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I’m privileged to be able to test and review some elusive and exotic, high-end beauty items, so I was a little surprised at how excited I was when Bath & Body Works sent us their True Blue Naked Summer Touch Body Wash to review. As soon as Stef and I pulled these super creamy body washes from the box, I claimed dibs on the honor of writing the review. Because as much as I adore discovering obscure brands, I have a total love for this all-American, luxury-for-everyman, brand!

Part of this soft spot was formed years ago when I made my first foray into a Bath & Body Works store and discovered the joy of luxury bath products. Here was a store full of amazing scents and colors and bottles that was a big step up from the drugstore bands my budget would allow, while markedly cheaper then the department store lines that were completely out of my reach. As I moved from city to city, I loved that accessibility of Bath & Body Works (head to your nearest mall), meant that I could always have my favorite products in my shower caddy no matter where I lived.

Happily, this relationship has continued to blossom, so before we get into the specifics of the Summer Touch Creamy Body Wash, I give you my Top Three Reasons I love Bath & Body Works:

1) They always have a great sale going on. For instance, get to your local store or the online shop where you can Buy Two and Get One Free from their Signature Collection line. Plus, with every purchase I’ve ever made in a B&BW store, I’ve received a coupon for a generously sized sample of their latest product with my next purchase. I’m a sucker for good sales and coupons.

2) They always have fabulous sets for gift giving (or indulging yourself), especially during the holiday season. Stock up when sets go on sale and you’ll always have an emergency present for any occasion that sneaks up on you and it’s sure to be a hit with the lucky receiver.

3) I’m completely addicted to their Hand Soaps. Seriously, roomie Eric and I are unhappy if we have to resort to another brand. The Kitchen Lemon is perfect – it has a great lather with gentle scrubbies, smells like fresh lemons, and removes grease and cooking odors (even onions) – it’s just fabulous. Again, stop by and stock up the next time they are on sale and I predict you will soon require this lemon hand soap next to your kitchen sink as well.

On to the review! We received the Summer Touch Creamy Body Wash from B&BW’s Spa influenced line True Blue Spa. As a home spa enthusiast I was already a fan of this line, especially the rich lotions and bath accessories. The Summer Touch is worthy of the True Blue name. This super creamy body wash lathers into a low fuss lather when mixed with a bit of water. The scent is sporty, fresh and light with feminine touch that is just right for summer (or fans of clean, bright scents). In a pinch, the moisturizing cream can double as shaving lotion. I’ve been using it as a combo wash/shaving cream on my underarms with great results. The thick cream is the perfect consistency for a close shave. It saves me time, as well as product and the moisturizing wash has calmed my underarm skin, which had been feeling a little sensitive after months of constant summer heat and daily shaving.

we heartsters – what items do you stock up on at your local Bath & Body Works? Testers – let’s hear your thoughts on the Summer Touch Creamy Body Wash!


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  1. I’ve got to echo all that T has said, Bath and Body Works is pretty darn fabulous! Accessible to all, killer sales and really wonderful products. And probably my favorite line of the many divisions they have- True Blue Spa! You’re pretty much guaranteed to get something good if you pick something from it. As you can see in the pics, the Naked items don’t look like the rest of the line. They seem to be branching out a bit (but I love the original Bliss-esque looking line too, loaded with Shea and lots of tropical themed products).

    This body wash is amazing. I’m reaching for it everyday. It’s really fresh smelling, light, summery. It lathers like a champ and I love the easy to squeeze tube. It’s $15, which isn’t exactly a bargain, but, back to those sales again, if you play your cards right you can even pick this up for free at certain times of the year (or if not free, at least half price).

    5 stars for a wonderful product from a tried and true classic American line.

  2. I love love love Bath & Bodyworks! I have to agree with Tyna that the Kitchen Lemon Hand Soap is amazing! I gave one to my mom as a gift and now I can’t wait to get one for myself! I’m also wildly addicted to their Warm Vanilla Body Cream. They recently had an incredible sale because they switched all their packaging and I got 10 bottles for around $30! Best steal EVER! And now, of course, I’m going to have to stop in and pick up this Body Wash!

  3. Bath and Body Works Queen here was a bit thrown off when I received, True Blue Naked Summer Touch Body Wash. Only because, I currently use so many True Blue products from Bath and Body Works. I practically live in the store… I go to this store for all my girlfriends, sister and my nieces for their gifts. I even get my husband stuff there. I stock up on stuff.. Lot’s of stuff, and have for years.. So, I was wondering what this was.. I have never seen it.. Well, swifty here, finds out that’s because it’s NEW! Hello silly!
    I thought that it lathered nicely and enjoyed the light fragrance too. You felt squeaky clean and smelled it too. I love taking a shower with a very refreshing product on a hot summer day!
    I dug on the tube’s new design with the middle section having a non-slip gripping area for your hands – how many times I’ve dropped the bottle or container when in the shower cause it got too slippery! Great move B&BW! Get ready America, you have another great product to check out!

  4. Oh B&BW how good you were to me in my college years. I knew I could go to you and get great deals and amazing product that didn’t skimp on the good stuff. And the choices you gave me; I was like a little girl in a candy shop, gleeful and giddy! Country Apple to Sugared Vanilla if only I could eat the product too!

    Ha no, but seriously, I used to go to B&BW all the time and could always get great products and not feel bad about it because I always felt like I was getting a bargain. But, then sadly, I developed eczema and the scents bothered me horribly, so I had to stop my affair with B&BW. However, my eczema isn’t quite so bad now so I might have go in and see what new stuff they have! *gasp — big smile*

  5. As a working mom, the only free time I have is the five to seven minutes I have in the shower. I prefer to use body washes over bar soap for body washes make something that is very perfunctory into something very luxurious feeling. I’m an equal opportunity body wash user, so whether it’s a $1 or $15, I love them.

    I’ve heard so many positive things about B&BW, but I’ve never went gone to one although I’m sure I would love it. I love pretty scents, body washes, body sprays, and anything that makes me feel pretty and clean. So, I was excited to review True Blue Body Naked Summer Touch body wash. It’s a light, fresh scented wash perfect for these hot days of summers. The low foam is easy to rinse, which helps me save water and feel eco-friendly. I’d buy this again if I ever made it to B&BW and had a coupon.

  6. I tested True Blue Naked Summer Touch Creamy Body Wash. Okay…how did I NOT know that this was from Bath and Body Works? I’m like a total B&BW JUNKIE. I’m in and out of the store like 100x a year. Seriously…how did I not know about this line of products? Now that I’m done gushing…onto the review. I squeezed some product onto my “fluffy” as I call it and saw that it was a cream – instead of the translucent products that I’m used to. I figured, “Now…how is this thing going to lather up and get me clean?” And lather up it did. I absolutely loved the light scent. Not too perfumey at all. And after I was dried off, the scent remained and my skin felt a little smoother and had a bit of a sheen to it. It was quite a surprise. I was a little upset that after two weeks the product was all gone and I didn’t have any more to test. Now I’ll have to run out and get some more at my local B&BW Store. I thought it was a great product and would give it 5 out of 5 stars.

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