Ardell False Lashes (including the new Color Impact) – review, photos and looks

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Color Impact, LashLites, Edgy and Double Ups – oh my!

photos: marilyn for we heart this

There’s something incredibly alluring about long, lush lashes. Since the invention of false eyelashes in 1916, the demand for beautiful lash products has grown tremendously. In addition to false lashes, there are lash extensions and growth serums, as well a variety of mascara formulas.

Even with all of the advancements, false lashes are still a standby for women across the world. Their versatility, price point, and quick application, thanks to companies like Ardell, have made and kept them very popular.

Ardell was founded in 1971 by Arnold and his wife Sydell Miller (fun fact: the brand name Ardell is a combination of Arnold and Sydell’s names). Ardell has been making lashes for over 40 years, with a huge range of styles from natural looking strip lashes to dramatic bedazzled lashes. Almost all Ardell lashes are handmade with sterilized human hair.

I was sent several pairs of Ardell’s newest lashes to test out. I usually only wear fake lashes for special occasions, but given the number of lashes I needed to test out, I was rockin’ the falsies at work too! Let’s take a look at them in action, starting with a few from the new Color Impact line containing lashes made to enhance eye color.

Color Impact Lashes in Blue 110 – While you would think that blue eyelashes would get noticed, they’re natural enough that no one mentioned them at work. The effect of the color is subtle, and these lashes add a bit of length and volume.

Color Impact Lashes in Wine 110 – these beauties enhance blue, green and hazel eyes

Color Impact Lashes in Plum Demi Wispies – The purple strands are meant to enhance blue, green and brown eyes. These lashes add a moderate amount of length and volume.

The wht team and I also got a look at the LashLites collection. These lashes are a bit shorter in length compared to most false eyelashes and designed to “create volumious lashes with delicate flare”. They’re great to add a bit of oomph to your look without appearing overly made up.

LashLites in Black 330 – These lashes are very subtle and great for a day time look. They make your lashes look a little bit fuller, but not much longer.

LashLites in Black 330

LashLites in Black 330

When you are ready to amp up your style, check out Ardell’s Edgy collection. These lashes combine natural strip lashes with accented edges.

Edgy lashes in Black 403 – These seem very glam, especially because of the long tail ends of the lashes.

Edgy lashes in Black 403

I felt really obvious and conspicuous wearing these lashes to work. However, the effect is more subtle than I thought – at the end of the day only one female coworker asked if I was wearing fake lashes, and my fiancé didn’t even notice. These were my favorite lashes by far.

Edgy lashes in Black 403

Edgy lashes in Black 402 – These spiky lashes add some serious drama.

Edgy lashes in Black 404 – this pair adds extra length and some super volume to the outer lashes.

Finally, Ardell’s new Double Up Lashes have twice as many lashes thanks to a double strip for a full on glamorous look. Perfect for performers of all types!

Glamour lashes in Double Up Black 203 – These lashes add incredibly dramatic fullness to your lashes, as well as length. They’re so long, they touched my eyebrows. These are intense.

Glamour lashes in Double Up Black 203

Overall, the Ardell lashes are good quality – most styles were sturdy enough that you can reuse them a few times, but also soft enough that they’re not uncomfortable.
There are LOTS of options for any type of look (natural or dramatic or over the top)
They’re a good value and readily available at your local drugstore – only $3.99$5.99 a pair!

Your mileage may vary when it comes to reusing them. My favorite pair came apart when I was removing them from my lid, and came apart more as I tried to pick the glue off. The other pairs held up better.

we heartsters – are you a false lash wearer? Do you save them for a big night out or wear them daily?

Marilyn is a makeup maniac and slow but stubborn runner. She loves color coding her day planner, reading celebrity gossip and drinking good wine. Marilyn blogs about makeup and fitness over at her blog, Lipgloss and Spandex.

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  1. After I was done testing these, my eyelids felt so naked! I really enjoyed testing these, and would definitely consider repurchasing them, ESPECIALLY the Edgy Lashes in Black 403. Although they did fall apart when I tried to reuse them, I still love how they look and am considering them for my wedding this summer! I love the variety and really feel that there are lashes for everyone from Ardell. Five stars.

  2. I loved playing with these.. I took them into work for assistance, putting them on was quite amusing.. I think the lashes are really pretty and they really look natural. I lean toward the ones that are not as full.. like #335. But for tonight’s concert in LA (YES) I will sport the #105. THEY HAVE FLAIR! These are pretty durable too.. I had them on and off so many times and they are cleaning up easy and holding form.. Not bad at all for a fin.. that means five bucks!

  3. Oooh, I loved seeing how all of these looked; gorgeous! I was considering picking up the colored ones but was afraid they would look garish–but they looked nice and subtle on you. I tested the Edgy 406 lashes (they have a much thicker volume at the outer corners) and they applied easily, although I had the same curling-up-at-the-inner-corner issue I always do–I find the glue just doesn’t want to adhere there properly, for some reason. At any rate, the Edgy 406 style would be good for a night out, but they are a little much for daily style/the workplace. They are a great base for a dramatic cat eye, though–just a little flick of eyeliner and you have a really lush, striking look.

