Animal Sweaters - Not Just for Crazy Cat Ladies

Animal Sweaters – Not Just for Crazy Cat Ladies

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A fun trend that’s stealing our animal loving hearts.

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It can be a bit challenging for your closet, but it really doesn’t take a certain person to rock an animal sweater! Once the weather started requiring longer sleeves, I became so smitten with animal sweaters. They make weekends more fun (especially if you work in an office five days a week) and immediately show a lighthearted spirit about yourself.

Most importantly, they are amazing conversation starters. These aren’t your “crazy cat lady” animal sweaters – they’re modern and fashion forward. More and more companies these days are including knit animal sweaters into their women’s line (yes, adult women) and they really can be super stylish.

They are very easy to style into your already existing wardrobe – pop one over a button down, pair them with your favorite jeans, or under a leather jacket. They will start to look a lot less “cutesy” and more blended into your style. What I love most about this trend is how crazy specific it’s getting. It’s not just a dog, it’s a pitbull! Like camels? You’re totally covered. Porcupines? No worries.

I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite sweaters (clockwise starting at top left) to help you get started:

animal sweaters

• Owl Sweater by Old Navy ($22)
I know a lot of owl fans that would launch themselves towards this sweater. This one is so quirky and it’s on sale! I love the minimalistic coloring with the touch of yellow. It’s sold out online, but you might find it at your local Old Navy. By the way, you’ll also find the dog with the red bow tie sweater (from our top image) here too! It’s still on the site, so act quickly.

• Fox Sweater by ASOS ($67)
ASOS is one of my secret spots to get unique and affordable animal sweaters. Why? Because they are based out in the UK (with free shipping to the US) and the chances of their items getting widely recognized and sold in the US are more slim. How amazing is this fox sweater? I love the contrast sleeves. It also looks way more expensive than it is!

Update: What does the fox say? “I’m currently out of stock!”. Try your luck with this Wayne The Wolf sweater instead.

• Pitbull Terrier Sweater by Topshop ($76)
Not gonna lie, I did put this one as a little nod to Stef and her pitbull lovin’ self! This one is so unique and beautiful. When you get right down to specific breeds, you know this trend is catering to animal lovers few and far between.

• Camel Sweater by J.Crew ($98)
If you are a serious camel lover (hey, you never know), leave it to J.Crew to get quirky with their animal sweater selection. They do a fun one or two every fall/winter and this one’s a good one! It’s a bit pricier but it’s made with a cashmere blend, so it’s super soft and warm for the upcoming chilly weather.

we heartsters – Have you dived into the animal sweater trend? Talk about your favorites below!

18 thoughts on “Animal Sweaters – Not Just for Crazy Cat Ladies”

  1. I went nuts when I saw the fox sweater, and was heartbroken when I saw it was sold out. You’re a fashion tease, @mandabear ! I bought a cashmere pitbull sweater last winter and it makes me so happy. Glad to see this trend is holding strong.

    1. oh no! Good thing the world LOVES cute foxes because there are tons of other adorable options. I do love the baseball sleeves but I think there can be another fox for you out there :)

  2. Um, I must admit….I have dog sweaters. Well, a dalmatian and polka-hearted cardigan that a friend bought me (and I wear it ALL OF THE TIME) and a dachshund pullover from Louche that I bought on ModCloth (both are actually MC sweaters.)

    …And I have a wolf t-shirt from ModCloth too that I call Bigby Wolf.

    Uh, did I mention the doggy, penguin and other animal sweaters I have on my wishlist? It’s a bit of an addiction. I JUST HAVE TO HAVE THEM!!!! I need them all (as long as they are 100% cotton or a cotton poly blend.) I even have a monkey hat. Ha ha ha.

  3. Oh, I’d wear a animal sweater in a second! Especially, my all time favorite, German Shepherd!
    Funny story.. We’re having an “Ugly Sweater” contest at work this year at our office Christmas party.. Can’t wait for that! LOL!

  4. Love animal sweaters! I bought an owl one at Old Navy last year, and everyone kept asking where to get it. I also have a fun grey pitbull tee from the gap that I wore all summer!

    1. Yes! Love wearing mine also with a pair of dark skinny jeans on the weekend. I can’t wear blue jeans to work so I have to get it out of my system during the weekend.

    1. The time between when a post is written/published to the rate of crazy online shoppers will always amaze me. Online shopping sometimes becomes one big race for the cute things once the weather changes!

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