bareMinerals Marvelous MOXIE – swatches and review

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Lips can face anything with moxie and in vivid color with these lippies!

Marveous Moxie lipstick 

I heart bareMinerals. I especially love the formulation of their products – they’re lush and decadent and bold. I was especially excited about their new bareMinerals Marvelous MOXIE lip line.

New to the permanent collection, bareMinerals has created 18 new lipsticks, 14 lip glosses, and 10 lip liners for your wearing pleasure. Containing all kinds of good-for-you ingredients whilst plumping, moisturizing, and having unparalleled staying power, this latest collection is just plain covet-worthy!

marvelous moxie lipstick

The Marvelous MOXIE lipsticks ($18) are just sinful, buttery perfection. Available in 18 shades, the wht team got a look at 4 hues:

Fly High – cool lavender pink
Call the Shots – bright pure red
Go the Distance – medium coral (a very wearable intro to coral!)
Never Say Never – hot fuchsia pink

bareMinerals marvelous moxie

The lipsticks are housed in a sleek, black tube with a little silver button at the side of the lid. It’s an interesting tube that’s a little hard to get the hang of opening and it took me a few seconds to figure out how to use these babies – just slide the button down and the tube of lipstick is deployed and ready for action.

marvelous moxie swatchesFly High, Call the Shots, Go the Distance, Never Say Never

But it’s the color saturation and wear time that makes these lippies a stand-out for me. I applied these early in the day, looked fresh for about 3 hours, and then it slowly, very slowly wore down to a vivid stain that looked like the fresh application of most other lipsticks. Even better, these are moisturizing and leave my lips baby soft after hours of wear. This formulation contains vitamins A, C, and E for antioxidant protection, which is a nice added bonus.

marvelous moxie lip liner

While I’m not a lip liner person (I am super lazy when it comes to makeup and my lip line is pretty solid and I don’t usually experience feathering, so it’s a step I usually skip), the Marvelous MOXIE Lip Liners ($15) were better than most liners I’ve tried. We got our hand on four of the ten new shades:

Jazzed – bright blue-pink
Pumped – medium dark nude
Liberated – light nude
Amped – true red

bareMinerals marvelous moxie lip liner

The lip liners are in a black tube and the pencil is retractable, but it is very thin and there is no sharpener. They do have a really nice rubber grip for better handling. It’s such a little thing, but it makes this super easy to control for a more flawless application.

marvelous moxie lip liner swatchesJazzed, Pumped, Liberated, Amped

Again, the color saturation is very high and once these are on, they are not budging. I actually found that a light hand is best with these because these are almost like getting the outline of your lips tattooed.

marvelous moxie lip gloss

I was a little bit nervous about the Marvelous MOXIE Lipgloss ($18) because in addition to unstoppable shine, they are supposed to have a pout plumping quality, which usually ends poorly for me. (I have beyond sensitive skin, so most plumpers give me hives or blisters on and around my mouth. Super sexy, y’all!)

I was safe with bareMinerals – no allergic reaction, just a brief tingly sensation and the glorious scent of sweet peppermint. I definitely saw and felt my lips plump up and there was no stinging sensation, so YAY. The team tested out four of the fourteen shades:

Rebel – clean pink creme
Party Starter – bright coral shimmer
Dare Devil – deep berry shimmer
Smooth Talker – cool medium pink with heavy gold shimmer

doe foot lip gloss applicator

The lip glosses come in a round, clear tube, with “marvelous MOXIE” emblazoned on the side. I felt my inner moxie bubbling up just reading that. The applicator is a generously sized slanted doe foot with a deeply angeled side, which made this really easy to swipe and go.

marvelous moxie lip gloss swatchesRebel, Party Starter, Dare Devil, Smooth Talker

Marvelous MOXIE Lipglosses, like the lipsticks, contain anti-oxidant vitamins A, C, and E and also avocado, shea, and murumuru butters for added softness. Beautiful and smart. You’ve gotta love that – almost as much as the three hours of wear time I got from this slightly sticky consistency gloss.

As with all the bareMinerals products I’ve tried, color me impressed! I don’t know that I’ve worn anything with this kind of staying power while still leaving my lips kissably soft. I can’t wait to start collecting this entire line!

we heartsters – Have you tried bareMinerals marvelous MOXIE lip products yet? Did you feel MOXIElicious?

photos: we heart this, swatches shown on NC25/30 skin tone

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  1. Nice review—this line looks great! I have a couple of the Buxom plumping glosses but looks like it’s time to upgrade…

  2. I tested Marvelous MOXIE Lip Liner in Liberated, the light nude, and you are SO right, @krista– a light hand is key. The formula is extremely creamy and long-lasting. In fact, the pencil is so soft that even if you’re not a lip liner lover, you could use easily use it as all-over color. I loved the thinness of the liner and its easy handling, and the color is an extremely versatile nude that I’ve used a lot. I’m just sad that retractable pencils don’t seem to last as long as the kind you sharpen. I will definitely replace Liberated when it’s gone. The rest of the line looks great, too!

  3. I tested marvelous MOXIE lip gloss in Party Starter, and the lipstick in Go The Distance. Let me just say, that this is the gloss I have always been searching for! It is the perfect shade of peachy coral for my complexion, it has a doe foot applicator, (my fave), the color is intense, & it is long-lasting wear. The lip stick is also dreamy, again, a terrific color, and buttery is the perfect way to describe the way it feels. All the fabulous ingredients are a bonus! Really cool packaging, to boot! Definitely purchasing both of these products again. Thanks for introducing me to bareMinerals!

    1. I bought Party Starter some time ago and LOVE IT. It is that perfect color to have in your purse as it seems to go with everything. It also is very moisturizing. It is a shade I would buy over and over!

  4. I got to test Liberated lipliner and Dare Devil lip gloss. The lipliner is excellent for long wear, especially with this neutral color. Dare Devil has such a pretty purple shimmer to it without being too wild like some of the popular purples that have been out recently. I’m excited to try the lipsticks!

  5. I really want to try the lip liners. Those are some great colors and sound like they go on really smooth. I always hate stopping to sharpen, so I like the retractable, but they do seem to run out quicker.

    1. These seem to go more for the illusion of plumping via moisturizing, but the gloss does contain mint, which gives a bit of a tingle and makes my lips puff a little bit. Hope that answers your question :)

  6. Those are gorgeous! I want to get my paws on those lip liners too. I’ve only been going bold with my lip colors recently and I think I need a little liner assistance.

    Can anyone recommend a shade for this noob? I wear mostly bright red and a corally-orange (tarte timeless to be specific). Would I want a nude or more of a matching shade?

    1. If you are a liner newbie, I recommend finding one that is as close to your own natural lips as possible. Once you are confident in that, I’d try the Amped shade. Apply it normally for bright red lippies and very lightly with Tarte’s Timeless (gorgeous lippie I own, too) and use a lip brush to apply the lipstick. The brush helps blend the liner and lipstick shades so they match. I actually recommend that application method whenever you use liner, period. Otherwise, you end up with the weird lipstick/liner demarcation.

  7. I have the gloss in Dare Devil. I adore it!! It is such a pretty berry!! It is dark enough to be sexy but yet somehow still subtle. I am a big, big fan. And the texture and staying power are great. This is for sure currently one of my favorite lip glosses!! It works well in the summer but will be a go to for the fall I am certain!!

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