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Stefanie has done everything in food from wearing a hair net and working a fryer to inspecting classy restaurants. For now, she's just happy cooking in her kitchen alongside her pug Weezer, her husband, and most definitely accompanied by a glass of wine.

Light Green Goddess Dip Recipe

Whip up a ‘super bowl’ of this dip for snack fans this weekend! I have never been a snacker. Well, until this past year. I blame my husband. Seriously! He is always searching for a little something in between meals. I know there is no way he is hungry, because I make all the meals …

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Giant Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

Or how I make Christmas morning a little more festive! So the holidays are upon us. It is official. The thing that stinks, yet is kinda awesome, about my holidays is that my family and my husband’s family live so far apart. We are at the point where it just isn’t feasible to travel to …

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Sage and Brown Butter Penne Recipe

It’s pasta season! Add a twist to the family fave with this cozy, nutty version Brown butter? Are you into it yet? No? You don’t know what brown butter is? Well, let me tell you. Brown butter is what happens when you heat butter until all the milk solids cook down and slightly brown. What …

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Easy Caprese Hummus Recipe

Everybody loves hummus – a new twist on an old fave! For a while now, I have been off hummus. I’m not saying hummus isn’t amazing, it totally is. It’s just that every time I went anywhere or had any amount of people over, it was all I made. It’s so easy – if you …

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