    1. The Color Impact ones aren’t something I would usually gravitate toward because I’d be worried the effect would be more “Halloween” than elegant. But after testing them out, I’m super impressed.

      The inner corner is a toughie. Making sure the lashes aren’t too long helps, as does letting the glue dry for almost a whole minute, instead of just 30 seconds.

  4. I tested Edgy 404, the sweetest little lashes I’ve ever worn. When I apply mascara, I always catch myself paying extra attention to the outer corners of my eyes. Edgy 404 does the work for me and then some! 404 gives a very dramatic look that I would never attempt for daytime, but it’s perfect for a night out. I’ve worn them twice and hope to get a few more wears out of them before they fall apart.
    I love Ardell for making such a large selection of lashes at such reasonable prices. I think I’ll treat myself to Color Impact lashes next because they look so great on you, @lipglossandspandex ! 5 stars for Ardell.

  5. @lipglossandspandex — Excellent breakdown on all the types of lashes. This helps guide a “lash novice” such as myself really decide what kind of lashes are best to achieve the look I am going for.

    I tested the lash lites and just like Marilyn said they added and extra oomph and subtle volume to my already thick lashes. I did not feel self conscious wearing them day to night. They are durable and did not irrate my eyes in anyway.

    5 stars.

  6. Ooo! I love a good pair of fake lashes! I have to tell you, @lipglossandspandex, whenever I see your posts, I am in awe of your eye makeup! With the falsies, it is just fab!!!
    I want to try the edgies to get that Bambi look!

  7. I’m not a frequent false lash wearer but love them whenever I do. I remember looking at these in the package when I first got them and thought they may be…well, a bit much. Looks are deceiving– I almost think I could wear 405 during the day (though I haven’t tried that yet). My lashes are sparsest at the outer corners which is exactly where these have crazy fullness. It doesn’t translate to “crazy,” though; instead, it looks more like nature intended. Well, maybe an eensy bit more than nature intended. That’s good.

    1. Nothing wrong with adding just a little oomph to your lashes! ;) I love that even the Edgy lashes aren’t costumey. They definitely have a bit more flair than a basic pair, but it’s not obvious that you’re wearing fake lashes.

  8. Lashes and color and length–oh, my! @lipglossandspandex, you did a magnificent job of explaining and modeling the various types of lashes available (I tend to be naive about them and had no idea). You look LOVELY–DEFINITELY wear them for your wedding (and congratulations to you, gorgeous one!). I wore false eyelashes once at Halloween and, wow they were extremely dramatic, I felt oh-so-sexy. The colored demi lashes in plum would be great for my green-speckled hazel eyes. Thanks much!

    1. Thank you, darling! There is something fun about putting on a pair of false lashes… it really does make you feel a million times more glamorous :) The plum lashes would look so fantastic on you.

  9. omg those lashes look awesome on you! :) you look very lovely. i’m really curious about the color enhancing ones

    1. All of you gals are just making me feel so good! Thank you :) I wouldn’t normally even think of trying the color enhancing ones, but now that I have, I really do like them!

  10. You look so great in lashes, @lipglossandspandex! I think I’m more of a LashLites girl; as much as I adore mascara, for some reason I don’t dig false lashes. (WEIRD, right?)
    I got to try Edgy lashes in Black 406 and WHOA MAMA. These are some serious lashes. If I could do a proper cat-eye, these would be perfect for it. I had some inner corner issues, but like @amity, this is always an issue for me.
    Four stars from me, but if you’re a false lashes fan, it’d be five stars all the way!

  11. I’ve NEVER had falsies up until receiving two pairs of these Ardell ones. I was actually very very excited because I pass by the Ardell display all the time at my local Rite Aid and get curious. It seems like a lot of work at first but once you get the hang of it, it’s so fun!

    I received the Edgy 401 and Blue Demi Wispies. I LOVE the outer drama that the Edgy gave my lashes. Something I always wish for on the daily :) The blue ones were really cool! I always knew that blue mascara, liner, etc enhances brown eyes and these were very cool and interesting without being silly. @lipglossandspandex – I must say you look awesome in ALL of the lashes you tested!

    the price for a quick yet major eyelash fix is pretty amazing with these. 5 stars!

  12. I tested out Lash Lights in 333 and I love them! They’re perfect for a day when you just need a little more oomph. I wore them on a day when attending an event where I knew the press would be present because if my mug may end up in the paper I want to look good! No one seemed to notice that I was wearing flasies, but plenty mentioned that I looked “nice” and more awake! That’s good enough for me!
    I’ve worn 333 twice now and they still seem good to go for another day. Definitly a repurchase at just $5!

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