Balanced Guru Spiced Up Berries Antioxidant Masque Review

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An organic Masque that’s like Yoga for your Face

I’m pretty low maintenance. Everything I do for myself, I try to do in the shortest time possible. I can barely tolerate waiting for my sonic toothbrush to beep signaling the end of my brushing session. My point is that I’m not that girl you see playing mad beauty scientist, whipping oatmeal into a mask or essential oils into jars of bath salts. I just don’t take the time. Then I got tried the Organic Spiced Up Berries Antioxidant Masque from Balanced Guru and found I have a few extra minutes on my clock.


Balanced Guru is made by a bunch of folks who are passionate about achieving physical, mental and spiritual wellness. They do this through using organic ingredients congruent with their values, basing their formulations on ancient eastern wisdom and modern scientific research. Everything from ingredients to processing to packaging is done in a way to preserve our planet and promote our inner and outer beauty.


The Organic Spiced Up Berries Antioxidant Masque ($45) works breathtakingly well, greatly calming redness and reducing the appearance of large pores while refining the overall texture of the skin and making it super-soft to the touch – all from the very first use. Really.


The organic berries found in the masque are Acai and Acerola – both highly touted for their high concentrations of antioxidants. Clove and cinnamon are added since these are also packed with antioxidants and have antibacterial qualities to boot. Free radicals don’t stand a chance in the room with all of these! To seal the deal there is an extra boost of Vitamin C to brighten the skin.


The masque comes as a powder in a jar with a spoon and a spatula. This turned me off initially (time, people, TIME!), but I soon realized that it is so very worth the time and cleanup (which, to be honest, really is minimal.) The mask can be mixed with water, honey or yogurt, and can be made into a thicker paste or a thinner one according to your individual taste and needs.

There is no recommended number of times one uses this per week so I’ve been using it every other day, usually in the morning before my shower while I’m enjoying my coffee and Facebook (see how easy it was to find the time?)


The first time I mixed this masque up, I did it with cold filtered water to keep things pure. The masque stung quite a bit, no doubt due to the clove, but settled to a mild tingling as it dried. After washing it all off in the shower, I was flabbergasted at the results staring back at me in the mirror. I had expected the stinging to increase my redness. On the contrary, it practically eradicated it.

The next time I used the mask, I used it with thick, raw honey. Raw honey itself has many skin benefits, including healing acne and treating rosacea, eczema, hyperpigmantation and sensitive skin. Since I have most all of those ailments, I figured honey+masque would make a truly wonderful marriage.

Mixing the powder with only the honey seems quite viscous, but the honey warms once on the face and becomes much more fluid. I have found that first warming the honey a bit makes both mixing and application easier.

Balanced-Guru-Antioxidant-Masque-8The masque also doesn’t dry to the crackle stage with the honey so it is a little more comfortable to wear for fifteen minutes. The biggest difference using the raw honey as a base as opposed to water is that there is no stinging from the clove. Otherwise, outwardly both methods seemed equally beneficial.

I have yet to try the masque with yogurt. I think this would be great for people with dry skin as the lactic acid in yogurt helps in hydrating the skin. Easy to mix, I’d imagine as well.


All in all, the beneficial results of using the masque are so obvious that even I don’t mind making a little mess and putting some schmutz on my face for a quarter of an hour in my busy day. I bow to you, Balanced Guru. Namaste!

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  1. I was drooling over the name of this masque before even reading your great post–it sounds awesome and I really want to try it! I love the idea of using honey with it, too. I usually set aside one dedicated day a week for beauty treatments, because I’m always rushing around and that way I can actually focus on what I’m doing.

  2. This looks simply amazing and…delicious? I am really obsessed with masks at the moment…gonna check this out!

  3. I am always looking for great natural beauty products. This seems to have multiple benefits and definitely worth a try. Thank you for your advice & review. I will try it with yogurt, since I do have dry skin.

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