bareMinerals Summer Eyecolors review

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Plus the new Flawless Definition Curl & Lengthen Mascara!

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The sun is shining, the land is lush and green and all the dark makeup drama that was so exciting to me during the winter now feels cumbersome and heavy-handed. Lightness and color are what I need. And lucky for me, wht favorite bareMinerals is here to banish any residual heaviness with their Summer Eyecolor collection, 10 new shades of bright, beautiful mineral shadows.

Even though bareMinerals already offered a seemingly endless array of colors, this new candy-colored collection is irresistible. As always, the shadows are free of preservatives, oils, fragrance, and anything else that might get in the way of the pure, versatile eyecolor.

If you can resist this collection, you’re a stronger woman than I.

Berry Flambe, Lilac Vibe, Cha-Cha, Popular, Siren, Sundress

Wicked, looking very much the part

Popular, Siren, Sundress

I tested Siren and Sundress, two colors that literally converted me to the cult of bareMinerals shadows. Siren is light and minty, and I’ve never seen such a sheer, easily blendable wash of color in a shadow. Sundress, has the same blend-y formula and is a soft, yet bright summer yellow.

Berry Flambe, Lilac Vibe, Cha-Cha, and a bit of Popular

Beyond the fab colors, if it’s buildability you’re looking for, bareMinerals won’t let you down either. Depending on the amount I used, sundress could go from a hint of gold dust to an almost metallic opaque yellow.

Wicked, Spiced Biscotti, Steel, Chic Nude

The 10 new Summer Eyecolors ($13) are available in three different finishes:

Wicked, Spiced Biscotti

Glimmer finish:
Popular – beetle-esque brown plum with a slight green sheen
Steel – rose taupe with purple and multicolor shimmer
Sundress – light springtime yellow with a greenish-gold sheen
Wicked – smoky army green with deep green shimmer
Cha-Cha – strawberry pink with a gold sheen
Spiced Biscotti – apricot nude with minimal shimmer
Berry Flambe – deep violet purple with magenta micro glitter

Nude finish:
Chic Nude – true light nude
Lilac Vibe – creamy light lilac

Sheen finish:
Siren – seafoam mint with a gold sheen

Steel, Chic Nude

Berry Flambe makes us want a grape popscicle!

To set off my new shadows to extra-perfection, I also tested bareMinerals Flawless Definition Curl & Lengthen Mascara ($18) in Black. “Like a personal trainer for your lashes,” it includes a novel hourglass-shaped brush with dual-length bristles: short bristles for precise color deposit and long bristles to lift, lengthen and curl the lashes.

I found this to be a great everyday mascara, giving my lashes plenty of length and definition while leaving them soft to the touch. I did see a natural curling effect, too. The dual-length bristles were effective but I wasn’t crazy about the hourglass design of the brush, which I found a little hard to maneuver.

Because this is bareMinerals, Flawless Definition is infused with an essential blend of minerals, antioxidants and natural extracts, and is paraben-free and ophthalmologist tested.

Flawless Definition Mascara Pros:
Available in Black and Espresso
Creates long lashes that are soft
No flaking, clumping or smudging
Safe for contact lens wearers

Flawless Definition Mascara Cons:
Hourglass brush shape was a little awkward

But back to the eyecolors…

Eyecolor Pros:
Gorgeous range of candy colors to please any complexion
Shadows are sheer but easily buildable
Colors blend like a dream
Used with a base, the colors last all day

Eyecolor Cons:
Even though the Eyecolors are only $13 each, I want them all!

we heartsters – do the new Summer Eyecolors from bareMinerals have you enchanted? Let’s talk bareMinerals in the comments!

Eyecolor rating:

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  1. LORD, Popular is pretty! And super unusual, I haven’t seen a color like that before…or at least that I can think of? And Sundress looks great, I’m not usually drawn to yellows but this one seems great.
    I could easily buy and use every single one of the colors in this collection. And I hardly EVER say that.

