Badass Ecstasy Luxury Shampoo – review

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I am a badass. Okay, maybe not for real, but in my own, vivid imagination, I can pretend. Thanks to Badass Hair, you, too, can channel your inner badass. Debuting in late 2008, Badass Hair is the brainchild of celebrity stylist Scott Fontana. Born into a family of hair stylists, Fontana has been in the business for over 24 years and has owned his own salon for 15 years. He has styled the hair of celebrities and done the hair for fashion and tv shows, not to mention photo shoots and music videos. Now, he has turned his years of experience and know-how into a new, luxury hair care line with a rock and roll vibe for the masses.

Badass Hair describes itself as “American in style. Rugged in attitude. Defiantly creative.” (Oddly enough, these are the EXACT words I would use to describe myself!) Made in the USA, the line contains 30 different products and boasts that it contains very simple ingredients that work. The product we got to sample of this innovative new line is their Ecstasy Luxury Intense Moisturizing Shampoo. Recommended for all hair types, the shampoo contains ingredients like lemongrass extract (works to normalize hair), aloe extract (soothes dry hair), keratin amino acids (works to repair and condition hair) and coconut oil extract (conditions hair and creates a rich lather). You can practically feel it working just by reading the label!

First impression: How cool is the label? It is a hot pink graphic that features a spikey-haired skull with hair shears as the crossbones. Feel that? That’s your inner badass trying to get out! Second impression: Dang does this stuff smell fabulous! The scent is a rich vanilla with a hint of coconut. I could huff this shampoo all day! My one complaint: the 7 oz. size comes in a tube and isn’t thick enough for this delivery system. This shampoo belongs in a bottle–you don’t want to waste a drop, so open it cap side up. When I worked the product through my hair, I didn’t get as much lather as I thought I would, but I could tell that it was getting the job done. My one piece of advice is to rinse your hair thoroughly when you use this because it has so many conditioning ingredients that if you don’t rinse fully, it can weigh your hair down. When my hair dried, it smelled great, felt soft, had a nice sheen to it, and was bouncy. You’ve got to love shiny, bouncy hair. I think there is a rule or something.

So, has anybody else out there channeled their inner badass?


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  1. Okay, so I have one more recommendation other than putting the 7 oz. in a bottle, PUT IT IN CANDLE FORM. That’s right, people. Picture it, frosted glass, hot pink spikey haired skull graphic on the side, something I can huff so I don’t look weird. You hold a candle up to your nose and people are like, “Let me smell!” You hold a bottle of shampoo to your nose indefinitely and they think you may have some addiction/mental problems…I’m just sayin’.

  2. monkeyboy says:

    I agree that the smell was incredible. I must say I wish I had the chance to use this during the ultra dry winter months. The moisturizing effect would have been fabulous then. It was still a pretty good shampoo, but I didn’t heed Krista’s advice(to rinse for an extended time)and I felt that my hair was indeed weighed down with residual conditioners. Live and Learn. Give it a shot even if it’s just for the smell or if you have particularly dry hair.

  3. candydarling says:

    I tried this as well. The smell is heavenly and I actually like the tube form instead of a bottle. It gives it an edge. At first I thought it was a lotion because of the packaging. I like it being a little different. I liked how this shampoo gave you that squeaky clean feeling after you rinsed it. And it was so moisturizing that I didn’t even need to use a conditioner (I found this out after I initially did follow up with a conditioner and my hair became way too soft.) This is great for fine haired gals and cuts my morning ritual down by a step. And seriously the smell is intoxicating!

  4. This does smell AMAZING! I also have to say I adore their logo, and design, but more importantly, my hair is loving this shampoo! I bleach my hair so anything that is geared to moisturize is always exciting for me to try, especially shampoos, conditioners are easier to find, but a good moisturizing shampoo isn’t so easy.

    This does the trick! It’s the perfect shampoo to use for my cousins (who’s a hairstylist) hair trick. If you have dry hair, you don’t want to wash it every day, so she always tells me, just wash your bangs if your in a rush. Since it’s the part of your hair you touch more than any other it tends to get dirty or greasy quicker. So I love this for that because you don’t need to condition, you just do a quick scrub, rinse it good, as Krista said, and your good to go.

    I want to try their Up all Night Volume Mist, I hope it smells as good as this shampoo!

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