Celebrating Your Apple-Shaped Body: Wardrobe Tips and Tricks

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Everybody is beautiful, and every kind of body is unique and worth celebrating.

But sometimes, your silhouette can make it a bit challenging to wear new trends or clothes you might like. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t find looks that will absolutely rock.

One body type that may often have a hard time finding flattering clothes is the apple-shaped body.

It’s not because these types of bodies aren’t gorgeous, but because flattering clothes for this body shape are often harder to find.

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If you have an apple-shaped body and face these difficulties, don’t worry! We got you! 

We look closer at this fabulous body shape and share our best tips on flattering your unique silhouette.

So without further ado, let’s figure out your figure and ensure you find styles that suit your apple body type.

What Are the Characteristics of Apple-Shaped Bodies?

Before we dive into apple-shaped body outfits, it’s important to understand if you have this silhouette by knowing the defining characteristics of this shape.

The apple body is known scientifically as “android,” which means that the body stores most of the fat in the midsection and less in the buttocks, thighs, and hips.

People with this type of body typically have a higher waist-to-hip ratio

Pear-shaped bodies, on the other hand, have a lower waist-to-hip ratio. Apple vs. pear-shaped bodies are easily distinguishable by the size of waists compared to hips.

Simply put, apple-shaped bodies are wider in the middle, like apples. And pear-shaped bodies are wider lower down, like pears.

Wondering what the other characteristics are of apple-shaped bodies?

Look out for these characteristics:

  • Fullness in the midsection
  • Average to big bust
  • Rounder, wider shoulders
  • Narrow hips and slender legs
  • Flat buttocks
  • Back can appear wide

Another trait of the apple body type is that whenever you begin to gain a bit of weight, it’s first noticeable on your midsection and stomach area.

An illustration of different body shapes of a woman like apple, pear, boxed and hour glass.

What Causes an Apple-Shaped Body?

Now that you know what to look out for when determining if you have an apple-shaped body, you might wonder what causes this type of silhouette.

The following are the factors that may contribute to an apple-shaped body:

  • Genetics
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Diet
  • Lifestyle

Knowing which factors impact you can help you understand why your body is apple-shaped or how to mitigate their impact.

And while healthy living is good for anyone with an apple-shaped body, another excellent way to flatter your shape is by dressing for your body!

Learn how to mix and match the right clothes to create a balanced and beautiful silhouette.

Basic Rules To Create a Good Silhouette

Good clothes are an excellent way to showcase and flatter your shape. 

You just have to know how to dress an apple body shape with the right pieces to invest in, ensuring that you are highlighting your body’s assets and stylishly camouflaging any flaws.

One of the things you should remember about dressing for an apple shape is that you can often appear top-heavy with little to no waist definition.

Knowing this will help you decide what clothes you should wear and what you need to highlight. 

Here are some basic rules to remember when dressing for apple-shaped bodies:

Flaunt Your Assets

Like most body types, flaunting your assets is key to dressing for your shape. For an apple-shaped body, this means highlighting your bust or slender legs.

To do this, you can do the following:

  • Focus on clothes with details above the bustline and below the hipline so the eyes naturally travel there.
  • Keep clothing straight and slightly fitted but with loose, flowing fabric to avoid bunching up in the midsection.
  • Play with details on your hemline to draw attention to your legs.
  • Wear structured clothes that give your body shape instead of the other way around.
  • Opt for brighter colors on your lower body.

Create a Waist

Flaunting your assets is one thing. To help achieve a proportional body shape, you should also focus on creating a more defined waist.

To achieve this, here are tips:

  • Keep the waist free from embellishments and highlights.
  • Opt for darker colors at the waist.
  • Invest in a good push-up bra to keep the chest properly supported.
  • Try clothes that glide over your midsection by cinching right below the bust.
A beautiful woman with a light colored hair in a floral dress is walking down stairs.

Avoid Baggy Pieces

While it may seem easy to reach for clothes that are baggy to hide your flaws and while looser clothing near your midsection is advisable, clothes that are too baggy can make you look frumpy or heavier.

Must-Have Pieces in Your Wardrobe

Now that you have an idea of how to create a fabulous silhouette with your clothing, let’s look at essential pieces to have in your wardrobe.

Here are some key fashion pieces to include in your wardrobe:

A Good Push-Up Bra

Wear a push-up bra, especially if your bustline and waistline are similar in size.

Breast support is essential regardless of body type, and for apple-shaped bodies, it’s imperative to get good breast support to create a slim silhouette.

There are different types of brassieres for various clothing. Since apple-shaped bodies are top-heavy, separating the chest and abdomen is key.

