Archipelago – Best of Soy Milk travel set

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Great things really do come in small packages!

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Why is everything better in a smaller size? Bite-size candy bars, teeny tiny kitty cats, mini-cupcakes; they all make me swoon with delight. My fascination with all things little and wee extends to beauty products; unless it is something I love, I vastly prefer travel sizes.

Those little bottles allow me to try a product without much commitment; plus they are cute and easy to carry. So when I got the Best of Soy Milk Gift Set from Archipelago Botanicals ($20) my heart did a little happy dance.

Archipelago Botanicals is well-known for their soy candles, (in fact, the wht team raved over these classic candles in this review) but their bath and body products are most definitely nothing to sneeze at. Just like the elegant candle collections, the bath and body products feature simple and appealing packaging, high-end, natural ingredients and distinctive scents.

In fact, bath and body product lovers will have a blast sampling Archipelago’s range of lush scents like Sugar (with vanilla, mango and coconut), Pomegranate and Boticario de Havana (a mixture of coffee bean, tobacco flower and extracts of orange, sugar cane and pineapple – yum).

The wht team tested items from the Soy Milk line, which takes our dairy consumption to a whole new level! Using this centuries old beauty secret ingredient, Archipelago combines dried milk solids and natural soy proteins to sooth, soften and nourish dry skin.

These pure and simple ingredients mean there’s no reason to add synthetic chemicals, parabens, phthalates or sulfates. And no worries for animal lovers – all Archipelago products are cruelty-free, formulated with ingredients developed without the need for laboratory tests on animals.

The Best of Soy Milk Gift Set comes packaged in a cute little box stuffed with Archipelago’s most popular Soy Milk products. It’s perfect for planes, trains and automobiles and includes travel sizes of their Soy Lotion, Milk Body Wash and Soy Milk Hand Crème, as well as a tube of their Milk Lip Balm.

Sadly, I was unable to test the Milk Lip Balm as I am allergic to its sunscreen ingredients, but our very own lip balm addict, Tyna claims it quickly became one of her high rotation balms. She says “this super soft, smooth and lush balm glides onto lips and stays put for hours. I found the sweet creamy scent to be irresistible – it reminds me of the old-fashion, homemade (by the local Amish) sweet cream ice cream of my youth (sort of like vanilla, but not quite). The added SPF15 makes this balm a must in my (highly selective) permanent collection.”

I was able to dive into the other Milk products and started with the Milk Body Wash. This foaming wash adds oat and rice proteins to the Milk formula for an extra gentle, yet thorough clean. I was happy to see this body wash lathers well and my body was left feeling fresh and clean but my skin was still nice and soft.

The Soy Milk Body Lotion is a best seller at Archipelago and I can see why. The soy proteins in the formula are known to help hydrate cells and keep them that way. This luxurious, yet not heavy all over body lotion worked really well on my dry areas, of which there are many due to the lovely HOT weather we’re having.

My favorite item, however, has to be the hydrating Soy Milk Hand Crème. It’s thick formula soaked into my parched digits and left my cuticles very moisturized. Just be careful, it comes in a tube that can be easily confused with toothpaste in your travel bag in a dark bathroom. (That was a fun 5am discovery…) But for the amazing job this lush crème did on my hands, it’s a risk worth taking.

There is for me, unfortunately, one major flaw – its scent. The lotion and body crème in particular, while not bad, were just very…peculiar. It has a creamy scent due to the milk solids, but it is creamy in its true form – like frothy milk on a cappuccino. However, there’s also another vaguely herbal scent to it (possibly chamomile?) This would appeal to users who prefer a natural to their products.

Archipelago’s Milk set proved itself to be a good solid line with its hydrating powers and lush formulas, but the scent, is not my cup of tea. Retailing for a reasonable 20 bucks, and with its neutral scent and classy packaging, the Soy Milk travel set makes a nice gift for someone whose taste you don’t know that well (a co-worker, perhaps). It’s definitely on my list for no-worries, unisex gifts during the upcoming holiday season.

As for this travel size loving lady, I’m off to daydream over all of the other travel sets available from Archipelago including additional bath and body sets, mini tins of their signature candles and even mini diffusers. It’s a small size lovers dream!

we heartsters – has the Best of Soy Milk products become part of your daily diet?

