Aussie Total Miracle Collection 7 N 1 Review

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Hair (And The Grape Scent) You Remember, But Better!

They say that scents are triggers to the past. Just like a tin of lemon candies and peppermint gum remind me of the inside of my aunt’s purse – the great, grape-ape, life-saver-y scent of Aussie Hair products take me back to my college dorm room on a Thursday night. The early 90’s are thick with memories of big, scrunchilicious hair, as well as the scents that made them. Aussie, and its scent, was a part of my checkered past…until the Total Miracle Collection arrived.


Redmond, the company of an American businessman of the same name who used ingredients found in Australia to make hair care products, made the Aussie of my past. The Aussie product today has been bought by the beauty behemoth, Proctor and Gamble, and has become a huge international brand (practically everywhere BUT Australia). Their products are, however, much as I remember.

For review I received the Aussie Total Miracle Collection 7 N 1 Shampoo, Conditioner and Dry shampoo. A blast from the past, for sure, these Aussie products showed me there could be a place for them in my future.


The 7 N 1 Shampoo and the 7 N 1 Conditioner claim to moisturize, silken, soften, strengthen, detangle, protect and control your hair (that’s 7, count ‘em!). It really does seem to do these. Particularly noticeable are the moisturizing, silken, soften and detangle aspects.

My hair is oily and fine, but my ends are fried. This combination usually leads to products that are too drying, conditioners that are too heavy…or, conversely, conditioners that are not heavy enough, making it impossible to drag a comb through my hair without breaking any. These products are quite well balanced, and my hair looks healthier and shinier for having used these.

The only Australian ingredient of Aussie’s past that I noticed is jojoba seed oil, but for those waxing nostalgic, the grape candy scent is indeed intact. Strangely, the nostalgic scent is the only thing that no longer seems to thrill me about the Total Miracle Collection. Go figure.


I also tried the Total Miracle 7 N 1 Dry Shampoo. Now, with oily hair like mine, rare is the day that I will skip washing my hair. I have used dry shampoos before, but was never a fan.

The dry shampoo is similar to others I have tried in that it is an aerosol that has a powdery-white finish. Applying it in sections close to my scalp and brushing it through is quite effective in soaking up oil. When brushed thoroughly, the white residue does not remain on my hair, but there is a matte quality to the hair after use.


The 7 N 1 Dry Shampoo does give instantaneous volume, as well as accentuates my natural wave. In this product, the scent is most prominent. I smelled like a lollipop all day after using it. Yellow Jackets were quite attracted to my bouffant as well.

While the 7 N 1 Dry Shampoo isn’t something that I’d use every day, it is certainly nice to have around in a pinch, beating a pony and a headscarf any day.

All in all, Aussie is better performing than I remember. I love the look and feel of my hair after using the Total Miracle 7 N 1 Shampoo and Conditioner. Even my scalp is in better condition than prior to using these. The 7 N 1 Dry Shampoo, too, does its job quite well, soaking up oil, creating beachy waves, and pumping up the volume to the max.

And if you are itching for a whiff of that scent to take you back…well, there’s that, too.

Ladies, did you all buy Aussie by the case way back when? Are you ready to give it another try?

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  1. I recently picked up the Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle Deeep Conditioner–basically on a nostalgic whim. We used this line in high school, and you’re right–what a distinctive, memory-triggering scent. Interestingly, the scent of the current product seems much more subtle and less obnoxious than I recall it back in the day. And I may pick up the dry shampoo–always looking for a little extra oomph in the volume department!

  2. I used to love Aussie!! I am totally pumped to try it again-it’s been forever. I used to go crazy for that grape smell. I can’t believe that they have a dry shampoo now. That’s insane and will be buying some yesterday!!

  3. Oh that Aussie smell! I too loved the scent and products in the 90’s and this post has me ready to go grab some on my next drugstore visit! Very interesting that you feel it is a little more subtle @amity – can wait to see what my nose thinks.

    I use dry shampoo every other day (in between washes) and sometime even before a night out if I washed my hair in the morning. I am running out of my current bottle, so I’ve got Aussie on my list as my fine, limp hair could always use some help with volume.

  4. That scent definitely brings back memories! I will definitely try the dry shampoo because I use a dry shampoo regularly.

  5. The scent is lovely, but I enjoyed it more when I was younger. The older I am getting the less I can appreciate scents that are too sweet. The products itself do leave the hair very soft =) Thank you for the wonderful review.

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