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Artistry and Alchemy For the Beauty Afficionado

Growing up, my favorite gifts under the tree were almost always art sets. Paints, canvases, pencils, markers – you name it, if it was art-centric I loved it. There is something about the child in us that inspires creativity. And exploration. My second favorite gift ever was a microscope/chemistry set. I loved creating, whether it was art or potions.


How lovely that bareMinerals is offering up a Holiday Collection that combines the best of my artistic childhood and the best of my made-up adulthood in The Incredible Mixologist ($36).


The Incredible Mixologist is a collection of six loose eye colors, three empty, screw-top eyecolor containers and a mixing spoon, all for you to blend to your imaginations content. There are also twelve sticky labels to attach to your newly-made custom colors.


If you prefer to have guidance in your mixing endeavors, there is an easy-to-follow mix chart to create new colors. However, after you try mixing a few of their color combinations, I am sure you will have been bitten by the latent creative bug which lies dormant in the right side of your brain, and you will create your own colors.

The base colors included in bareMinerals The Incredible Mixologist are:


Poof – a magically ghost white


Grand Illusion – a matte charcoal


Charmed, I’m Sure – a matte, sweetheart pink

bareMinerals-incredible-mixologist-swatches-10Poof, Grand Illusion and Charmed, I’m Sure


Hocus Pocus – a bronze metallic


Tricky – a gold metallic


Incantation – a violet with multi-colored sparkle

bareMinerals-incredible-mixologist-swatches-14Hocus Pocus, Tricky and Incantation


Mixing is easy. Each final color should have four tiny scoops of color that should last 3 to five applications. Stef mixed my first brew of Smoked Plum from the directions provided: 1 scoop Grand Illusion, 2 scoops Incantation, plus 1 scoop Tricky.


The near-black in Grand Illusion did turn the violet to plum, while the gold of Tricky mixed seamlessly into the multi-colored iridescence of the Incandescence. The result is a super-wearable, yet absolutely unique, smoky-eye color.

bareMinerals-incredible-mixologist-17Swatch of the Smoked Plum batch

Having also been intrigued with the idea of medieval alchemy as a child, I swooned at the chance to turn a rose to gold. Actually, all I need is a little Hocus Pocus (2 scoops) plus Charmed, I’m Sure (also 2 scoops) to make a glorious Rose Gold Glimmer.


Pretty, yes? The bronze darkens the pale, matte pink and gives it luster.

Now that you know the fun to be had, I need to forewarn you of the mess. On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being applying everyday in-the-pan eyeshadows and 10 being finger painting, I’d rate this a 4.5.


Each of the six base colors comes with a sifting lid, which will need to be removed to scoop the colors. Directions on the box say to do this using the mixing spoon as a pry, but I found the spoon too thick to wedge between the lid and the container. I used my fingernail. Be careful. If you are not diligent here, you can end up spilling a lot of product (or breaking a nail). I ended up removing and discarding all the sifting tops. They are useful for preventing spills if you are not planning on mixing colors, but seem to encourage spillage if you are planning on the removal of the tops for each use. Since this is a set for mixing, well, you see.

Also, a small amount of product will remain on the spoon, and while it doesn’t look like much, a little loose shadow goes a long way—on your eyes AND your countertops. I recommend doing your mixing with a paper towel laid out. Otherwise, you’ll have glimmer for days.


The concept of this bareMinerals set sparked my imagination. I love that a gift of grown-up cosmetics can do that. Mixing my own eye color can be a bit of a chore for everyday, though. It’s nice that, unlike toys that get tossed aside when we tire of them, here there remain six sturdy, stand-alone eye colors that can be used over and over again. And, hey, when the kid in you surfaces and you feel like playing, break out the toys and start mixing again!

we heartsters – Do you enjoy interactive beauty that begs for your creative input, or would you prefer to leave the mixing to the pros?

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  1. What a super fun palette! Even with the mess and potential for spillage, being able to create your own shades is amazing! I really want this, Sherri!

  2. One of my favorite things to do is spend some time in bareMinerals! I love how they blend and mix right in front of your eyes-Wonderful looking colors instantly. This looks really fun and love the look of your own shades.. soooooo cool! I love BM!

  3. Wow this is so cool! Would make a great gift for any experimental makeup artists out there :) I love the first intro photo to the post. Talk about makeup inspiration!

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