B. Kamins Chemist – Acne line review

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Oh Canada, how I love you! Many of the little things in my life that bring me the most joy come from our friends North of the border: hockey, Degrassi (the original and TNG), Douglas Copeland, Molson Dry Beer, Keanu Reeves, Trivial Pursuit, Bran Van 3000, saying “aboot” for “about” (which never gets old in my house) and now, the hard working line of beauty products from B. Kamins Chemist.

A big shout out to Ilissa at B. Kamins Chemist for sending the we heart this review team an array of products to test. First, some basics: this line of specialized skin care was developed by pharmaceutical chemist, Ben Kaminsky, who had a calling to create products that efficiently treat problem skin without expensive and painful visits to a dermatologist. Right away, when reading their mission statement, you know this is a line you can respect and trust. B. Kamins Chemist “bridges the gap between the physician’s office and traditional cosmetic treatments. (Our) mission is to successfully solve problematic and everyday skin conditions responsibly. We will not mislead or make outlandish claims, but rather provide realistic solutions. (Our) pharmaceutical grade brand, prides itself on using only the highest quality ingredients to create a prestigious and intelligent product under the strictest standards. Our goal is to provide results-driven, reparative treatments for all skin types in gentle yet effective formulas.”

Wow, “intelligent products” and “realistic solutions” is not what I am used to hearing from skin care companies and I really appreciate it! I love that this line doesn’t promise me that I’ll wake up wrinkle free and never get another pimple again. Nope, B. Kamins Chemist just pledges that “as pioneers of innovative formulas we intend to always be leaders in the field of cosmeceuticals.” To that end, all of their products contain their exclusive ingredient, the Bio-Maple compound, which is “a natural extract from select Canadian maple trees, that hydrates, helps cell turnover, and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles.”

B. Kamins Chemist products focus on a number of skin conditions that are common complaints in my group of friends, including sensitive, rosacea, problematic (i.e. acne) menopausal and extra dry skin types. Today, we will be reading reviews from our testers that received products in the B. Kamins Chemist line for combating pimples. Check back for a review of some of the anti-aging peels from B. Kamins Chemist April 9th. For now, we’ll get the low down on the following acne busters:

Hydrating Acne Wash
An everyday face wash that “helps to control acne breakouts caused by bacteria, excess oil, hormonal changes and stress… while improving skin’s texture and reducing the appearance of blemishes, breakouts and spots.” This was my pick to review. I was intrigued with a wash specifically for acne that promised to hydrate my face as well. After months of indoor heat, my face was craving a light wash but I always need to watch out for pimples.

Clear Control Corrective Mattifier
icon“A progressive topical treatment that helps clear breakouts, reduce congestion and control shine.” Continued use keeps gives skin a matte surface and “results are improved clarity and a more radiant and healthy complexion.” Hmm, sounds like a primer (a must have for oily skinned gals) with some special bonuses (like anti-oxidant vitamins) that keep skin bright.

Clear Control Purifying Masque
iconWe all love a nice masque when we need some relaxation time and this one contains “mattifying and balancing actives (to) help control shine, while natural plant extracts help rid the skin of impurities.” Additionally, (and this made me perk up, I can’t wait to hear the review) the masque contains a “specialized skin lightening complex helps fade past acne scars and brighten the complexion.”

Medicated Acne Gel 10
This oil-free, color- free, benzoyl peroxide gel “helps to gently clear spots, blackheads and blemishes.” Yet, unlike the telltale white, benzoyl peroxide products of our youth, this gel “contains the moisturizing Bio-Maple™ compound, which helps prevent skin from becoming excessively dry and flaky.” Finally!
Have we found a spot treatment that clears up blemishes without creating a patch of dry, itchy skin?

So what did our testers think of B. Kamins Chemist? Our chicks will give us their thoughts in the comment section on these acne fighters from the Great White North. Join us and let us know your favorite imports from Canada.


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  1. grrr, pimples! There’s probably not a bigger source of annoyance in my life. So I was super excited to try the B. Kamins acne line. Picking was easy for me, I went for the Medicated Acne Gel. As soon as I read that this 10% benzoyl peroxide solution was the strongest on the market I was sold. Cause when I get a pimple-I want it GONE! Who doesn’t, you ask? Well, true. But I can get a bit nuts with targeting them, using up to 5 products at once. Then I have a blemish surrounded by a big patch of dry skin…

    This stuff is great! It truly does vanish the pimple, fast. I did have some dry skin, but not excessively (just like they claim). Honestly, I used it overnight and in the AM, the pimple had already shown signs of retreat.