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    Alyssa is kinda geeky, kinda girly and all the way in love with her cowboy husband who can say words like, “ornery” with a straight face. She live in Texas and is working on her Masters, being a good cook and the art of looking cute in the morning AND being on time for work. skin tone: NC42 skin type: oily to normal favorite beauty product: nail polish and mascara


  1. I got to test out this set and I’m with Alyssa–the scent is not my cup of tea. It’s a mix of creamy milk and an herbal/floral fragrance. I’m just not a fan of herbal or floral fragrances. That being said, I’d say this fragrance is decidedly unisex, as on our last mini trip, the hubby used this and didn’t complain about it being “too girly”.
    The body wash is a pearly cream that lathers just enough and leaves skin soft. It definitely requires a bath poof–loofah gloves didn’t lather this enough for me.
    The soy lotion leaves skin noticeably softer and seems to retain moisture longer than many other lotions I’ve tried. However, the fragrance lingers for a while.
    The hand creme I loved. I loved it so much that I used it on my elbows and heels and it did great things on those body parts as well. The fragrance in this didn’t seem as overpowering, but it was on body parts away from my nose, so maybe that’s why?
    The lip balm is a new favorite. It has a subtle sugary scent to it that is addictive. The stuff also WORKS. I live in New England and I pretty much require lip balm and this stuff really plumps my lips up. I put it on at the beginning of my morning routine and by the time I’m ready for lipstick, this stuff makes my lips a nice, smooth canvas. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
    I definitely think this would make a great Secret Santa gift or a “Just Because” kind of gift.
    I think this set would also be lovely in a guest bathroom–the packaging is very chic and I tend to make up my guest room and bath up like a B&B, so I adore leaving fun travel sized toiletries out for guests.
    This one gets 4 stars from me :)

    1. This set in a guest bathroom would be so cute, I might have to steal your idea! :-)

      And after your and Tyna’s raves about the lip balm, I’m sad I couldn’t try it!

  2. @lyssachelle , thanks for the very informative post. I’m already in love with Archipelago’s candles, and I’d love to try their skincare options (especially the Milk Lip Balm) … and get a few travel candles while I’m at it.

  3. Love their candles. Will have to keep my eye out for their body products. The lip balm sounds yummy!

  4. What a sharp little set! I’m wondering if my addiction to milk will make me a fan of the scent?

  5. This is a solid four stars from me. The scent didn’t wow me, but the formula in general did! I initially thought it would only be three, but now that I’ve used up all my travel sizes, I find myself contemplating getting bigger bottles…
    Okay, who am I kidding, I’ll end up trying the travel sizes in another scent. My weakness for wee things is too great! :-)

  6. I LOVED the lip balm and hand cream. They are so moisturizing. The body lotion and body wash weren’t anything special, unfortunately. All of them had a faint unoffensive fragrance to them, kind of milky and kind of a bit of oatmeal-ish? In any case, this is a great buy for those who travel, or those who like travel sized items (just because they look so darn cute). Very practical, very affordable, and makes a nice gift. Four stars.

  7. Wow, the set is only $20?! Awesome! I love Archipelago’s candles so much that I simply must have this travel set. I tend to like “vaguely herbal” scents, so that shouldn’t be a problem. I think this would be great to have a few sets on hand for hostess gifts, last minute “whoops, you got me a present and I didn’t get one for you!” gifts, and for the guest bathroom/guest toiletry. (Oh how I wish for a guest bathroom, but separate toiletries are all the niceties you get around here. Next house!)
    Awesome review @lyssachelle !

  8. I have really enjoyed using this set. Everything is very moisturizing. I especially love the lip balm. But I do agree that the scent is sort of blahh!!

  9. As a business traveler– I loved this the compact and smart packaging of this set. My favorite thing far and away was the hand creme. It really “quenched” my thirsty dry hands. I also think this would be a great little box to have in your guest bathroom for company to use when they come visit.

    The downside for me was the scent –which was a bit lackluster. It is hard to describe but, just did nothing for me.

    Four stars.

  10. Thinking I need to check out the lip balm! I’m always on the hunt for new ones.

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