Aqualillies for tarte palette – swatches and review

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Dive in to tarte’s most gorgeous palette to date!

tarte aqualillies palette 

“Who and what are Aqualillies?” is what I asked myself when I first found out about the new tarte Cosmetics’ summer collection. I must be hiding under a rock because I soon found out that they are America’s most glamorous synchronized swimming group. No, really. They are incredibly gorgeous and so unbelievably talented it’s kind of insane.


Inspired by these retro-glam water ballerinas, this summer collection is all about looking and staying gorgeous. The Aqualillies for tarte line features products bursting with sun-kissed colors all in waterproof formulas.

To introduce the collection, tarte treated Los Angeles area beauty bloggers and the media to the Annenberg Community Beach House in Santa Monica to witness a performance by the inspiring group. And as you can see, they looked amazing before, during and after the show – and their makeup was still flawless after a dip in the pool.


To get a taste of this talented, eclectic group, check out the Aqualillies site and watch their lively video. You’ll soon be inspired to dive in a pool and start dancing!

Aqualillies for tarte

Who can blame tarte for creating a makeup collection with the Aqualillies as their muses? Talk about a cool concept! Today, we’re looking at the star of the line and between the inspiration to the final execution, the Amazonian Clay Waterproof Eye and Cheek Palette ($38) seriously does not disappoint.

tarte aqualillies palette

Tarte really did make a splash (pun absolutely intended) with this gorgeous, limited edition palette. Our favorite eco-friendly and cruelty-free makeup company just gets better and better. I can just cry tears of joy that this palette includes only eyeshadows and blushes. The fact that it’s waterproof is an awesome idea (more on that in a bit) and you get a full range of products to produce an entire look.

tarte aqualillies palette

Like all tarte collections, Aqualillies features some exquisite packaging. It’s a bit different from what I’ve seen from tarte in the past and it’s a nice change indeed. It’s luxurious, with the aqua/coral/gold combo and beautiful pattern. When I hold it in my hands, I feel like I’m holding a way more expensive product. The palette includes a large mirror under the lid, making it all you need for travel purposes too. My only gripe is that the lid is a bit heavy and can close the compact while standing on its own.

tarte aqualillies palette

Here’s the rundown of what’s inside the Amazonian Clay Waterproof Eye and Cheek Palette:

Six new Eyeshadow shades:
Hammock – chocolate brown
Bikini – golden peach
Barefoot -golden nude
Parasol -champagne rose
Sundeck – light brown
Poolside – turquoise

Park Avenue Princess – matte cocoa brown

Champagne – shimmery white

Limited Edition Blush:
Captivating – warm peach

tarte aqualillies palette

Each and every product in this palette is infused with Amazonian clay making it beneficial to all skin types, resulting in a flawless fade-free finish lasting up to 12 hours. The eyeshadow selection is a neutral palette lover’s dream come true – but with a little twist. The edition of Poolside, a pretty shimmery turquoise, makes it so much more fun!

tarte aqualillies palette swatchesChampagne Highlighter, Park Avenue Princess Bronzer, Captivating Blush

Having four shimmers and two mattes gives a bit of variety too. I know that tarte includes a Park Avenue Princess bronzer a lot in palettes and kits, but you can’t go wrong with it. The highlighter and blush are a dream to use. The blush will go with so many skin tones and if you already love the Amazonian Clay blushes, you will be very pleased with this new peachy shade!

tarte aqualillies palette swatchesEyeshadows: Hammock, Bikini, Barefoot, Parasol, Sundeck, Poolside

I can’t fully vouch for the palette being waterproof because it hasn’t been hot enough for pool or beach days for me quite yet. However, I have worn this out in the sun on some warm days and haven’t seen any colors fading or disappearing. I know some are against makeup at the beach or pool, but if you wanted to use ONE makeup product, let this be it!

I have tested this palette with full looks using nothing but these products and I’m totally in love with the colors and longevity.

tarte aqualillies palette swatchesA closer look at the light shadows

Eco-friendly and cruelty-free!
Formulated without parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate, synthetic fragrance and gluten.
This perfect summer palette is a one stop shop for a full face look.
Can you believe you get all of this for $38? Me neither.

Even with the turquoise eyeshadow, it may be too neutral for some.
Sadly it’s limited edition.

we heartsters – Will you be an Aqualilly this summer with this new tarte collection?

photos: we heart this, swatches shown on NC 25/30 skintone

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  1. The packaging on this is gorgeous! While I didn’t try the palette, I did get the chance to try the liner which glides on beautifully and comes with a brush that has a traditional end and a bent angle end that allows for foolproof lining and makes it so much easier to apply. Tarte just keeps making excellent products!

  2. I have the lipstick – Timeless – and I LOVE it! It’s a corally red that is the perfect retro throwback for modern times. The aesthetics of this collection are amazing. Confession: I thought the box was so pretty I tuck the lipstick back in it after every use. :)

    1. haha! I love their swimsuits too. They are really pretty. I think I kept the box for mine for a while! It’s long gone but I think they did an amazing job with the full execution of this line.