    The texture is a bit different, it is a bit gritty. But it seems to feel like beads that burst as you rub. It works, I got over the grit real fast!

    I’m totally wanting that masque now too! The thought of fading old acne marks is very exciting.

    Great product from a great company!

  2. I received the Clear Control Corrective Mattifier! And I LOVE it. it’s been a long time since i’ve fallen in love with a product and i was so excited from the moment i first tried it. In the past i’ve used one of thier face washes and i really liked that. So, when i received this product i was totally excited to try something new from B. Kamins, plus i’ve tried a mattifier before. As soon as i got it, i washed my face and then proceeded to use that on the T-Zone that the instructions say to do so. But it was so awesome going on i used it on my entire face! It gave my skin a totally smooth finish and very soft. I can actually see a difference in my skin. I have a lot less blackheards and break outs. I don’t get too many break outs anyway but i really haven’t had any zits since i started using it. Another great thing is if i’m wearing make up. After a few hours my skin gets oily from foundation and stuff, but putting this on first made my makeup go on smoother and ZERO shine.

  3. Bronwen, you forgot to mention your favorite import from Canada (that would be her husband) and you have me craving the Corrective Mattifier, it sounds just like I imagined.

    I tested the Bio-Maple Hydrating Acne Wash and it was just what I hoped! The wash is a clear liquid/gel in a fabulous and convenient pump dispenser. It has an almost undetectable scent, which I like and the liquid foams into a luxurious feeling lather. It’s oil free but feels so moisturizing at the same time. And as promised, it is still somehow a deep cleanser, getting rid of all the grease, oil and even make up on my face. After a few weeks of testing my face has been feeling soothed and calm (during the winter I can get blotchy and red pretty easily) and super clean. Oh and if you are lucky enough to have a clarisonic brush, this soap works so well with it. Some soaps are too thin and watery to last through a clarisonic wash, with the Hydrating Acne Wash you can go a second time! Bonus, this bottle will last you longer than the same size of another brand. Finally, the true test – the break out test. I did not get any sort of “what’s this new product” break out AND I didn’t the regular “that time of month” breakout either. B. Kamins says that this wash is formulated to “help to control acne breakouts caused by bacteria, excess oil, hormonal changes and stress.” And it really seems to work with my skin, which is prone to hormonal and stress breakouts. I would definitely recommend this wash for normal to oily skinned girls, especially those that have problems with products drying out their skin.

  4. I received the Bio-Maple Clear Control Purifying Masque for special skin care needs. It’s classified as a clay masque. So I see clay and think ok it’s go to dry and crack and I will feel my pores shrinking and since it’s winter (until tomorrow) I will have to hydrate my oily skin or like Stef I’ll have dry skin around my breakouts. I was shocked when it didn’t dry and crack and suck the moisture out…pleasently shocked. This masque is so gentle it can be used 2-3 times a week. Now I say gentle but it sure packs a punch. Clean your face, apply toner and then the masque-I love typing masque instead of mask, it makes me feel fancy!! Anyhoo this product smells great, not like maple at all, thank goodness and it works without causing you to use 7 other products after it. I have this thing, I think a product for cleansing has to tingle, burn or cause pain to prove to me it works so for the first week I had little faith in my masque. Given the devoted tester I am I kept up with it and I must say I am so glad I did. My skin looks great, I’ve been waiting for everyones reviews to come so I could see what else to buy from the line. T- I’m so buying that wash, what a bonus that you can use with a Clarisonic. Ladies or even gents this is an awesome gentle but effective masque that I highly recommend.

  5. Yes, i did forget about Peter! But its a close race between him and the mattifier. But i want to say that i meant blackheads and not blackheards! and that i have NOT tried a mattifier before. oops!

  6. So Bronwen, this did NOT work on your blackheards?

  7. I’ve used the Bamboo and Rice Facial Polisher which is a very nice face exfoliator. Now I want to try all of these! Oh and I keep hearing about the B. Kamins eye lash fortifier. Has anyone tried that?

  8. jkanaszka says:

    I LOVE B Kamins products!!!! I have had really good luck with their washes and with their rosacea products…It is one line that i have been happy with everything I have tried.

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