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Jenelle is a DIY fashion blogger from Canada who's believes you can be fashionable while staying on a budget. Traveling the world, meeting Justin Timberlake and attending Fashion Week are just a few things on her bucket list. Check out her blog, Nelle Creations for more DIY fun.

DIY: Jewelry Necklace Organizer

Hang necklaces in an orderly row with this one simple tip! I’m not sure about all you other fashionistas out there but I’ve always had a hard time finding a place to hang all my necklaces where I can see them all. When I found an extra towel rack in my spare closet, turning it …

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DIY Jewelry: Glitter Ring

DIY Glitter Ring

The Easiest (and Most Sparkly) DIY Ever! Glitter is a great accessory to add to any outfit. So being able to add some glittery bling in a matter of seconds with a ring is the perfect go-to statement piece for me. This DIY jewelry project will only take you seconds to complete and will leave …

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DIY Fashion: Studded Shirt Collar

DIY Studded Shirt

Add the season’s hottest look to your style in just 5 minutes! Everywhere you look right now you see studs – on clothes, nails, iPhone cases, the list goes on. So this month I decided to share a DIY fashion project centered around the season’s must have look. This Studded Shirt Collar is a no-sew …

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How To: DIY Collar Necklace

Why pay for the latest ‘it’ fashion statement? Make your own! photos: jenelle for we heart this Everywhere I look, fashion magazines and bloggers are all over the Collar Necklace trend. I love the look, but as a budget shopper, I am having a hard time handing over $20 for something so simple. So this …

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How To: Make your own Red Heels

Flash a bit of red and save A LOT of green with this DIY photos: jenelle for we heart this With last month’s DIY involving a lot of sewing (the Winterized Headband), I thought I would make a DIY that is accessible to everyone, sewing machine or not! This one is very simple and what’s …

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