebox cake is a dessert classic with a lovely presentation and very little effort required. If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands this holiday season or hate to bake, this ginger version of icebox cake is your answer. The Ginger Icebox Cake makes a great fall flavor-inspired dessert for a holiday meal. Even better, it’s a lighter follow-up to a big meal than pie!

Traditionally icebox cake is made with thin chocolate wafers layered between fresh whipped cream, which is then left in the refrigerator overnight for the cookies to soften. You can make a large, cake-sized version or lay it on its side like a log, but I prefer to stack them about 5 or 6 cookies high and then frost the outside, for individualized portions. When you cut into it, it looks like a teeny little layer cake!

Ginger Icebox Cake
Serves 6

Ingredients of making Ginger Icebox Cake

1 package (5 oz.) of thin ginger wafer cookies
8 oz. heavy whipping cream
1 tbsp sugar
1 tsp Spice Station’s Something Sweet Autumnal Blend or Pumpkin Pie Spice
1/2 tsp vanilla paste or extract
Clove sugar, for sprinkling (optional)

Note: Eight ounces of heavy whipping cream makes just enough for six mini cakes, so if you anticipate some taste testers invading your kitchen or any potential for mishaps, go ahead and make a double batch. Homemade whipped cream is always great to have on hand for the pies!

1. Unwrap the ginger wafers and pull out the broken bits. (Eat them to ensure that the cookies are safe for consumption.) Set aside.

Combining ingredients of Ginger Icebox Cake

2. Pour heavy whipping cream, sugar, spice, and vanilla into a large bowl. Beat on high with a hand mixer until peaks start to form, approximately 2 minutes.

Tip: If you haven’t made homemade whipped cream before, a good test is to shut the mixer off and pull some up and out of the bowl. If nothing drips, your whipped cream is ready. Welcome to a whole new world of using the good stuff!

Frosted top wafer with an ever layer of whipped cream

3. Frost the top of a wafer with an even layer of whipped cream. You don’t have to be stingy, but if you use too much the cookie flavor gets lost in the mix. Frost another cookie and set on top of the first one. Repeat until you have a little tower 6 wafers high.

4. Place the wafer tower on the palm of your hand and frost the sides, filling in any gaps between the wafers. This part is messy. There’s no avoiding it. Even if you frost it on a plate, your plate will be messy. Sacrifices must be made in the name of deliciousness.

5. Gently set your mini cake into a cake pan that has a lid. Repeat with the rest of the wafers.

Top wafer sprinkled with clove sugar

6. Sprinkle the top with clove sugar, or if you are really fancy, you can use a stencil and sprinkle a design with cocoa powder on top.

7. Cover your pan and refrigerate overnight, or for at least 8 hours to soften the cookies.

Note: The Ginger Icebox Cake can be made up to two weeks ahead of time and stored in the freezer. Just take it out about an hour before serving to let the icebox cakes unthaw.

we heartsters – what are your favorite no-bake desserts?

Heather blogs at foodforfunandpleasure and is a spice mistress extraordinaire at the Spice Station in Silverlake, CA.

Delicious Gingersnap Icebox Cake


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  1. @heather – YUM!! This looks delicious. I have never made my own whip topping before. I really appreciate your tip. There are so many times when I ask myself, “Is this what it is supposed to look like?”

  2. Those look yummy! My favorite no-bake is Ambrosia with cherries, marshmallows, pineapple and whipped cream.

  3. As a whipped cream addict, this looks so good @heather! Especially since you’re using real (not from a can) homemade whipped cream. I agree – once you start making and using it, there’s no going back to store bought.

    I also learned a little something from this post, I’ve heard the term ‘icebox cake’ before, but never knew what they were. From the looks of this cake, I need to get my hands on a slice as soon as possible!

  4. Where do you get the cookies? And I agree–homemade whipped cream is the BEST. My fiance didn’t realize that you could make homemade whipped cream… by whipping up some whipping cream… hence the name “whipping cream.” We put a little vanilla and sugar in with the cream and then put it in the food processor. He’s now kind of addicted to the stuff. ;)

    1. Isn’t making whipped cream fun? You stand there for what seems like FOREVER, thinking “this isn’t working!” then boom – whipped cream!

  5. This looks so Yummy! I love making icebox cakes cause they are easy and last a few days in the fridge.. oh, the homemade whipped cream helps too! LOL! These kind of cakes seem to taste better after a day… yummmm.. I make a Graham Cracker Icebox Cake that is good but it’s been awhile since I have.. Thanks for this one.. I’m starving now!

  6. @lipglossandspandex You can find the cookies Trader Joe’s or Vons/Pavilions if you live near either of those. If not, there is a brand called Anna’s that is pretty widely available and makes a ton of flavors.
    Less prep time on this baby means more time for the merriment! Enjoy!

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