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Hiding your feet in boots all summer because they’re a bit…tragic? Me too. But now that summer’s over, I’m here to offer a solution so you won’t have to suffer your toe woes next year. Japanese import, Baby Foot, touts itself as a “fruit acid peel,” which is a more gentle way of saying it’s an alpha hydroxy acid or AHA peel. And trust me – peel is the important word here!


Pre-packaged in plastic booties, there is a clear gel that soaks into your feet and does it’s magic, until – a few days later – your feet start to shed off all that dead skin to reveal new, dare I say, baby skin underneath. And when I say peel, I’m talking, “Oh look, I just pulled a piece of skin the size of a half dollar off of the sole of my foot…” kind of peel.

A delicate few of you just slammed your laptops shut. My apologies. For the rest of you who leaned in a bit closer to the screen, horrified and yet intrigued, keep reading.


Since my feet could really use some love, I was looking forward to seeing this new cult classic in action for my Baby Foot review. The directions are simple; shower or wash your feet, put on the booties and let them soak for an hour. Once done, rinse and then go about your business for five to seven days. All the while, that AHA will be working to loosen all that ugly, dead skin until it starts to peel off. The shedding process can last a few days, but once it’s done, your feet will be smoother and less callused than they have in a while.

As for the peeling – have you ever put a thick layer of Elmer’s glue on your hand, let it dry and then slowly peeled it off? Baby Foot is pretty much the same thing and it’s oddly satisfying. The skin peels in patches and it’s not suggested that you hurry the process along by actively peeling it; the most you should do is a gentle rub to coax the dead skin off.

However, when you inevitably go to town on the soles of your feet in sick fascination, and you know you will, just be careful. Pulling the dead skin off too soon can leave your feet a little raw.


A Few Baby Foot Tips:

    Queue up Netflix and don’t plan to move much for 60 minutes. Technically you can secure the booties with socks and then walk around, but you’re basically wearing goo-filled plastic bags and that’s just asking for a Three Stooges pratfall.

    Try soaking your feet for at least 10 minutes before you use it and then every other day until they start peeling. The water will help the process.

    Stay away from lotion as much as possible. Seems counter-intuitive, but it can slow the shedding.

    However, make socks and shoes your new best friend. My feet took a full 7 days to shed the first time I did it, and just when I was ready to send a strongly worded letter to the retailer, I pulled off my sock and there was…evidence that it worked. All up in my sock and on the carpet. I can’t imagine the damage I’d leave behind if I’d worn sandals that day.


If you have naturally lovely feet, I salute/envy you. But for the rest of us, I say give Baby Foot ($25) a try. It’s one part magic, one part science experiment, and one part grossness that you want to poke with a stick. Maybe, just maybe, your tootsies will eventually see the light of day, after all.

we heartsters – Are you intrigued by Baby Foot? How do you keep feet soft and smooth?

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  1. I’m one of your “horrified and yet intrigued” readers, @lyssachelle. This stuff sounds so gross-but-cool, and my feet could definitely use the help. I can’t wait to try it!

    1. I know you’ll love it, @turboterp!! Come back to the post and let us know what you think if you do try it!

  2. OMG, I want to try this! My feet are so dry in the winter and lotion is never enough, I need drastic measures.

    1. Definitely try it! It’s like giving you feet a fresh start, so the lotion can have a fighting chance. :-)

  3. So gross, yet so intriguing! Great review–I’ve always wondered if Baby Foot worked, and now I have an answer. I’m thinking this might even work on the hub’s feet: a true challenge.

    1. Ah, Husband Feet…godspeed and let us know if it works! :-)

  4. This sounds really cool! It takes the work out of having beautiful feet! What a great review! I’m on my feet a lot and this sounds like it would be just perfect!

    1. It is VERY cool! Being on your feet a lot is so rough, but at least you can have pretty tootsies while doing it!

  5. I’ve been wanting to try this since I saw Cheesie post about Baby Foot last year! I’m excited that there’s a place that sells it in the US now. The other day my heel was really itchy but it’s so calloused that I couldn’t scratch it :| hahaha perfect timing.

    1. I’ve read that review too, she’s so funny! Just a quick word to the wise, use WHT’s link or another reputable seller. Just as Cheesie warned, there are some sellers out there that say they’re in importer for Baby Foot, but it’s definitely not the same product. Only the original will do! :-)

  6. ole Barefoot Pamela here needs this like years ago! If I can be, I am shoeless more often than not! When I get a pedicure, which is monthly, it’s a given to have callous removal treatment.. yes, often with a drill bit to attack really bad areas.. I needs…:)

    1. I feel ya! Really bad feet might need treatment more often than others, but I bet you you’ll be loving your toes again!

  7. Great post @lyssachelle! I applaud you for your commitment to science/beautiful tootsies! :D

    That being said, I’m going to stick to that egg-shaped cheese grater Ped-egg thing because I’m freaked out by acids strong enough to make my callouses peel off like that :P lol

    1. Thank you! And it’s so funny, because that Ped-egg squicks me out something fierce! Just the thought of filing away at your feet….ACK! :-)

  8. Oh, I’m so getting this. Not only do I need it, but I love the “gross” factor of it. I like when things come off/out of my body! Wow, that sounds awful, but you know what I mean. Popping pimples, a scab falls off, clipping cuticles. There’s something satisfying about it.

    Now that I have icked you all out…

    1. You definitely need this. The hardest thing for you might be the wait though; it’s annoying once you’ve done it before because you’re just like, “PEEL ALREADY…”

      You know, I seem to remember a video that you may have posted on Facebook of a lady getting a VERY old cyst removed…it was SO gross but SO satisfying when they were finally done! Was that you, or did I make it up?

  9. @lyssachelle — Thank you for the rundown on this product. Like many readers, I sometimes wonder . . . what is the real deal on this product. You have us the good, the bad and well . . . the ugly!!

    Keep the writing good investigative posts like this . . . I for one LOVE IT!!

    1. Thanks, @hao9703! This is definitely one of those products that I did a little research on before I tried it; I wanted to make sure that it worked AND that it wouldn’t work TOO well and be damaging to my skin. (And to see the crazy Youtube reviews…oddly fascinating!)

  10. Oh, that is funny @stef, nothing you utter can ick me out! I remember when I was teenager and spent too much time in the sun..burning to a crisp..thinking it was so cool to be able to peel off in one piece the layer of skin after it was burned by the sun..

    1. I’ve only had two sunburns ever, and only one peeled. If it hadn’t been so painful, it might have been fun! :-)

  11. This is horrific and amazing! I am definitely intrigued!

    1. Horrific and Amazing are the perfect description! :-)

  12. My feet are disgusting. I have wanted to give this a try but was always a little nervous. I wasn’t sure if it really worked. It is a little pricey with that uncertainty. But with a trusted WHT review from @lyssachelle I am going to take the plunge. My feet thank you!! :)

    1. Yay, another convert! It was hard for me to buy this at first too, but it ends up being $25-ish every few months, so less than $10 a month for better feet! Cheaper than a weekly or even month pedicure…

  13. How long are the plastic booties? I have ridiculously long feet (womens size 15 and no, not kidding), they are literally 12 inches long and I’m concerned my feet won’t fit. Does the packaging have measurements or do you happen to recall how long they were?

    1. I’m sorry, Susie; I checked the site and the booties only go up to size 12. BUT, the booties aren’t anything special, just thick plastic that feels like cellophane wrapping paper, so if you were REALLY interested I bet you could improvise. But I know that’s more work and frustrating, I’m sorry!

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