    I’ve never have had any luck with finding my color in bareMinerals powders, but if these are as high quality as their eyebrow powder, these are AMAZING. I don’t use anything else. And I like that these have the little four holes like the eyebrow powder; they allow just enough color to come through without the entire pot spilling out every time you open it.

    These are going on my ever-expanding WANT list! Great review, @turboterp!

    1. That’s exactly what I thought, @lyssachelle – I could use any one of these colors… or all of them! I’ve never tried the eyebrow powder. Must check it out.

      Those first 5 stars are from me, by the way. I loved all of this!

    2. Popular reminds me of Faux Gold from the MAC Semi Precious collection. I thought that Faux Gold looked more sparkly in person, like the swatch of Popular, than in the WeHeartThis swatch.

  2. I tested out Chic Nude which is just as described…a very light nude beige. The color is buildable, but there isn’t much pigment in this one. This shade is good for a starting base of color. This is my first Bare Minerals eye shadow to try and it probably won’t be my last. The product goes on nicely and seems to last especially with an eyeshadow primer applied first. Chic Nude is probably not a color I would purchase, but I did love the product and would definitely try out some other shades.

  3. The Steel (pictued above)and Chic Nude together are so pretty! Berry Flambe is also nice on.. I’ve seen this and it has great long-lasting pigmentation that makes for the prettiest peeps!

  4. I was the lucky tester of lilac vibe. This is a very versatile color that looks good alone, mixed with other colors or as a highlighter. It also was fairly long lasting even without a primer in the muggy weather we have been having.

    This gets a solid four stars from me.

  5. Wicked wants to be mine. I am kind of addicted to green shadows. At some point, I really should say “Enough!”, but I never will :)

    1. I have the same green obsession. I can never have enough!

  6. Steel and Wicked look gorgeous!! I must get my hands on these asap. I have always had good luck with BE eyeshadow in the past. But I must give some of these gorgeous new colors a go. How pretty!!

  7. I love the amazing collection of colors because there’s so many to choose from! I agree that Steel and Wicked look really gorgeous!

  8. While I am temped and drawn to these beautiful colors, I haven’t heard anyone complain about the shimmer factor!? That is my only complaint with the BareMinerals eyelids are no longer 20 years old and I feel that the glimmer accentuates all my crepiness…what am I doing wrong? I use a base and yet- too shimmery for me and my old lids!? Any advice?

    1. You would love Siren, which has a sheen rather than a shimmer. And strangely, I’m liking these shadows better without a base. They’re so pretty and sheer.

  9. This collection looks great, I’ve been craving greens like mad crazy recently and Wicked is right up my alley.

  10. Oh my, I’ve been away a bit…busy, busy, busy. So busy that I almost missed talking about my most favorite brand in the cosmetic universe! Yes, I love my BE. The eye colors are less important to me than the magical foundation, but still I love them! I tried Berry Flambe and Cha-Cha. The berry is a bit grapeish but has enough plum to be really wearable. The supershimmer that shows in the photos is a little less noticable in person, I think. It really is a good summer day (sheerly applied) or night (wetly applied) look. It really is nice with my standby shade, Nude Beach.
    I also tried Cha-Cha. I loved this one less. It’s a really Pepto Bismol-y pink and I’m not usually a fan of pink eyes because, well, because it usually looks to me like a rash or eye condition. Using just a tiny bit of this blended with the Berry Flambe on the lid looked great, though. This is the wonderful thing about BE and loose mineral shadows of all persuations: They are super-blendable and adaptable. If you have a color you don’t love, a little mix of something else could make it a color you can’t live without!

  11. I got Spiced Biscotti and love it. I went into a Bare Minerals store shortly after too and thought I was going to die. The colors are soooo beautiful. And I bought a bright purple (I forgot the name but not one shown here) It’s great wet too! 5 stars!

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