BANGSTYLE Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner Review

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Get Bangin’ Hair with BANGSTYLE!

BANGSTYLE Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner photos: we heart this

When I get my hair cut at a salon, 9 out of 10 times I am absolutely amazed by the products that are used. I have some wonderfully scented products in my bathroom stash, but the products at a salon can really play into the whole experience of getting your hair done. So when I’m using a salon quality product in my own bathroom, it brings back nice feelings of being pampered…and what girl wouldn’t like that?

If you are unfamiliar with BANGSTYLE, that’s okay because so was I until receiving these wonderful products to try out. In fact, BANGSTYLE was originally not a product line, but started out as the ultimate hair + culture resource online for hairstylists and hair lovers alike.

Then the best thing to come out of BANGSTYLE happened: a professional range of no-nonsense hair care products, independently produced and developed by artists for stylists and trendsetters worldwide.

Closer look of BANGSTYLE’s Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner

Among the large range of products available, the review team got to try out BANGSTYLE’s Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner. My heart sang with glee when I got these. I have a lot of hair, but it’s fine, so any volumizing product makes me very excited.

At a first glance, I thought that this might be a men’s haircare line with its cool, black edgy bottles with some fierce gal (or guy) on the front. The packaging is really easy to use with its pop up spout. It’s fumble-free and perfect for those who take sleepy showers in the morning!

BANGSTYLE’s Volumizing Shampoo

The Volumizing Shampoo ($15) itself smells absolutely delicious. It gave me those warm fuzzies like I was getting treated to a professional hair wash. The product color reminds me of syrupy honey and it has a unique springy gel-like consistency that lathers up pretty well. I have medium-longish hair, so I do require more product most of the time. When it’s time to rinse, the shampoo comes out quickly and cleanly.

The Volumizing Conditioner ($16) helps to detangle, and has protective properties in it such as mango seed butter and wheat protein. It’s formulated for people on the go and just needs one minute to do its work. Like the shampoo, it rinses well and there’s no product buildup to weigh hair down. I used it on the ends of my hair and I was able to comb through my strands without any knots when it was time to blowdry.

Closer look of BANGSTYLE’s Volumizing Shampoo packaging

Smells just like a professional hair care line should: amazingly yummy!
Fuss-free packaging
NO parabens, NO sulfates (yay!)

Might be a tad bit pricy for a shampoo
Limited availability

To locate a salon that features BANGSTYLE products or to check out the latest in hair color, cuts and style, check out the BANGSTYLE site. Smart phone addicts will want to download the BANGSTYLE app, a super cool hair inspiration and social sharing app. No more ripping pages out of magazines to bring to your stylist – you can browse thousands of hairstyles, select your favorites, and create a personalized portfolio for your next appointment (or any time you need some hair inspiration).

we heartsters and reviewers: What are your thoughts on this bangin’ new haircare line?


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  1. When I received these, my immediate thought was that this is going to be a case of style over substance. Wouldn’t you? Rock & Roll packaging, instructions slightly more interesting than “lather, rinse, repeat.” Simply put: not the case. This gave my fine air lots of volume without mushrooming, frizzing or drying it out. The conditioner is thick, leaving my hair very oft and silky but not weighed down. My comb goes straight through newly conditioned hair–not always the case with conditioners for fine or oily hair. I stand impressed. I do wish the containers were larger–I must wash my fine & oily hair daily and this stuff disappeared quickly. My scalp fared slightly better with my usual anti-aging shampoo (I dont know why, but they seem to calm my scalp better than others) but my hair looks nd feels great using Bangstyle. Absolutely reasonable price. 4 stars.

  2. I love love love using this stuff! I’m not trying to point fingers, but I think that my (male) roommate has been using it too. Maybe it’s the unisex packaging. Anyways Bangstyle totally rules! I agree with @sherrishera that the packaging did throw me off quite a bit. Was this just overstyled packaging or is the product that awesome? Well, it’s pretty great! And I’m addicted to the scent. My hair feels really good after using it. I feel so much better knowing that there are no parabens and sulfates in the products. I’m giving these guys 4 glowing stars only because of the limited availability. :)

  3. BangStyle was hit n’ miss for me. While I love the hydrating quality of the conditioner, along with the scent of both, I wasn’t too thrilled with the shampoo. I felt like even though my hair is thin, I had to use a lot of the shampoo to get a lather. I found the tops hard to open and had to use my teeth to reopen them when my hands were wet (eww). However I did get a little extra bounce while using these. I’m giving this duo a 4, though I would give the conditioner a 5.

  4. I like the packaging a lot! While I’m not sure if I’d splurge on something I’d go through really quickly, I do like the app!

  5. I have pretty fine hair so I’m always up for testing out a new volumizing shampoo and conditioner – they are my favorite products to test in the hair care world. I too was a bit leery at first, as I’ve fallen for cool packaging before and then been underwhelmed with the actual products. But I’m very happy with the Bangstyle formulas and results, and especially loved the shampoo.

    I’m not quite sure what the scent is – it’s clean and fresh, with maybe a hint of citrus? – but I like it! The shampoo has this neat bouncy feel to it and isn’t as runny as most shampoos. I found that it took a bit more effort to get a lather, but you could get a pretty decent one going. And I swear it leaves it left my hair feeling fuller immediately – like as I’m rinsing it out in the shower, immediately.

    The fullness feel goes down a bit with the next step, the conditioner, but overall it’s a good one for fine hair. A medium consistency that spreads through ends of hair nicely, de-tangles and rinses fully. Oh, and while I liked the pop up spouts, I do wish the bottles where just a bit bigger in size.

    After a blow dry my fine hair is totally a bit more springier and bouncier – a major victory. So I’ll be using these until I reach the last precious drop – Bangstyle is not a product that will get banished half used in the back of a cabinet. Overall I’m giving 5 stars to the shampoo and 4 to the conditioner.

  6. @Tyna I love the bounciness of this product and how I can lather it IN my hands and then ON my hair without losing any product. Whaat?!

    1. Yes! Though I didn’t lather in my hands, I did find that the super-thick gel consistency of the product made this shampoo impossible to loose in a steam of fast moving water. Maybe the packaging is smaller, but I’ll bet less of it goes right down the drain!

  7. Wow it sounds wonderful! I love volumizing products ;)

  8. The shampoo and conditioner smelled soooo good! I have been using this the past month and really enjoy the smells and the fact that there aren’t any crazy chemicals in it. Would I buy it again, probably not. I really didn’t notice a change in the volume of my hair and you can’t find this product everywhere.

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