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Professional quality brushes at super affordable prices

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Sometimes I think I was born with black eyeliner in one hand, and a makeup brush in the other. What girl doesn’t want a wonderful set of makeup brushes? (No, seriously, who doesn’t because I’ll come to your house and coordinate an intervention.) I am always looking for new brushes to add to my collection. Brushes can be expensive and most of us need more than one, we want high quality brushes at affordable prices. That’s where bdellium tools, makers of professional quality antibacterial makeup brushes, comes in.

Antibacterial makeup brushes? Yes, indeed this is the first time I have across a brush company that wants the brushes I use to be germ-free. Bdellium tools are treated with a cutting edge anti-bacterial technology that guards against harmful bacteria, fungus and mold.

Bdellium Tools are eco-friendly, handmade, and available in 4 different series:

Maestro Series – nickel plated brass ferrule, black wood handle.
Studio Line – aluminum ferrule, yellow lacquered wooden handle.
Travel Line – same as the Studio Line but in a compact form.
Green Bambu – Eco-friendly, vegan soft synthetic bristles, aluminum ferrule, green bamboo handle.

Top to bottom: Precision Kabuki Brush Face 957, Foundation Brush Face 948, Duet Fiber Foundation Brush Face 953

All lines except the Green Bambu line are treated with an antibacterial agent on the bristles. The wht review team had the chance to test a few brushes from the Maestro, Studio and Green Bambu collections.

Studio Line Precision Kabuki Brush 957

Bdellium Tools Precision Kabuki Brush 957 ($14.52) from the Studio Line is a 2-toned synthetic hair brush. In my opinion every girl needs a kabuki brush like this. The bristles are soft yet just dense enough to blend foundation flawlessly and smoothly into your skin.

Some flat head kabuki brushes are so dense and packed too thick with hair that you really have to tug and buff foundation into your skin, I’m not a spring chick anymore so tugging on my skin is a huge no-no. The 957 makes the foundation process easy and tug free.

Maestro Series Foundation Brush 948

The Maestro Series Foundation Brush 948 ($14.96) is a 3-toned synthetic hair brush. The bristles were soft and flexible, the hairs didn’t shed and the brush gave full coverage thanks to the inch wide brush head, no streaks here.

Duet Fiber Foundation Brush 953

From the Studio Line I also tested the Duet Fiber Foundation Brush 953 ($12.32). The 953 is a short duo fiber synthetic hair brush. I cannot use a brush this small for foundation. However, I found it works great with concealer, especially in delicate areas like under your eyes. The 953 is also wonderful with powder products, it’s the perfect size for blush or highlight powder. This little brush that could has many uses beyond foundation.

Green Bambu Tapered Blending Brush 785 and Shadow Brush 777

For the eyes, I had the chance to work with two brushes from the Green Bambu line, the Shadow Brush 777 ($7.92) and the Tapered Blending Brush 785 ($7.92). Both brushes have a beautiful green bamboo handle with 2-toned vegan synthetic bristles that are ultra soft.

These brushes are 5.6 inches in length, so they are a little shorter than a MAC or Sigma brush. This shorter handle gives you more control over the brush. These brushes are sturdy, easy to hold and maneuver.

The 777 Shadow Brush is perfect for applying dense colors to your lid, crease, and lash line. The 785 Tapered Blending Brush is flexible and is perfectly packed with just the right amount of hair, not overly fluffy.

Doesn’t shed
Cruelty Free

Only available from a few retailers.

Overall, bdellium tools are affordable professional brushes that look, feel, and handle like high-end brushes. Most importantly none of my brushes shed not even after cleaning the brushes a few times. Bdellium tools are cruelty free, antibacterial, and eco-friendly, what more could you ask for?

we heartsters and testers – are you delirious for bdellium tools?

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  • Diane Lee

    Textbook Virgo. Diane is self-proclaimed beauty fanatic; she is always on the lookout for the newest products to make her black hair shinier, her pink lips pinker, and her pale skin flawless. She believes every woman deserves a cold cocktail after a long day.


  1. I love my foundation brush. If I hadn’t known better I would’ve thought these were natural bristles–very soft and not a trace of plastic-iness. I use mineral foundation and usually use a kabuki brush for that but I found this useful for areas that I need more concentrated coverage (like around my nose). I have more recently designated this my base shadow eye brush, using it for the flesh-to-bisque color in one soft, fell swoop. Not a bristle lost yet! Ditto for my bamboo shadow brush–soft without being fluffy and still in the same great condition as when I first received it.
    The bargain price has me floored; I would have thought these were much more expensive. I would definitely buy more from this line. I think I prefer this to my Chanels. 5 stars for quality and performance (but the packaging would make me doubt this quality if I didn’t know better, especially given the price point). So maybe 4 1/2 just for argument’s sake?

  2. When I worked as a makeup artist, I would always sing the praises of high quality brushes. Nice brushes make a big difference in application of makeup. I was very happy to try vegan brushes of such high quality. I was lucky to receive 2 of the bdellium green bambu eyeshadow brushes as well, (Shadow brush 777 and Tapered Blending Brush 785).
    The bristles are soft yet hold shadow like a natural bristle brush. The bristles stayed in place and did not shed. I liked the slightly shorter handles for control and travel.
    I will be looking into adding more of bdellium’s brushes to my set! 5 stars.

  3. I was very impressed with the two brushes I tested. I was the lucky recipient of shadow brush 777 from the green bambu series and the precision kabuki brush 957. I have to say I would have also thought these were more expensive than they are. These brushes have become favorites and I’ve been using them daily. Super soft, but still firm enough for a nice application. Absolutely no shedding at all. Both still look brand new after a lot of use. I would buy more from this brand in a heartbeat. In fact, that foundation brush looks very tempting. Love that they are antibacterial and eco friendly. 5 stars!