  3. Great review! I love the whole concept behind this line and definitely want to try it out.

    1. I would say shop sooner than later because it’s limited edition! :'(

  4. I love this photo shoot! I also love the Aqualillies for Tarte! What a fab palette, it’s huge! I want this one soooo badly! Great colors for me. I am a swimmer too and love that this stuff has staying power for us wet-ones! I also want the bathing cap.. I’m sure it will be better then the get-up I wear in public! Great review @mandabear!

  5. Wow, It’s love at first sight, over here! What an wesome product! (Great review), and those swimsuits, and retro lipstick are too pretty! Love the whole concept!

  6. I love the Aqualillies! They performed all summer long at the Beverly Hills Hotel last year…so cool. Even more cool is waterproof makeup with these retro-lovelies as inspiration! Sometimes I want to go to the beach to swim and hang out in a quiet, hippy-dippy way, without makeup or worries about my practical-for-swimming-ensemble. Then, there are those times when I go with friends for a beach party atmosphere, often spilling into the evening hours at close-by eating and drinking establishments–these are the times that I like to have my face on. Unfortunately, this usually consists of blindly applying gloss and mascara in a mirrorless beach bathroom before heading out. How wonderful it would be to have a waterproof makeup that looks great (and matches the glamour of my retro-pool-party-glamour-puss swimsuits and coverups)! I would love to have this…

    1. exactly – even if there’s sun and water I want a good face!!!

  7. I am in love with the packaging! It is right up my alley. Who does not like everything housed in one central location?

  8. Love this compact! Fun summer colors, staying power, and one of my favorite brands, I think this is going on my summer “to buy” list immediately!

  9. @mandabear, thanks for the background on this collection! These ladies are so lovely, and I do covet their swimsuits. I have this palette. You are SO RIGHT–BUY IT NOW BECAUSE IT IS LIMITED (or weep later when it’s $186.00 on eBay)! You did a fantastic job at exposing the beautiful undertones to the colors. When you use this palette, you simply glow. I had seen it online, but when I fingered the colors in person, I immediately bought it. And then I bought another for my sister. I have put the colors through a very long day in heat and humidity and purposely slept with makeup on (I should be doing community service, to be sure). When I awoke, the colors had not budged and were just as vibrant. I can’t love this any more, and you did a tremendous job of introducing it!

  10. The packaging is amazing–the box looks so South Beach cool and I love the orange and turquoise combo. I tried the eyeliner which is a beautiful, deep turquoise in the pot. To say it goes on perfectly is an understatement! The application brush provides a smooth, clean line, even with a slightly shaky hand. It worked well with my light brown eyes and I think it would look fabulous with blues, greens, and deeper browns.

  11. GOOD LORD, THIS IS GORGEOUS. The packaging is amazing, I can’t stop staring. The product is pretty too, but goodness, that packaging! And yay for waterproof, I need that in the hot Texas heat…

    I’m a fan of synchronized swimming, mostly because of Pushing Daises and years of Esther Williams movies. The Aqualillies swimsuits are gorgeous too, I want one!!

  12. Those ladies are SO talented. They’re such an awesome inspiration for a summer/waterproof makeup collection!!! And it looks like tarte has come up with adorable packaging and perfect colors (as usual).

  13. The packaging of this collection makes me so happy! I would love seeing all that aqua on my makeup table. Glad to hear the palette performs as great as it looks, @mandabear . I usually don’t wear makeup to the beach, but waterproof makeup would be great for everyday, too. It’s already so hot where I live, my eye makeup melts by mid-day. I’m going to splurge before it’s too late.

  14. I saw this collection and fell in love. I promptly grabbed the palette, the lipstick, and the turquoise liner. All items scream “SUMMER!” and impart a healthy glow and a pop of color. The palette is magical. I’ve got oily lids and always loved the look of a sheer, golden shimmery shadow on my lids, but sheer shadows tend to vanish on me quickly–these last about 4 hours on me (usually a sheer/pale/shimmery shadow vanishes after about an hour). The Amazonian clay really makes a difference. The lipstick is a little bright for the faint of heart, but it looks awesome on my pale, dark-haired self. It also lasts most of the day and fades to a gorgeous stain. The cream liner is glorious, but I like it as a cream shadow. I apply it all over my lid and use the highlighter in the palette on my brow bones. Lovely! The staying power on this collection is magnificent–perfect for beach or everyday wear :)

  15. Beautiful, but I am always leery of powder eyeshadows toted as “waterproof.”

    Will that stop me from getting it? Probably not (even though I really don’t need MORE NEUTRALS. Who can go wrong with neutrals?)

    1. To be honest, while the waterproof aspect is really cool, it’s not a huge selling point for me. I think it’s because I’m a city girl who rarely sees a beach or pool of water…I DO see a lot of rain so that may help! I think the palette quality and packaging does enough for me :)

  16. Tarte always puts out the best collections! This one looks like a summer must have!! I adore the theme. And the packaging is to die for. It all looks very “wearable” to me. And my dog recently ate my brand new tube of Tarte lipstick-so don’t I owe it to myself to get some new Tarte?

    1. @kellie76 – I have looked in the makeup buying by-laws and yes, you DO get to buy yourself a new lipstick for every one that is eaten by a family member!

  17. Powder eyeshadow and blush that’s water proof?! How does that work? $38 isn’t too much to pay to test the theory (heh, even if it isn’t waterproof the colors are beautiful!), I think I can get on board with this! And thanks for the link to the Aqualillies website, what a fun group!

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