bareMinerals Power Neutrals collection – swatches and review

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fall’s must-have palette and my favorite nude lip combo of the year!

BareMinerals Power Neutrals 

When the bareMinerals Power Neutrals collection first arrived on my doorstep, I’ll admit, I wasn’t ready. It was July and I was still wearing chartreuse eye shadow and a hot pink lip gloss. (I was probably wearing their READY Remix collection, as a matter of fact!)

But now, just as sure as the temperature starts to slowly drop and I find myself needing a blanket at night, my bright colors creep to the back of my vanity and my rich neutrals start to demand attention.

BareMinerals Power Neutrals

The Power Neutrals collection is at the head of the pack…

BareMinerals ready 8.0 palette

Leading the way is the READY 8.0 palette ($40, Sephora exclusive) Here you’ll find eight neutrals; four that lean grey, four brown. But don’t think you need to stay within these color families. The shades are very versatile. I don’t think there’s a shade in here that couldn’t work with any of the others. Power neutrals indeed!

BareMinerals Power Neutrals eye shadows(Worth noting: I don’t think the printed colors accurately portray the shadows)

The shadows provide all day pigment, a great mix of mattes, satins and shimmers and that fabulous bareMinerals silky powder feel. Wanna see?

BareMinerals Power Neutrals palette

(left to right)
Boss Lady – pale grey with a hint of peach and silver micro glitter
Money Maker – dark concrete greyish green matte
Exec – medium shimmery grey taupe
Payday – light concrete grey satin

BareMinerals Power Neutrals eye shadow swatches

BareMinerals Power Neutrals palette

Schmooze – light bronzey brown shimmer
Boardroom – dark brown satin with a hint of red
Magnate – light nude stain
Get Ahead – brown taupe matte

BareMinerals Power Neutrals eye shadow swatches

BareMinerals Power Neutrals eye shadow swatches

BareMinerals Power Neutrals eye shadow swatches

BareMinerals Power Neutrals palette brush

There’s a nice little brush snuggled up to these pretty shades too, with good quality bristles and a double-sided flat and precise tip. I have a hard time maneuvering with small handles, but this will work well in a pinch.

I know what you’re thinking – do you NEED this palette? Well, it’s the first palette in some time that I was {thisclose} to buying a back up of. (It’s limited edition. Boo!) Because now that I know it, the thought of not having it scares me! So, do with that what you will…

bareMinerals super power lipgloss

As good as the palette is, it’s the nude lip duo that was my favorite part of the launch. It’s the best nude lip I’ve worn all year (and people, believe me – I am a nude lip connoisseur!) It is Marvelous Moxie Lipstick in Take Charge and Lipgloss in Super Power ($18 each).

BareMinerals super power lip gloss

Super Power lipgloss is a light creamy nude with gold-flecked shimmer. Have I ever told you that bareMinerals (and its sister co. Buxom) are one of my top three favorite lipgloss formulas? I love their flat sided doe foot applicator and chocolate mint scent (they smell like Thin Mints to me!) And I’m always pleased with the shade selection, especially Super Power. The gold flecks give such a beautiful sheen, whether you use it alone or over a lipstick.

bareminerals take charge lipstick

Take Charge lipstick is a dark pinky nude; rich and warm with a creamy look and feel. It’s beautiful and natural, a great counterpart to a smoky eye.

BareMinerals Power Neutrals lip swatches

bareMinerals The Adrenaline Rush

Finally, Tyna will be by in the comments to give her thoughts on the beautiful swirl that is READY Color Boost – The Adrenaline Rush ($29). Described accurately as luminous golden ivory, natural matte pink, and matte rosewood; when combined it’s a peachy nude. Sadly, it was too light for my skin. But I predict my pale co-editor is having a love affair with it right now.

bareMinerals The Adrenaline Rush swatch

BareMinerals Power Neutrals packaging

Golden on the outside, neutral on the inside, and deserving of its front and center spot on on my fall vanity!

we heartsters, do you go nutty for neutrals?

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    Stef is a plethora of things. Amongst them: co-founder of we heart this, photographer, condiment connoisseur, Philly girl in the California desert, borderline hoarder and a hardcore beauty junkie. She also has a touch of wanderlust and, arguably, the cutest dog in the whole world... skin tone: NC 25/30 skin type: oily with a fear of rosacea favorite beauty product: high end skincare and lip products

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  1. OMG, these, meaning both palettes , yup, I love both and I knew I would.. they look great! I’m digging all the swatches above!
    I would be a happy girl with any of them, I’m sure of it. This is my season and reason for loving nudes and naturals.. I am in my element.. ooooh, I’m in love with bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie – it is soooo nice and so nude! I am so eyeballing the swirl too.. It looks more than READY to me.. Color Boost – The Adrenaline Rush
    nice, nice and nice.

  2. I’ve been looking at the eye palette and wasn’t overly impressed until: 1) I saw your swatches–what a difference! and 2) You mentioned that you thought of purchasing a “back up;” that’s SERIOUS palette love there. Now I’m highly interested. The nude lip looks lovely, sort of a one-shade-fits-all, truly enhanced by the Marvelous Moxie “Take Charge.” What a beautiful look. Hmm . . . I just had my debit card in my hand . . .

  3. I’m just like you, @stef , suddenly turning away from the brights I’ve been wearing all summer, and I am so excited by what I’m seeing here! The eye palette is exactly what I’ve been searching for, and I’m buying it TODAY! The greys in particular look like something I’d reach for again and again. And your “best nude lip” of the year? That’s enough reason for me to check this duo out pronto!

  4. Everything here looks amazing!! @stef , you certainly have a way of making me want something that I never would have guessed that I would want/need. I suppose that is what makes you great at your job!! The palette looks like it could give UD Naked a run for its money and the Color Boost looks insanely good!! It would be perfect for my pale self!! And nude lips-please, I normally hate them but this combo is lovely. Especially the gloss. And I totally agree with you, BE has some of the best gloss. I also love their doe foot applicator. The best!!

  5. Wow – that is one gorgeous palette. As an every day brown eye shadow wearer, I love the 4 brownish shades, but the two colors that are making me drool are Money Maker (how can I not have a gray green in my collection?!) and Exec (I’m late to the party but I finally discovered the joy of taupe!). Keep an eye on your palette because I’ll be tempted to steal it the next time I visit!

    And just as Stef predicted I am L-o-v-i-n-g the READY Color Boost in The Adrenaline Rush. At first I thought it was just a blush – but discovered it can be used just like bareMinerals fanour ‘Warmth” and swept over the cheek bones, forehead, temples and nose to give you all over color. It does a great job of giving me a hint of sun, withour being too dark like many bronzers.

    I also love the matte blush on my checks for a pretty flush. But my fave use is to swirl the pink and rosewood shades together and apply it to the crease of my eyes (above that every day brown) to really make my eyes pop. The color gives them an open, refreshed look and turns my blue eyes even bluer. Love it!

  6. Bare Minerals rocks. LOVE the names of the eye shadows! I agree, Stef makes me want to buy everything she writes about! Such a gift for really articulating the awesomeness of a product!

  7. I love everything when it’s swatched. The packaging doesn’t woo me at first unfortunately but I love that BM stays true to the consistent quality of their products.

  8. Omg, this entire collection has my name written all over it! I love all of it, especially the shadow palette and I will definitely be adding some of these to my fall line up.

  9. Those neutral shadows make me want to toss every beige to brown and anywhere in between shadow I own and devote myself to these. Just LOOK at them!

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