  4. These look great! That Duet Fiber Foundation Brush 953 looks like a fairly close version of the MAC 188 Duo Fibre brush. The 188 was my go-to for forever, so this is definitely worth checking out, especially at nearly a fourth of the price of the 188!!
    Great review, @diane!

  5. These brushes do look and sound great, and the price is certainly right. And how gorgeous is the color of the Green Bambu line?

  6. Those brushes sound very affordable, and just look like they feel luxurious on your skin. A friend of mine has been wanting some good makeup brushes that won’t break the bank–I’ll definitely recommend these to her!

  7. @diane -Great run down! I was the lucky tester of the Duet Fiber Foundation Brush 953
    and the 785 tapered blending eye brush. I was stunned to find out that these brushes were so affordable. They are also very versatile. I used the foundation brush on my cheeks to assist in coutouring my cheeks. I like things that do double duty and these brushes fit the bill.

    5 stars

  8. I was a lucky tester also of the Duet Fiber Foundation Brush 953, in the beautiful and cheery yellow, and the gorgeous green bamboo series eye shadow brush 777. I will repeat that I would’ve thought these were much more expensive brushes, too! I also have not lost a bristle yet after regular use and the bristles are so soft, yet they hold and spread the product perfectly. The foundation brush has a mix of natural and synthetic bristles and the eco-friendly shadow brush uses just synthetic. Both feel and work great. The foundation brush is a little smaller than what I’m used to to spread my foundation – takes a few more swipes than I’d like – but the shorter bristles make it apply into the skin smoothly and evenly – I think it would work great with a mineral foundation. If I were to choose a foundation brush myself though, I’d pick they’re larger 948. The shadow 777 is a powerhouse and is comparable to my much more expensive Lancome brushes. I use it just like a tapered brush for my crease and it works like a charm. No bristle loss, no fallout, just intense and even coverage. These are outstanding for the price and I love that the foundation brush has the antibacterial treatment, too – five stars here!

  9. I received the tapered blending brush. It is super soft and I loved using it to blend with it’s shape. The fact that it’s vegan and green in color and environmental-friendly. I give this brush five stars with it’s antibacterial treatment, great shape and soft bristles.

  10. I was so so excited to test two of these brushes. I was immediately happy with the cute and colorful handle colors. Receiving brushes to try is so fun because they are such staples in one’s beauty routine.

    I received a Duet Fiber Foundation brush and I am a huge fan. The fact that it’s antibacterial goes above and beyond my wants and needs in a brush. You are so right, @Diane, about it’s multi use purposes. I find myself using it for cheeks, but I can truly see it being an awesome concealer brush!

    I also tried the bamboo shadow brush. It’s a great brush for both packing on color and blending it out. I haven’t had shedding issues and I use them both everyday with no hassle :) I’m so glad that I was introduced to these brushes. Great review! 5 stars from me!

  11. I got to test out the Maestro Series 948 foundation brush and the Green Bambu Tapered Blending Brush and I must say, I loved them both! The foundation brush got great coverage, no lost bristles and felt very soft and full. The tapered brush gives excellent control and I have to agree, the green is gorgeous! I also love the antibacterial treatment, especially for a foundation brush. With the price being so affordable, and the brushes working so well, I must give them 5 stars all around! Very happy with Bdellium Tools!

  12. I was ALSO very impressed with the two brushes I tested from bdellium tools. Shadow brush 777 and the precision kabuki brush 957 from the green bambu series. Depending on the product used I found that that the eye shadow brush worked well. Meaning the product was not just moving the shadows around. If the shadow was a pallette powder it worked really well holding the makeup- loose minerals seemed like most to drop some on my face.. but that’s not the brushes fault! I alsolike the kabuki brush.. I’m not used to using this sort of brush but found that it worked well blending in both liquid and blushes well.. I think I’m going to like getting used to using this one! These tools are very well made and feel great too.. they hold well in my hand and make it easy to see what you are doing in the mirror! I’m giving these two five stars! Great review and prices are awesome!

  13. I was one of the many lucky gals who got the Green Bambu 777 and 785 brush and I am super impressed! Not only do I love that they’re vegan but the quality is on par with some of the more expensive brushes I’ve seen. The bristles are incredibly soft and they hold eyeshadow very very well. I love the 777 for how well it applies eye shadow. No fallout, no stray bristles, excellent application of shadow- fantastic!

    But my favorite new brush is the 785 tapered blending brush. I literally use this brush every single day now as my primary brush. This does such a great job of not only blending, but also highlighting, or accenting the crease, and with easy control thanks to its length.

    I’m ready to ditch all my crappy old brushes and replace them all with bdellium brushes! 5 stars!

  14. I like the look of the green bambu line. I’ve seen them on I’m still in love with the Real Techniques line.

  15. I received the Precision Kabuki brush and the Green Bambu shadow brush–I was super impressed with the quality on these! The Kabuki brush is perfect for applying blush and I use it pretty much daily. The shadow brush has nice, tight bristles and applies shadow very smoothly and with little fallout. I’ve had zero bristle loss (something I can’t claim from higher end brushes). I’m very impressed with how silky these brushes feel–they gently glide on the color and give an expert application. I would highly recommend this brand if you are looking for high quality, affordable brushes. 5 stars!

  16. I happily tested the 959 powder blending brush, which is geared specifically towards mineral makeup but is also really versatile. And I loved it: the bright yellow handle is cheerful, the bristles are soft yet firm, and it easily helps blend powders, blushes and bronzers with no problem. This is a five star brush!

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