When choosing a good push-up bra, be sure to look for quality material and find your correct size. It’s best to get measured at the shop to ensure you get the right size.

Darker Tops, Brighter Bottoms

It’s all about creating illusion with fashion! The trick is to make your chest and stomach look narrower than your hips.

Bright colors draw attention to the eyes and make objects appear larger. For this reason, a dark-top bright-bottom combination is the most straightforward guide to follow.

If bright colors are too extreme for you, a dark-top light-bottom combination is another alternative.

You don’t have to wear a black shirt. You can choose from plenty of shades, like army green, midnight blue, wine red, and more.

And you don’t have to sacrifice your personal style! Knowing the trick helps, and you can always find a way to make it work.

Small to Large Patterns

Like colors, patterns play a role in the illusion, and they can also help shape your body.

Here are tricks you can try:

  • Small pattern prints on your top and large ones on your bottom
  • Plain top and patterned bottom
  • Details that form a V on the waist to help slim it

V Lines and Shapes

The well-known fashion rule says horizontal lines make you wider, and vertical lines make you taller.

So play with V lines. Find pieces that have a V at the top and stylishly go down to another V at the bottom, like this black ruched sheath with ruffle sleeves

It cinches at the waist, creating a waistline while drawing attention to the V-shaped neckline and  V-shaped hemline. The draping also contributes to drawing the eye downward. 

Look for dresses that can create an hourglass effect by combining lines, hues, and necklines.

Fit Tops

Some sources say that apple-shaped bodies can’t wear cropped tops and high-waisted bottoms. You can if you find the right kind!

Examine your body and see if you have a concave curve on your midsection. Your cropped tops should end at the narrowest part of your waist to ensure you highlight your shape.

If your curve is convex, use your belly button as your midpoint to hide the convex curve and keep the focus on your natural waist.

The Perfect Neckline

A neckline can go a long way toward ensuring your outfit looks amazing. 

Look at your bustline and waistline ratio to help determine the necklines that look best for you.

Type of BustlineDefinitionPerfect Necklines
Wide bustlineThe chest is wider than the torso.Halter, turtle, round
Narrow bustlineThe chest is narrower than the torso.Square, off-shoulder, plunging, boat, collar, jeweled

If you have a wide bustline, a halter will direct the lines toward the center and upward. This gives your chest a little lift.

Other alternatives would be a turtle and a round neck.

These options work better for people with a defined neck. If that’s not the case for you, halter cuts with thin straps and wider neck openings will look great.

If your breasts are large, halter cuts with straps tied around the neck might hurt. Consider the ones that crisscross at the back.

If you have a narrow bustline, wear square and off-shoulder clothes. Horizontal lines make objects appear longer sideways. 

If your chest is narrower than your torso, This will make the chest area look wider. 

You can also wear plunging, boat, collar, and jewel necklines.

Skirts Are Your New Best Friend

An apple body type has a wider waistline than hipline, and the easiest way to create a balanced silhouette is to wear skirts. 

Getting the right skirts for an apple-shaped body can make a world of difference.

Here are good skirts for apple-shaped bodies:

  • A-line skirt

    A-line skirts are your best option. This type gradually looks wider, making the waist seem cinched. You can opt for a classic A-line skirt that goes with everything.

    To disguise the midsection, skirts should fall right above the knee, at the knee, or at the calf. If you are shorter, opt for the shortest length.
  • Handkerchief skirt

    Handkerchief skirts may look heavy, but they have the same function as A-lines. Plus, their unique hemline draws the eyes down.

    A knee-length skirt is good, but if you are wearing heels, feel free to opt for just below the knee or the calf, like this handkerchief midi skirt in brighter colors. You can pair it with a navy top.
  • Flowing pleated skirt

    Skirts with soft fabrics fall flat on your figure and may emphasize narrow hips, while layered ones may look too heavy.

    Pleated skirts in structured material can help hide the lower abdominal curvature. Wearing body-hugging skirts and pencil skirts will only emphasize the bulge of the tummy.

Look out for the skirts’ waistbands as well. Wide waistbands may draw attention to your midsection. Look for a waistband that’s not too thick, and if you choose elastic, opt for thin elastic that has good stretch.

A woman is posing in a green and white dress while wearing a black high heels on a studio.

Dresses for an Apple-Shaped Body

The amazing thing about dresses is that you don’t have to pair them with another item. Pants, shirts, and skirts? That’s a chunk of the wardrobe decisions you don’t have to make anymore.

A great apple-shaped body dress comes with pockets, so get the ones with them. The best part of wearing a dress is that with the right length, a dress can elongate your body.

It may seem limited, but people with apple-shaped bodies can work with many outfits.

  • A-line dresses

    An A-line is still the best dress for an apple-shaped body.

    This style works because of its triangular silhouette. The illusion that we want to achieve is wider hips to balance the body, and the A-line does the work.

    The right colors, lines, and patterns for this dress style will contour the body even further.
  • Tent dresses

    A tent dress is under the A-line cut but more stylishly oversized. It doesn’t have a waistline, and it hangs loose from the shoulders.

    When choosing a tent dress, opt for one with a defined cut at the mid-chest. This keeps the breasts together while the lower section hides the rest of the curves.

    If the cut is under the bust, the abdominal area becomes prominent. If it hangs from the shoulders or from the upper chest, the dress may fall flat on your full midsection and draw more attention to your silhouette.

Wide-Legged Pants

One of the most challenging pieces for people who have apple-shaped bodies is pants. But if you know what to look for, you can find the perfect pants or apple-shaped body jeans.

Here are tips to consider when choosing pants for apple-shaped bodies:

  • Short waistbands cinch the waist, making the hips look wider.
  • Wide-leg and flowing pants create a more balanced look.
  • The front and back rise length should be high enough to hide the lower abdominal bulge on the side profile.
  • Prominent back and side pockets help add curves to the hips.
  • Look for flat-front trousers that don’t cling to the body.
  • Sailor pants (bell bottoms) and palazzo pants (wide pants that flair out from the waist) may make you look wider and heavier, but they balance your upper and lower body. Go for the slimming effect of darker fabrics.
  • Jeans that are in deeper shades of denim are advisable for an apple-shaped body. Note that dark denim goes better with dark tops than light.
  • If you have a round and toned bottom, pants can enhance it. If you’re on the flatter side, you can use padded underwear to create shape.

The same principles above go with shorts and skorts. Wide-legged bottoms are great for apple-shaped bodies. A longer front and back rise is still advisable.

While pants tend to look better in darker shades, for skorts and shorts, you can wear brighter colors because these aren’t as fabric-heavy as pants.

Look for hems that are 3 to 5 inches from the crotch, and lengthen your legs, giving them a slimmer look.

Pleated shorts may add a few inches to your hips, so it’s best to avoid these.

Additional Helpful Tips for Apple-Shaped Bodies

Knowing what kind of clothes to buy is important, but that’s not all you need to know. Here are some other essential tips that can help you look your best.

Alter Your Clothes

Not all ready-to-wear clothes always fit everyone. Most celebrities get their clothes modified to make them look fit.

Knowing how to sew comes in handy for everyone. If you don’t have the time to learn the craft, find a friend or local tailor to have your clothes fitted.

Don’t Forget Your Face

How you feel about yourself is the main reason why you should get dolled up. The first person you need to impress is you.

Something as simple as combing your hair and taking a shower can boost your energy. Enhancing your natural beauty will take it to the next level.

Finally, putting on some makeup will tie everything together. Match your clothes and makeup with the occasion, of course.

A woman in a blue dress standing on a street while holding a small red pouch.

Accessorize Carefully

  • Bags and belts

    Don’t use anything bulky since big bags and belts rest on your upper body.
  • Shoes

    If your weight and body size are average to above average, you don’t have to lengthen your body that much. 

    Wearing shoes that have thin straps and narrow heels may imbalance your body. Platforms or flats will work!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Be Skinny and Have an Apple Body Shape?

Although it is rare, you can be skinny and still have an apple-shaped body. Check the criteria above to confirm.

Can an Apple-Shaped Body Have Small Breasts?

Yes. This happens often. Not all apple-shaped bodies are the same. Some are on the slimmer side, while some are heavier.

Some people with an apple-shaped body have small breasts even though the majority often have bigger breasts and are more top-heavy.

Can An Apple Shape Ever Have a Flat Stomach?

Yes. You can see this often with people who have a normal body mass index

Why Do You Need To Understand Your Apple-Shaped Body?

Knowing and accepting your body are the first steps to looking good. What you wear can make or break your mood and may affect your confidence.

There are many fabrics, colors, patterns, and cuts that can elevate your look.

Just because you’re not sculpted like a mannequin doesn’t mean you don’t have options and finding the right outfits for your apple-shaped body can ensure you look and feel great.

May you be slimmer, bigger, or in an ideal weight, an apple body shape is diverse. Be strategic in your alterations and purchases.

Remember, this is only a guide. Add your own flavor and make it yours.

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